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Sweden is Suicidal. Call 112.


Sweden is being destroyed by allowing fake “refugees ” to destroy their country.

Rape and violence from refugees has destroyed their landscape and harmed their citizens. Just like every other country they’ve squatted in.

Breitbart  reports,

Three men have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape, after hundreds watched the alleged rape of a woman in Uppsala broadcast live on Facebook.

Witnesses say one of the men drew a gun and threatened viewers during the broadcast, and the arrival of police to the crime scene was also caught on camera, reports Swedish newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning.

Several people who contacted local media said the assault took place from 3.30 am, and was broadcast live on the page of a closed group on Facebook. Police were contacted by a number of witnesses who saw the attack unfold on the social media website.

This is what the screaming brainwashed harpies at the Manipulated Women’s March want to import.  A “march for women’s rights” that was organized by  Linda Sarsour-who has ties to Hamas and wants to institute Sharia Law in the US!

Screeching vagina heads support a “religion” that instructs  and inspires men to grab p*ssies, rapes p*ssies and mutilate p*ssies, including children’s.

This is what senile Madeleine Albright will convert to in order to protest President Trump’s actions to keep ALL Americans-including women,  children, LGBTs, and Muslims safe.

Radicalized “refugees” also honor Allah by raping the disabled.  Like the gang rape in Sweden of a woman in a wheelchair.

Breibart reports,

A wheelchair-bound Swedish woman says she was gang-raped by five migrants who were then released days after their arrest, as the victim allegedly did not do enough to fight off her attackers, according to prosecutors.

This was part of the radical transformation that BHO promised.

This would have been Hillary’s America as she vowed to increase Obama’s 10,000 “refugees” per year by 550%.

The globalists who want to overthrow the US, Sweden, and other European countries play on their citizens’ guilt and shame by calling them racist. So they’ll naively open their doors to their own destruction.

What they want us to forget is that truly peaceful Muslims need protection from this bloodthirsty cult as well. Many of them came here to escape them!

Seems like it’s high time for all countries who’ve been betrayed by their leaders to push back. Maybe it’s time to file hefty lawsuits for damages to the leaders who invite these criminal gang members into their country. Gang members branding themselves as a religion whose ideology involves rape, torture and murder.

Sweden citizens pushed back last year by setting two planned settlements on fire.

How will their government respond to this heinous crime? By welcoming more “refugees?”

The left is still crying over Hillary’s epic loss. That means they’re crying because she couldn’t enact her policies. Like inviting this chaos and destruction into our country.

But that’s because it wouldn’t please her Saudi Donors. Or her other globalist masters. That was the price we would all pay for her prize.

Once upon a time she didn’t allow even one small cult in Texas to operate.

She pushed for the murder of 86 men, women and children who belonged to David Koresh’s cult in Waco.  Just because the standoff was dominating the news. But her pals in the cult of Radical Islam get a free pass.

Please share to wake up left leaning women who still have the ability to think rationally. They need to reclaim the Democratic Party or form a new one. What it represents now is filth, confusion, insanity, destruction and betrayal.

Here’s a video you can share with them.

Let’s pray for the good people of Sweden!



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