Swexit Now! Will Sweden choose survival?

A couple of buzzwords could carve out a future for Sweden like a chainsaw through butter. One is “Eurosceptics” the other is  SWEXIT!

Breitbart reports,

The eurosceptic, anti-mass immigration Sweden Democrats have surged to first place in the polls, as the Swedish voting  public apparently become increasingly concerned by the growth of ethnic ghettoisation, rising crime rates and Islamic radicalisation.

…According to the latest YouGov poll ….the party could expect to secure almost a quarter of the vote if elections were held tomorrow – almost double its level of support in 2014 – making it the single largest political force in the country.

Meanwhile, the Social Democratic Workers’ Party, which drives Sweden’s current minority coalition government, is down by nine points.

It’s about time.

Sweden has taken in more migrants than any other country. The EU-driven refugee policy twisted and abused the rules of the Geneva Convention. Most migrants are not fleeing for their lives. Rather, as VP of the EU Commission Frans Timmerman admitted, they’re mostly economic migrants.

The Swedes have endured the familiar pattern of devastation due to EU-forced immigration. Violence, rape, gang rape, rioting, economic hardship and problems in schools have turned the lives of peaceful Swedes into a nightmare.

Unfortunately, terrorists don’t appreciate kindness, hospitality and generosity. Instead, they view those qualities as a weakness to exploit.

The latest terror attack may have been the last straw.

The latest terror attack in Stockholm resulted in the deaths of 4 people and 15 injured. A migrant plowed a hijacked truck though a department store. Witnesses say he was deliberately aiming at children.

Sweden’s PM, Stefan Löfven was finally fed up. He  vowed no more!

The rise of the Erosceptic “SwexitNow” party echoes the no more sentiment. Sweden may make the move to break free of the EU-shackles that threaten to destroy their beautiful country forever.

Thank you President Trump.

Breitbart quoted party leaders Jimmie Åkesson and Mattias Karlsson. They defended U.S. president Donald Trump’s recent comments on the deterioration of social cohesion and public order in Sweden.

“Mr Trump did not exaggerate Sweden’s current problems. If anything, he understated them.”

President Trump got a lot of backlash  here and across the globe for those comments. But as usual, he was proven right.

Just two days after he made the remarks, and as the press was still pounding him, riots broke out in Rinkeby.

The last terror attack in Stockholm erases all doubt that Sweden has a very serious migrant problem. Now we have to wait and see if they’ll put a stop to it.

Prayers for Sweden! SWEXIT NOW!

Do you think they’ll cave to EU bullies or Swexit? Comment below!

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