Was the most glorious part of the North Korea Summit President Trump’s historic strides towards world peace?

Probably. But a close second had to be watching  CNN’s interview of Dennis Rodman at the Summit-wearing his MAGA hat.

Dennis cried as he explained how is unwavering belief that peace could be achieved with North Korea resulted in “Liberals” pelting him with hatred and death threats. He proceeded to throw Obama under the bus as he told CNN that he had offered this olive branch to Obama repeatedly, but BHO just blew him off.

Also glorious-watching the Leftstream media try to spin world peace into something “bad.”

Could they be any more predictable? Can we stop pretending that the media is anything other than a propaganda rag? It seems like only seconds ago, they were swooning over Kim Jong-Un when President Trump was engaged in a forceful face-off with him. Now, all of a sudden, Kim Jong-Un is  a brutal “dictator” and it’s shameful that President Trump met with him. Now. all of a sudden, the Left caresabout Otto Warmbier.

MSM brings shame on themselves by sending Jim Acosta to the Summit, who made a bloody fool of himself and embarrassed our nation. Imagine-an historic moment when two world leaders are signing a peace agreement to prevent nuclear war, and he’s interrupting the beautiful moment and trying to derail the process. Could there be more proof that the press is the enemy of the American people?

Hopefully President Trump and Dennis Rodman prepared Kim Jong-Un for the Leftist nuclear war of words.

The only way that Dems and RINOs can negate this historic action is to tear it down. The weapon of choice will be to tear apart Kim Jong-Un in order to ridicule President Trump for partnering with him.

Chuck Schumer blasted President Trump’s amazing accomplishment. He stated before Congress that President Trump has “legitimized a brutal dictator.” Why was he not concerned when Obama cozied up to Iran? Or that his Party is continually allied with Palestinian terrorists? Or that his Party gave the nod for convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera to lead a NYC parade? Or that their feminazi movement is rife with terrorists?

Are we ready to strike back? What’s our ammo?

Remind them that Obama was too busy funding  terrorists in Iran to mend the problem of a hostile NK?Remind them that it was Bill Clinton who gave NK nuclear weapons materials?  Remind them that their Obamagod blew off repeated opportunities that Dennis Rodman presented to him? Remind them that Obama warmed up to Cuba and openly mourned the death of brutal dictator Fidel  Castro? Remind them that they thought Trump would get us into WWlll with North Korea, but  instead, he convinced Kim Jong Un to denuclearize?

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