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Swedish Prime Minister Busted for Lying About Rape Stats

  • Swedish Minister lied about rape stats

The Prime Minister was forced to admit she’s been lying about Sweden’s rape crisis.

Nigel Farage knows how to rock the globalist-engineered world.

Daily Mall UK reports,

Integration minister Ylva Johansson claimed in a television interview that the number of rapes in Sweden was ‘going down, and going down, and going down’.

The remarks came after former UKIP leader Nigel Farage claimed last month that the city of Malmo was ‘the rape capital of Europe due to EU migrant policies.’

But days later it emerged that, despite a 12 per cent dip in 2015, the number of sex attacks had in fact climbed 13 per cent in 2016.

Well well well.
The truth is out. Once again President Trump is proven correct.

When will the media stop jumping the gun and labeling him a kook every time he opens his mouth? They’re just making damn fools of themselves!

The Radical Left repeatedly feigns self righteous outrage over a “Grab them by the P*” remark that President Trump said privately 11 years ago.

Yet they have no  problem whatsoever with a culture that grabs, rapes and mutilates The “P*’s) of women and children.

Confused much? Or do they just want an excuse to wear a cute pink hat?

Did you have any doubts about what he said about Sweden? Comment below!



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  1. Swedish feminists are Marxist and against women. The only thing they want is power.

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