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The Sweet Sound of Hillary Being Thrown Under The Bus

Hillary being thrown under the bus

Smakk! Yaaaghh! Kaarunnch!  That earsplitting, yet sweet sound you heard is Hillary being thrown under the bus!

Man those wheels gotta hurt. The Criminal Queen of Corruption may not be behind bars yet, but Hillary being thrown under the bus is a delightful start.

It seems like only yesterday that her swamp-cronies were kissing her reptilian ring. Her pimps at the MSM Propaganda machine were bending over backwards to cover her diaper padded ass. She was the “IT” hag of Hollywood.

My how things have changed.

Seems like they’re all scrambling to salvage their careers.

They put all their rotten eggs in one basket case.  Suddenly the Party animals are distancing themselves so they wont be blamed for the sudden stink in the room.

Check out who’s ditched the old hag to save their own hide:

The canary in the coal mine. 

The first ones to turn would be her fellow swamp monsters. Their bid for reelection would be better served by creating the illusion of distance.

Joe Biden. Creepy Uncle Joe is very fondle of young girls. Ol’Hillary- not so much. He’s got his beady eyes on a 2020 White House bid so he’s going for the jugular. He  was  applauded when he stated that he never thought she was a good candidate. So he spun it again as I never thought she was the correct candidate. And  finally, I thought I was a great candidate. It’ll be interesting to see how many ways he can spin the same bitter sentiment and which one he’ll choose for his campaign slogan.

Asst. Dems. Uncle Joe’s is not the first to turn on Hillary. Some who had half a brain were calling for her to drop out of the election last year. After more classified emails were discovered on perv Wiener’s laptop the investigation was about to be reopened. They had no idea that Obama’s corrupt DOJ and FBI would cover for her.

Democrats in general are not thrilled about a new run for Hillary or Hubbell’s  daughter. They’re even not sold on the idea of running a woman. They played the gender card with Hillary and now the whole damn feminazi deck is soiled.

Bernie Sanders. In an effort to woo us back Bernie buttered up the crowd  at a Boston rally last March. He gave Hillary a dig by stating that he disagrees with her -that not all Trump voters are racists, sexist and homophobes, just deplorable folks.

Sellout Sanders had plenty of opportunity to say that while he was campaigning for the witch who stole the election from him. But he kept the slur alive.  Anyway, it’s clear he may be her *B but not her BFF.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein D-CA may have been unique in having some integrity in spite of being a Democrat. She’s now calling for an investigation  based on Comey’s testimony. She said she also feels “queasy” that Loretta Lynch strong armed the effeminate FBI Director to compromise the #emailgate investigation to tip the election to Hillary. To her credit, she has chosen not to lie to the public, even when pressed by bloodthirsty “journalists.” Feinstein repeatedly told the press that there was no evidence of collusion.

Terry McAuliffe. former head of the DNC was interviewed by Politico’s Edward-Isaac Dovere.  McAliffe said Hillary should move on. “I think you got to move forward. You just got to move forward, I think the hard part is that, you know, you got to see Donald Trump every day. I think that’s hard on her. My advice would be we just got to move on.” He also implied that she should stop talking about issues like Russia and let “other people deal with those issues.”

What a nice way to say shut up and get outta here cuz you’re makin’ a damn fool o’yourself and you’re bringin’ all of us down with you.


The lab results came back. The denial stage is over. 

Chris Matthews was the first to receive the bad news. He went a whiter shade of pale after hearing Comey’s testimony and said that the whole Russian collusion theory  “came apart.”  That major realization also implies that any claims that the Russians stole Hillary’s “victory” came apart with it.

Van Jones is not just your average Democrat. He’s a CNN Democrat. But apparently he arose from his Hillbot coma. The Washington Times reports,

“Jones said Democrats were “tricked into fighting among ourselves over the wrong issues.”  He said that they acted like they had to choose between a focus on “people of color, racial justice, … or the white working class.” That is the stupidest false choice I have ever heard.” He said the Clinton campaign did none of the above and spent the money on “themselves” by hiring consultants and pollsters.“They took a billion dollars… and set it on fire and called it a campaign.” “You need to give the money back to the people, period. …Quit getting rich off people’s struggles.”

Wow! Van Jones finally gets what conservatives have been trying to tell them all along. Imagine if his message could be heard by all the other Leftist outpatients.

The Washington Post had a fleeting spark on sanity back in February.

A headline read, Hillary should absolutely not run for President in 2020. And Democrats should stop her if she tries.

Ouch! John Podesta must have been out for lunch when that one went to press.


The beginning of the end. Et tu Hollywood?  

The sparkling swamp tide could be turning.  Kevin Spacey hosted the Tony Awards. In a very Un-Merryl  Streepish award ceremony,  Spacey, who does awesome impressions, did his Bill Clinton.

“But Ben, you know who you bumped off that list? My wife,” Spacey continued, as Platt — the star of the Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen — sank down in his seat in mock embarrassment. “Between you and me, you might be a better singer, but after seeing your show, there’s no doubt Hillary is much better at creating fake email accounts than you! I just wanted to do a joke nobody would ever think I’d do. But I’m gonna get in trouble when I get home.”

The real tell here is the comedic timing. No one in the audience was offended. Most of the audience at the Tony Awards probably leans Left, but they were ALL laughing. Check it out…

Maybe Hollywood’s so over Hillary and wanna throw  the ol’momma off the train.  It must feel good to laugh again. In public. Without fear of being blackballed.

If could be a sign that the Dems are changing the slogan to  “I’m fed up with her.”

If Hollywood’s Hill-temp grow corpse-cold, it’ll be a truly classic final scene.

The doctor pulls off his mask, shakes his head and says, I’m sorry. There’s nothing we can do for her now.  Bleep.Thub thub. Bleep. Thub thub. Bleeeeeeep  Flatline.


Just a metaphor for her future in politics folks! Not doing a Kathy Griffin  over here. 

What changed?

Here’s some  wild guesses: 

  • Hillary’s cringeworthy Lame Excuses Tour.
  • Her terminal bitterness. Hillary’s  blame-game list was growing faster than a pancreatic tumor. When she finally pointed a blood soaked finger at the DNC-who rigged the election for her- that could have been the last straw.
  • The upcoming Senate investigation for blackmailing the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.  Click here for more details…
  • The reopening of her email scandal. Click here for more details…
  • Queasy James Comey telling the world that Loretta Lynch really did obstruct justice. And that the entire DOJ was politicized and campaigning and covering for Hillary.
  • Obamagate-Obama spying on political opponents on her behalf-lets face it, no doubt with her knowledge. Click here for more details…
  • A new AG  and DOJ that will protect them from being “suicided”  or at least investigate their death properly?
What hasn’t changed

Our memories.

This is what none of them fully grasp. In the past, I’ve often said politicians love amnesia. But in the wake of such unprecedented corruption and criminality,  a coup launched against our fairly elected President, and a treasonous grab to destroy our country and hand it over to the Globalists we’re not gonna forget so fast this time.

Sure, with all that’s going on it’s hard to keep up- nevermind remember all the details. But it will be easy enough to remember who all the bad actors are.

It would take a true, and sincere apology, mixed with proper outrage about having been hoodwinked, before any of us would even trust them to walk our dog.

Anything else you can think of that turned the tide? Comment below!

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  1. G Wright

    You didn’t mention all the “bad press” given our new President for not following Congressional protocol like a good lil politician (thank God), nor did you mention the “hounding” by the Obummers all over EU during his first diplomatic trip…then there are the death threats that went unpunished, etc. No, Americans for justice will not soon forget, like the Dems are hoping.

    • Good ones! Thanks for posting here instead of on fb where your comments would get lost in the feed. Feel free to add more as you think of them!

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