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Slavery Lesson: Students Bound and Put in a Dark Room

students bound by duct tape

Teachers in a California school decided that the best way to teach kids about slavery is to have students bound with tape and forced to lie down in a dark room.

Supposedly having students bound by tape, forcing them to lie down in rows, side by side, shoulder to shoulder and watching a clip from “Roots” will teach them  about the horrors of slavery. The kids were not flogged. Maybe next year.

Parents  of eight graders attending Whitney High School in Cerritos received an email describing the upcoming “Unique Learning Experience.”  As mentioned before, it would involve students bound by masking  tape and forced to lie in a dark room and watch a Roots clip. But there was more.  In addition to the physical aspects of the “lesson,” parents were told that it would be a surprise  for the students. (most students were warned by other students) Teachers would play the role of slave masters and the kids would be the slaves.

Mom Shardé Carrington wasn’t having any of it.

She was horrified to read the email  and refused to let her son participate. Her son is black in a predominately white and Asian school.

Huffpost reported,

Carrington, who is African American, told HuffPost on Thursday that upon receiving the initial email, she cycled through feelings of disbelief, denial, and finally anger. She feared that by presenting the exercise as a “unique learning experience,” the teachers were being “irresponsible at best, manipulative and dangerous at worst.”

Carrington was also horrified to learn that this has taken place for  the last 10 years. She  has since taken steps to put an end to it, such as starting a facebook page and contacting an assistant professor of African Studies to discuss a more sensible approach with the school.

Special note below this post regarding Sharde Carrington

Shardé  Carrington nails it with these two statements:

“Would you simulate rape in order to encourage sensitivity toward survivors? Will children pretend to be in Japanese internment camps as well?”

“The teachers promised no psychological harm would be inflicted, but you cannot predict how anyone will respond to being bound in the dark and viewing traumatic images,” she said. “In a world where trigger warnings are becoming commonplace, to send an unwitting child to school to participate in a cruel activity such as this is just wrong for anyone.”

Here’s seven other reasons to take issue with it:
  1. It’s a clever way for the school swamps to continue the self loathing anti-American indoctrination of our students.
  2. It’s a clever-and legal-way for teachers to abuse students. It involves trauma that combines mental, physical and emotional manipulation.
  3. It’s just way too physically invasive. IMO- hands off our kids.
  4. It’s a sinister way to trigger kids into viewing  authority figures as slave masters. Given the increased war on police this is not a good idea.
  5. It’s another way to make kids hypersensitive about race and racial division, which keeps them enslaved by identity politics.
  6. It’s a clever way to keep white guilt alive and well. For all these years kids have had enough of an imagination to understand the abomination of slavery. They can read. They have imaginations. Genrations of American students who are now adults feel so much guilt about slavery and Civil Rights issues that they’re afraid to speak up against crimes, sedition, and an invasion of our country for fear of being called racist.
  7. Pretty darn sure that the lesson did not include any real facts about the Party who was responsible for slavery, fought to keep their slaves  and fought against the Civil Rights of freed slaves-the Democrats.

See 100+Facts That Prove Democrats are Racist Nazis”

Way to go Mom!

Thumbs up to Shardé Carrington for being a devoted stay-at-home Mom who fights to protect her kids from the school swamps. And for being a strong woman who refuses to be manipulated.

It was surprising to find this article in the Left leaning Huffpost. Will others on the Left applaud her attitudes and actions?

Your thoughts? Comment below!

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Note~ After showing this post to Sharde Carrington she let me know that this post does not represent her. Apparently she saw “MAGA” and “Trump” and bristled because she says those things don’t represent her at all. She felt that because I viewed any of it as an attack on whites that I wasn’t conveying her message. However, I’m not changing my interpretation of the events. Nor will I change my opinion that she’s doing a great job as a Mom. I do think it’s tragic that the Mainstream Media has been so successful in demonizing our President who is trying so hard to make things better for the black community and for all of us by  repairing our economy and saving us from Globalism. Feeling very sad about that right now:(

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  1. Wasn’t this more of an attack on the jews rather than the whites since it was the jews who brought the slaves to America on their ships and it was the jews who could afford to have slaves on their plantations. Very few, if any whites owned slaves and it was more than 600,000 whites who fought and died in the civil war to stop slavery while the jews in the south fought to keep slavery. So is that what the teachers were teaching these children with their theatrics…?

    • Actually it was the Democrats who wanted to keep their slaves vs the Republicans who wanted to keep them. Your “facts” appear to emanate from two vicious Jew haters-David Duke of the KKK and Louis Farrakhan. I’ll post an excerpt from an article below though I doubt you’ll read it. I’ve found that people who are bigots and racists-whether it’s against Jews, black people. white people, Hindis, Muslims,or whomever-already have their minds made up. Blind hatred for others based on their race or religion perpetuates Hell on earth and it’s a smack in God’s face. For future reference I normally block racist and antisemitic comments. But on the off chance that there may be some hope that you would rid yourself of the toxic burden of bigotry I’ll post this…..The role some Jews played in the Atlantic slave trade, both as traders and as slave owners, has long been acknowledged by historians. But allegations in recent decades that Jews played a disproportionate role in the enslavement of African Americans — and that this fact has been covered up — have made the topic a controversial one. Those who make this case include Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, and David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard. A search for “Jews” and “slave trade” on YouTube pulls up more than 50,000 videos, most posted by the Nation of Islam, Duke and their supporters. Mainstream scholars for the most part do not accept their conclusions and see the charges as essentially anti-Semitic.
      Did Jews really own slaves?
      Yes. Jacob Rader Marcus, a historian and Reform rabbi, wrote in his four-volume history of Americans Jews that over 75 percent of Jewish families in Charleston, South Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; and Savannah, Georgia, owned slaves, and nearly 40 percent of Jewish households across the country did. The Jewish population in these cities was quite small, however, so the total number of slaves they owned represented just a small fraction of the total slave population; Eli Faber, a historian at New York City’s John Jay College reported that in 1790, Charleston’s Jews owned a total of 93 slaves, and that “perhaps six Jewish families” lived in Savannah in 1771.
      A number of wealthy Jews were also involved in the slave trade in the Americas, some as shipowners who imported slaves and others as agents who resold them. In the United States, Isaac Da Costa of Charleston, David Franks of Philadelphia and Aaron Lopez of Newport, Rhode Island, are among the early American Jews who were prominent in the importation and sale of African slaves. In addition, some Jews were involved in the trade in various European Caribbean colonies. Alexandre Lindo, a French-born Jew who became a wealthy merchant in Jamaica in the late 18th century, was a major seller of slaves…
      The participants in the Atlantic slave system included Arabs, Berbers, scores of African ethnic groups, Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch, Jews, Germans, Swedes, French, English, Danes, white Americans, Native Americans, and even thousands of New World blacks who had been emancipated or were descended from freed slaves but who then became slaveholding farmers or planters themselves.
      Davis went on to note that in the American South in 1830 there were “120 Jews among the 45,000 slaveholders owning twenty or more slaves and only twenty Jews among the 12,000 slaveholders owning fifty or more slaves.”

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