Imploding your country is not a great idea.

Unless it’s by design and you stand to profit from it.

One of the worst side effects of the “refugee” crisis is sexual assault, rape and gang rape. They’ve even earned the endearing moniker-“rapefugees.”

European “leaders” prioritized the well being of un-vetted refugees over their own citizens. But not to worry-they’ve got some very clever solutions:

1. Send the kids to sleepaway camp. Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris proposed buying a Mediterranean island to offer temporary shelter until a longer-term solution can be found.  Don’t forget the halal marshmallows!

2. Cater to their animal instincts. Sweden is building a camel park to acclimate migrants and create jobs for them. Must restrain myself from further comment.

3. Accessorize! Sweden created the fabulous “don’t touch me bracelets.” Written in Swedish.  No word yet on how well that’s worked out. SO cute though.

4. It’s the sneakers, stupid. German police told women to ditch their heels for sneakers. So they can run away from their rapist or gang of rapists.  Hopefully they suggested cardio classes too.

5. Bribery.  Globalist puppet Angela Merkel knows that election time is right around the corner. Buzzkill citizens who are angry about having their country destroyed may not vote for her. She did express regret about her push for unlimited migration. But now she’s willing to put taxpayers’ money where her mouth is. She’s setting aside millions of dollars to offer migrants a one way ticket outta Germany.

6. Kill’em with Kindness. Oh wait…Yeah. Germany has libtards too. The German government has actually evicted some citizens from their homes to make room for refugees.  Some liberals made the mistake of willingly inviting them in. Not sure if they helped with the dishes or took out the trash. But it didn’t end well for one 20 year old woman who was raped by her guest. Another woman was raped and murdered. Another couple hosted a migrant who raped their four year old child.

7. Channel Wonder Woman! Finland fully disconnected from reality when police released this hilarious video…

8-. Don’t ask for it.  Sluts. Mayor of Cologne, Henriette Rekerkeep, told women to keep “an arm’s length” away from refugees to avoid being raped.  But what if you have short arms?  Or no arms? Women have also been told not to dress provocatively. Cover arms and legs. Avoid eye contact.  And for Pete’s sake don’t smile at them!

9. So just don’t go out at night. Duh! How selfish of you women to want enjoy your former quality of life in your home town. Just because you’ve invested your life in your country doesn’t mean you shouldn’t happily throw it away to accommodate unappreciative  perpetrators of violence. Very selfish.

10. Charm school.  Aaaah! The softer approach. Pretty please remember that no means no. Be nice and don’t rape our women. Yes, there are classes that teach these basics to migrants. One problem-their “religious” ideology directs them to do whatever they want to nonbelievers, including rape.

pic from searchlight-germany.blogspot.com

So yeah, pretty silly stuff.  President Trump has 6 silly ways to  deal with the refugee crisis…

1. Don’t have one.

2. Put a freeze on immigration so they can be properly vetted.

3. Build a wall to keep illegals from Mexico out and to protect our borders from Islamic terrorists who seep in through that wide open door.

4. Work with Middle Eastern leaders who had formerly refused to set up safe zones, but have now agreed to do so.

5. Hold migrants accountable for their crimes.

6. Don’t let George Soros dictate our immigration policy, like he did with Barrack.

Well that was a short list. Kinda less silly too. Here’s another one.

Here’s 6 silly reasons why, thanks to  Obama  and Hillary, there’s  a refugee crisis in the first place…

1.George Soros and the EU/globalist agenda. The goal is to overthrow countries to dissolve borders and create one global government.  BHO and Hills were to carry this out.  Hillary sold it as her  “dream of open borders” and BHO promised that his administration would ‘”fundamentally transform the nation.”

2.Bush knocked off Saddam.  Saddam was demonized in our press as we were told he had weapons of mass destruction. But that was an “oops!” due to  faulty intelligence. Now we’re supposed to blindly accept whatever the CIA says. Anyway, it destabilized the region and helped  to empower ISIS. Oops! I mean ISIL.

3.Abandoning Iraq too soon. Leaving us without the intelligence we had invested in or an adequate army to fight ISIS. Nature abhors a vacuum but ISIS loves’em. Defenders say Obama only carried out Bush’s directives. However, others cite that he was the acting President at the time. He  should have amended the agreement due to changes since it was crafted, which is standard protocol.

4.Announcing a deadline for complete withdrawal from Afghanistan. Many Americans were thrilled that our troops would at last come home, but it came at a price. Ending support (aside from a last minute afterthought to leave 5,000 troops) essentially handed the area to the Taliban on a White House platter.

American-Interest quoted Obama’s cringeworthy pledge,

In July 2008, in a major speech on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he rightly noted the situation in Afghanistan was “deteriorating” and “unacceptable.” He promised, “As President, I will make the fight against al Qaeda and the Taliban the top priority that it should be. This is a war that we have to win.” He pledged to deploy at least two additional brigades and spend an additional $1 billion in civilian assistance every year.

Al Qaeda. Taliban. Islamic State.  Boko Haram. The JV Team. ISIL.  Call them what you want, they’re all some of the infamous tumors caused by the same  disease.

5.War in Syria. Breitbart sums it up.

It is no secret that the United States was supporting the Syrian opposition in 2012 and even until very recently. In December 2012, thanks in large measure to the active lobbying of Mrs. Clinton and U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, Obama declared that the United States considered the opposition as “the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.”

What was secret until the release of this August 2012 defense intelligence report is that the United States knew that the Syrian opposition was dominated by al Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State of Iraq, groups that merged and morphed into what today we call ISIS.

Rabbi Smuley Boteach wrote for Breitbart,

…on Monday, President Obama suddenly came out, from his post-presidency vacation in Palm Springs, against the Trump administration’s executive order. Remember: Obama didn’t even lift a finger to save the children of Syria after Assad violated Obama’s self-declared red-line and gassed Arab children.

The immigrant crisis, which is absolutely tragic, resulted in large part from American inaction and Obama’s retreat in the Middle East. There might never have been an immigrant crisis if Obama would have instituted a no-fly zone, safe zones, or supported moderate Syrian rebels against Assad from the outset.

Countless people called on President Obama to pursue policies that would rescue the innocent people of Syria. He steadfastly refused. The result was not only the murder of 500,000 Arab men, women, and children, but the displacement of millions of refugees, which is the crisis we now face.


6.Knocking off Libyan leader Gadhafi.  In spite of his having gone the extra mile to cooperate with the West,  Hillary pushed to take him down. She armed al-Qaeda hit men to accomplish this mission. His murder  plunged the region into chaos and resulted in the Benghazi tragedy. Anyway, Hillary loves making up silly stories. Like when she told the heart broken parents of the Benghazi victims that the reason their sons were killed was because of a video. Another fairy tale was her excuse to intervene in the area. She claimed there was a mass rape crisis and that Gadhafi was giving his soldiers Viagra to sustain the rape.  At any rate, Gadhafi was injured by a grenade, then brutally beaten and sodomized with a bayonet. This has got to be Hillary’s vote for silliest. She was positively giddy in this famous video…

These lists keep getting less and less silly.

In fact that wasn’t funny at all.  Maybe 10 of their successes will add some levity…

1. They destroyed America’s reputation and credibility globally and at home.

2. Spilled the innocent blood of civilians in ill conceived wars.

3. Sent damaged or deceased soldiers home to grieving family and friends due to ill conceived wars.

4. Due to the rise of Daesh, they created fear, division, and hostility toward all Muslims, putting innocent Muslim lives at risk. Travel inconveniences are probably the least of their worries.

5. Allowed Christian genocide to continue unchecked.

6. Put American lives at risk. In addition to terror attacks there has been violence and rape in this country due to migrants, but to quote the press, “Shhhhh!!!”

7. Enabled the growth of radical Islam within America and strengthened radical groups such as CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

8. Emboldened and enriched Iraq . They can’t wait to obliterate the US and Israel.

9. Their unwarranted US intervention in the Middle East, has caused horrific death and destruction, and thus, justification for hatred and revenge  from our enemies. Some “refugees” who enter our country will not be happy with the aftermath.

10. They were good little globalist puppets. This isn’t quite the success they hoped for ’cause Hills blew the election.  But they laid the groundwork. And they keep on trying. And that counts for something.

Well that really sucked.  I just offended myself. I want my time back.  

What was your least favorite list? Comment below.