Democrats defy President Trump by blocking the wall.

Hillary, Obama, Schumer and 2 other Democrats had voted for a wall (fence)back in ’06.  But now they’re collecting hefty paychecks for the sole purpose of obstructing our fairly elected President from doing just that.

They choose to endanger the lives of Americans to further their resistance agenda.

President Trump  threw the undeserving bast*rds a cookie to prop up their terminally ill  Obamacare baby. In negotiating the budget he agreed to delay construction of the wall until September.

Ted Cruz found another wallet.

Ted Cruz is presenting a bill that will seize $14 Billion dollars in drug dealing profits from the notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman, also called El Chapo.

The Bill is named after him-the El Chapo Act. But it’s also an anacronym. It stands for Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order.

Fox reports,

Cruz noted that federal prosecutors are eyeing the recovery of about $14 billion in drug profits from Guzman, who is awaiting trial after being extradited from Mexico in January.

“Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will keep Americans safe and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals across our southern border.”  Cruz said this morning he’s looking for a way to block Democrats’ “obstruction” on funding the wall.

Dems are refusing to work with our fairly elected President.

President Trump just threw the undeserving bastards a cookie. He was trying to negotiate the budget with them in order to avoid a government shutdown.

CBS reports,

Senior Trump administration officials involved in the talks about the spending bill are prepared to concede that…the fight over funding for President Trump’s border wall will now be put off until the fiscal 2018 negotiations. Most of what the president wants, they say, has been achieved on border security, CBS News’ Major Garrett reports.

The White House is planning, as early as Tuesday, to pivot to a message of general satisfaction on border security, and they’ll suggest Democrats would be to blame if a shutdown were to take place because of their demands for concessions on Obamacare subsidies and other matters, according to Garrett.

The White House has been signaling since Friday…that funds in 2017 for border agents, detention facilities, technology and the like would be hard to turn down in light of shutdown pressures. This is now the strategy the White House is pursuing — to take the victory on these other issues, rather than to press the border wall funding now.

And this is fine with Democrats…They say they’re more than comfortable with some additional funding for border security and surveillance — and will only balk at funding for Mr. Trump’s border wall or anything resembling a deportation force. So the president’s retreat on wall funding renders a shutdown extremely unlikely.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, welcomed the president’s change of heart on the wall funding. “The president’s comments this evening are welcome news, given the bipartisan opposition to the wall,” she said in a statement Monday night.

Democrats suffer from premature celebration.

So the Democrats claim victory. This makes it look as though President Trump is weak and just broke one of his major campaign promises.

Supporters were furious but he tweeted:

The Democrats “Wall of Resistance.”

The biggest wall we have right now is the mindless obstruction of progress. The Democrats have waged war on our fairly elected President.

But President Trump goes around walls.

He’s done it with the media by going straight to the people with Twitter. He’s also invited independent journalists to the Press Conferences via SKYPE.

And now, with the help of Ted Cruz he can jump right over this one. 

By paying for the wall this way, he’ll reduce the deficit for now and for the next budget. But the magnificent irony is that it’s a way to keep another campaign promise-that the Mexicans will pay for the wall!

The Democrats “Wall of Resistance” is not only endangering Americans, but hampering the progress that we could all enjoy-even his haters.

The Globalist Dems are  pushing for a single world government. Destroying this country is an integral part of that process.

But there’s another thing that has the Dems freaking. They’re scared to death that our President will succeed and blow the covers off the inept Swampmonsters.

What do you think of Ted Cruz’s bill? Comment below!

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