Yet another terror attack-this time in Sweden. The driver plowed a truck through a Stockholm department store.

At least 4 people in Sweden were killed in today’s terror attack. More than 12 were wounded. The driver chose the busiest time of day to maximize casualties.

Sweden’s The Local reported,

A truck slammed into a crowd of people outside a busy department store in central Stockholm on Friday, causing “deaths” in what the prime minister described as a “terror attack.”
“There are deaths, and many injured,” Nina Odermalm Schei, a spokeswoman for Swedish intelligence agency Sapo, told AFP, without giving a precise figure.
“Sweden has been attacked. Everything points to a terror attack,” said Prime Minister Stefan Lofven.

At least this time authorities did not hesitate to call out  suspicions that it was a terrorist attack. A man has been arrested and “claimed responsibility.

Shoppers fled for their lives. The Parliament, Stockholm subway and nearby buildings were all on lock down. Police told people not to leave their homes.

The attack brings the deadly trend of weaponized vehicles to five.

Others were:

  • Berlin Christmas Market attack last year. 12 killed. 48 hospitalized.
  • Bastille Day attack last year in Nice. 85 killed, more than 200 injured.
  • Westminster Bridge, London last month. 5 dead. More than 50 injured.
  • Antwerp, Belgium. The driver missed his targets so he wasn’t charged with terrorism. How do you say stupid in Dutch?
The use of weaponized vehicles is no coincidence.

According to the Sun UK, 

The horrific truck killings in Stockholm today come just four months after ISIS called on its followers to carry out lorry attacks on the West.

The sick step-by-step guide, released in November in the terror group’s Rumiyah magazine, said using a vehicle was one of the most lethal methods of attack.

It was sickening to read Jean-Claude Juncker’s statement.

The EU President said  “We stand in solidarity with the people of Sweden.”


Juncker can keep his feigned sympathy.

The EU is responsible for forcing unlimited unvetted immigration to the countries under their umbrella. The blood is on the hands of Juncker, the elite unelected officials in Brussels and Sweden’s “leaders” for allowing this.

How much more will it take for Sweden to opt for freedom instead of suicide?

Sweden has taken in more migrants than anyone. They don’t understand that their generosity and hospitality is not appreciated by radicals. The politicized Islamists view those qualities as a weakness to exploit. You cannot “nice” the psychotic hate out of them.

Swedish citizens are getting fed up. They’re alarmed at the rise in violence and rape. Schools are being crushed. Their culture obliterated. Many are pushing back.

Hopefully voices of discontent will shout louder after today’s attack.

“Liberals” need to reclaim their brain.

Especially the lobe responsible for pattern recognition. They can begin the road to recovery today by connecting just 2 little dots:

  1. Today’s attack was part of a clear pattern. Vehicles are being weaponized to mow down and kill as many innocent non-believers as possible.
  2. Another pattern- in all 5 attacks mentioned-none of the terrorists stopped once to ask the victims if they were “liberals” or “nationalists.”Not once.

Liberals need to get the message.

We’re ALL the same to them. Voting to stay in the EU, crying for Hillary, or waving a “we welcome rapefugees” banner won’t save anyone.