Crunch. Snap. Crackle.

That’s the cringeworthy sound of Huma’s anorexic bones being crushed under the road raging tires o’the Hillarybus.

Geez Huma what did you expect? As your gal pal once famously said,“You can’t keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors!”

Huma’s surrounded by snakes. Raised with them. Feeds them. Fights for them. Collects them.

Perverted husband Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, proved to be the death strike to both Huma’s career and Hillary’s candidacy

When the FBI seized his laptop they found a treasure trove of Hillary’s emails, classified info and even a file marked “Life Insurance.”


In a surprisingly candid article, CNN reported,

“News broke on the flight between New York and Iowa that the FBI was reviewing new emails related to Clinton’s personal server, bringing an issue they had assumed was behind them back into the campaign.

Later in the day, those same aides learned the emails being examined are part of an investigation into Weiner, the estranged husband of Clinton’s longtime aide Huma Abedin…Clinton’s flying campaign headquarters, though, kept the nominee, her top aides and the press cordoned off from the outside world. The plane’s unreliable WiFi wasn’t functioning at all on Friday, making it impossible for journalists to know what was going on outside their tube in the sky 30,000 feet over the Midwest.”


Huma quickly fell from grace. Once the “second daughter” being suckled at Hillary’s withered teat she was immediately demoted to “one of my staffers.”

Did you really think Hillary was your BFF? That your friendship and loyalty meant more to her than something as trivial as a presidential election?

The  Hillarycamp has been blaming everything and everyone except of course, Hillary. But according to Fox News,  “The real anger is turning in on Hillary’s inner circle.”

Fox continues,

“While many of Hillary Clinton’s top advisers have focused their post-presidential election fury on blaming alleged Russian interference and FBI Director James Comey for Clinton’s loss, some in the so-called “Hillaryland” orbit are looking inward, including pointing fingers at Clinton’s most-trusted aide: Huma Abedin.

“The real anger is toward Hillary’s inner circle,” a Clinton insider told Vanity Fair… “They reinforced all the bad habits.”

Hopefully Putin can take a breather.

Cheer up Huma. Seems you’re not alone. And you won’t be totally out of the loop. You may be seeing plenty of your old pals in court.

Anyway, sometimes you just gotta find out who your friends are.

Fox News quoted one of your coworkers,

“Maybe I’m just p—– off, but I really don’t give a s— about what happens to Huma to be honest with you,” one close adviser to Clinton told Vanity Fair.”


Well so far Hillary hasn’t suicided you. Your bones will heal.

Maybe your genital mutilating momma will take you back home. And your beloved  Muslim Brotherhood will welcome you back into the fold. Hopefully without stones in hand.

If you weren’t a traitor to this country  you’d be a tragic figure. A glutton for punishment. A female victim of a self loathing ideology.  But then, that could be said for any woman who supports Hillary and the globalist agenda.