The Dirty Truth About Coal, Obama, Hillary and…RUSSIA

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We need to get to the bottom of the low down dirty truth about Coal, Obama, Hillary and Russia.

The Alt-Left Russia/Trump Conspiracy.

The Left’s outcry that President Trump is destroying the planet by reviving the coal industry shines more light on their own hypocrisy.  Moreover, it could also expose more of Hillary and Obama’s questionable  ties with Russia.

Unlike the Alt-Left Trump/Russia conspiracy, there is solid evidence, not mere innuendo that Hillary and Podesta ought to be investigated for their ties to Russia.

We all know the fact by now that Hillary sold off 20% of our very rare uranium reserves to Russia. Her pockets were lined, our resources were depleted. Everyone was endangered should the uranium be used for nukes. We also know that Bill accepted money for “speeches” from a bank linked to the Kremlin. It should also be noted that Hillary’s advisers met with the Russian Ambassador during the campaign.

On the short-list for her pic for Secretary of State was John Podesta. As her campaign chairman he violated federal law, by failing to disclose ownership of 75,000 shares of stock in Joule Ltd. Further, Joule has ties to Rusnano, a government owned energy business.

Looks like RINO McCain who recently accused Rand Paul of being a Russian agent. should also be investigated. Wikileaks revealed that he had unlawfully solicited money from Russia to support his presidential campaign. They refused.

We must demand answers. But questions shouldn’t stop there.

The Alt-Left “Trump is Soft on Russia” Smear.

Follow the Coal.

We ought to challenge the  Left’s fake allegations that Trump is “soft” on Russia and Obama was sooooo tough.  Oh yeah. Obama  was really, really mad about their hacking. “Cut it out!” he told them. Poor Putin! That was harsh. If they’re talking about how harsh (rude) he was to the Russians after the election, they need to get real. That has more to do with throwing a tantrum and creating a diversion.

Obama and Hillary’s ties to Russia go beyond the Uranium deal. Coal tells us another part of the story.

Hillary famously said ,“We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”  She and Obama  were vocal about coal not being a “clean source” of energy.

Yet in spite of the US owning so much of this resource,  and coal miners struggling to feed their families, we were importing it from other countries!

One of the countries that, in spite of sanctions,  imported coal to the US was Russia! Talk about unsavory ties!

More favors for Russia at our expense…

Obama liked to portray himself as the great friend of the environment. He even signed bills halting offshore drilling and the progression of the Keystone Pipeline.

Since Hillary would have completed his “legacy” aka agenda in all regards, it’s safe to assume these policies would continue.

But as long as BHO and Hillary halted domestic energy production, Russia would benefit financially. We’d be  cut  off from competing globally. Plus we’d be importing instead of producing.

What a curious shame. The United States has more oil reserves than any nation in the world, including Saudi Arabia.

Russia is a larger exporter of crude oil than Saudi Arabia. Russia’s main export is energy-oil and petroleum products, gas, coal. We import oil from Russia. They’re not our main suppliers, but 38,000 barrels of oil a day is a nice chunk of change.

When they go soft, President Trump goes hard.

Obama and Hillary were legislating in favor of Russian interests at our expense.

Yet President Trump is being very tough on Russia.

His new fair trade agreements will affect every country we trade with.  But by dumping Obama’s energy policies and opening up America’s resources for energy independence, that’s a real kick in the wallet for Putin.

Not only will we not need to enrich Russia by importing their oil and coal, we’ll be competing with them globally in the energy markets.

By halting energy production behind the green mask of environmentalism, we would have enriched Russia at America’s expense.

Now who do you think Russia wanted to win in 2016?

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