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The Immeasurable Value of Bernie Sanders

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Grouchypuss  Bernie Sanders is a typical case of painful, blistering, oozing, incurable Left wing herpes. 

No matter what losers they may be, no matter how criminal they may be, no matter how hypocritical they may be, some high profile Democrats are the bad rash that just won’t go away. Bernie Sanders is no exception. 

For the price of a vacation home the fugitive-from-a-comb meekly submitted to Hillary Clinton rigging the primary so he would lose. The primary being rigged is an absolute fact that is not refuted by Leftstream media, the DNC or Hillary.

The Democratic cuckold then campaigned for the same evil witch who stole his hard earned shot at the Presidency and who stands for everything he claims to hate.

In spite of being betrayed by Hillary and the DNC, the old coot remains in the MSM spotlight, stoking  the flames of the anti-Trump hatefest.

Now he’s taking his act on the road. 

The Vermont senator, whose wife is under investigation for fraud, led a rally in Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Arizona. The mothball-scented rock star of the entitled  population is ostensibly rallying on behalf of Dems running for Congress in 2018.

Bernie’s wife Jane is still under FBI investigation for fraud.

Sanders  may soon be joined at the geriatric hip with another female fraud-Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren. 

The odd and truly obnoxious couple may pair up as the DNC’s anointed team to run against President Trump in 2020.

This is the cream of the Democrat crop. 

Why does anyone even listen to this Globalist sellout anymore?

Why does this grumpy communist codger get any air time at all?  No doubt the same reason we’re constantly tormented with the likes of pee-faced #Metoo hypocrite Chelsea Handler, Christian-mocking Joy Behar and traitor to the Jews, Barbara Streisand. 

They all serve a purpose-not for mankind obviously, but for the Globalist agenda.

BTW-Bernie and Babs claim to be Jews. But “Liberal Jew” is an oxymoron. See “Democrats Came Out of the Nazi Closet”

Bernie’s ideals punctuated by his shaky liver-spotted beta fist laid the perfect groundwork in 2016 for the pandemic disease of  envy and entitlement.

Hillary remarked that Bernie’s  base was comprised of  disgruntled  basement dwellers. His  groupies were frustrated with the American dream as they saw wages stagnate and hopes for home ownership and a paid up to date electric bill in their own name vanish into thin air.

Yet is was the Left’s Obamagod and their own elected officials who were responsible for the tanking economy, stagnant wage growth, imported workers and unsustainable job-grabbing, resource-draining  immigration.

So while the  Democrats persevered with the orchestrated implosion of the economy to benefit the Globalist agenda, Bernie assisted by  pointing the finger of blame elsewhere-to the Jews (as usual) and all white men who to hear them tell it, are all wealthy, selfish Republicans and the cause of all earthly woes both past and present. 

BTW-Forget that Bernie claims to be a Jew. “Liberal Jew” is an oxymoron. Any Jew who is a Democrat is a traitor to their own people. See “Democrats Came Out of the Nazi Closet”

Sellout Sanders is the Globalist Johnny Appleseed who sows the seeds of envy.

He painted the magnificent mirage of the final socialist solution. Something for nothing. Robin Hood. Take from the evil white guys and the big bad Zionist Jews and hand it to the victims of Democrat policies to decorate their safe spaces. 

Socialism is the dangling carrot of Globalism.

Socialism is the strangers with candy  bribe of acceptable welfare that has crippled minority populations for decades.

The utopia of socialism is an urban myth, another bad rash that won’t go away in spite of reports of Venezuelans eating starving zoo animals in order to survive. In spite of reports that Canadian citizen, with their decades old version of Obamacare, have to wait in line for up to a year before seeing a lackluster doctor. In spite of the socialist UK death panel that decided the fate of baby Charlie Gard in the UK. They refused to allow his parents to accept offers for free  medical care in the US or the Vatican. They ripped the infant out of his heartbroken parents’ arms, forcing him  to spend his last hopeless days in the hospital instead of his loving home.

Bernie’s socialism is especially appealing to younger people who have been “educated” in  state sponsored indoctrination camps-aka public schools and colleges- precisely because they are young.

One of the stubborn myths about socialism is that socialized medicine is free. Young people haven’t filed enough tax returns to suffer the weekly or biweekly outrage of paycheck deductions that pay for all the free  stuff.

The little college cash cows haven’t yet had the privilege to work and struggle for decades on end, only to have the fruits of their labor yanked from their wallet by the IRS’s Mafioso knee breakers  to pay for someone else’s vices and mistakes.

They already resent their college loans as they see they’re  financially crippled for the unforeseeable future with little to no promise of a lucrative career. They’re not mature enough to realize that their useless diploma is more the fault of their own choice to major in subjects such as  “Gender Fluidity and the American Culture of Genital Bias” or “Feminism, Autonomy and the Evolution of the Vibrator” rather than Business or Dentistry. Or to ditch class to freak out about the results of an election and to #Resist a soaring economy. 

Yup. It’s just so much easier to blame the “rich, white, toxic male Republicans” and embrace the idea of a nurturing nanny- government who will offer the equivalent of a paid basement outside of their family home.  

Charles Manson was a “hippie” too.

Starry-eyed Bern and Hillary groupies are hopelessly in love with their romanticized idea of the 60’s.  They view both Hillary and Bernie as being “cool” leftovers from the 60’s smorgasbord they desperately seek to emulate. 

What the withering and wannabe flower children don’t get is that the core of the 60’s was all about being “Anti-Establishment.”

Sadly, Hillbots and Bernbots are fighting for  the Establishment. Both Hillary and Bernie are  the Establishment. 

The Globalists’ idiot army is fighting on behalf of everything and everyone they claim to hate. They’ve been manipulated by their charismatic cult leaders to trash their minds, souls and resumes on behalf of the richest, whitest scum on earth. The blinded Trump-hating troops are nothing more than Soros-sponsored tools of orchestrated Helter Skelter chaos.

Some, such as those caught up in the BLM and Antifa regiments have actually been seduced into committing acts of violence-including murder-to please their Globalist cult leaders. While the world was shocked by the soulless brutal double murder of Sharon Tate and her baby that was 8 months in her womb, today’s mind controlled morons cheer the death, torture and dismemberment of helpless, preborn infants.

There’s really nothing hip about today’s wannabes on the Left. 

“Liberals” lust for their own downfall.

Socialism is the Globalists’ wink and flashed gram of coke to seduce the Left into the alleyway, bend them over and savagely rape them with the iron rod of totalitarianism. 

It’s most peculiar that the withering and wannabe flower children have such blind, naive trust in their government gods, no matter how much corruption has surfaced.

But turning a blind eye is the price of a “free ride.” It’s the price paid to the charming pimp who lurks in the big city bus stop, promising safety and security.

Bernie’s contribution-the emotional arson of manipulating the immature masses with blame, envy and entitlement is priceless. What a lousy negotiator. That role is worth sooo much more than a puny little vacation home. Talk about crumbs. 

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  1. cc

    reading your article makes me think that “crazy Bernie” never intended to win the Presidency, rather that he was just a usefull (idiot) tool for the Clinton campaign (pillory Hillary wearing those roller skates she had in India). How else was the Globalist cabal going to energize the useful idiots for the democratic party?

    • Agree totally. As for another comment about Omar Navarro-sorry, but I was unable to approve it because it doesn’t meet with our policies. Thanks for your input though.

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