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The Left’s Dark Forces: Brooklyn Witches to Hex Brett Kavanaugh.

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The Left has unleashed the witches. Again. 

Witches in Brooklyn are planning a public event on October 20th to put a hex on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

Fox News Insider Reports,

A coven of New York witches is holding a public ceremony next week to cast a hex on Justice Brett Kavanaugh, in what Tucker Carlson described as the latest left-wing effort to stop his rise to the high court…

Apparently Brooklyn has become a hotbed for witchcraft and the occult. In addition to the event’s sponsor, Catland Books, many stores featuring occult merchandise, books and seminars have cropped up there. 

As Tucker Carlson pointed out, it makes sense that proceeds will support their favorite source for child sacrifice-Planned Parenthood.

Should we be surprised? 

Witches have been gathering steam since President Trump was elected. Tens of thousands of them have gathered around the globe to put hexes on him. They claim their motive is not to harm the President, but to prevent him and his Administration from causing harm.

Is this sanctimonious assertion not the Hellfly in the face of reality? The Left’s Handlers in DC and Hollywood regularly encourage violence, assassination and orchestrated attacks on political opponents and Trump supporters.

Judging by their violent reactions to the Kavanaugh nomination, have we not seen ample proof that Democrats and their “Liberal” idiot army have no business choosing a Justice of the Supreme Court or crafting any of our nation’s laws? 

Will pulling their demonic masks off give them more credibility? 

The hexes won’t hurt anyone they say

Are we to believe that rage-filled feminazis and unhinged soy boys are turning to witchcraft and demonology to deal with their TDS without wishing harm on the President and his supporters?

Trump Derangement Syndrome coupled with rage over Kavanaugh being voted in as Supreme Court Justice has fueled interest in witchcraft. What setting cars on fire and screaming at the sky hasn’t accomplished, casting spells and hexes will surely do the trick. 

Will modern day witches place hexes on rapists and those who assault women be directed at Democrats too? Will they conjure up curses on Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison and members of Congress who were bailed out with taxpayer dollars? 

High Priestesses.

Hex event organizer and Catland Bookstore owner Melissa Madera asserts that the term “witch” is simply a disparaging way for awful men to label a strong woman as a bitch. She also lures prom-reject “feminists” into the fold by referring to witchcraft as a “female empowerment thing.” 

But isn’t it possible that in spite of denials, many of today’s “strong women” are not just bitches, but witches? 

The following high powered females have a darker side that has been publicized but largely ignored: 

Hillary Clinton

• According to Secret Service agent Gary Aldrich, while FLOTUS, Hillary Clinton supervised the decorating of the Satanic Christmas Tree in the Blue room.  That particular tree traditionally reflects the inner aspect who the First Lady is-her beliefs, her values, her priorities. 

The “12 Days of Christmas” themed tree featured ornaments such as cock rings, naked male figurines with a large erection, condoms, drug paraphernalia and Three French Hens that were were French-kissing in a menage a trois.”

• FLOTUS Hillary placed a statue of Lilith along the public tour line to be viewed by visitors of all ages. Lilith, a demonic figure from Jewish mythology, was not only Adam’s first wife, but a sorceress who taught him all about witchcraft. Lilith was known to be a demon of the night who was sexually wanton in her ways and would kidnap babies after dark.

• Hillary’s mentor, Saul Alinsky, wrote “Rules for Radicals, A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals.” Her college thesis was inspired by Alinsky. “Rules for Radicals” is dedicated to “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom —Lucifer.”

• Hillary made an odd confession in her book “Hard Choices.” Instead of choosing Niagra Falls, the Clintons chose to honeymoon in Haiti where they attended a voodoo ceremony. During the ceremony they witnessed people “seized with spirits” chewing on glass and biting  off the heads of live chickens.

• Bill told a friend that Hillary attended a “witch’s church.”

• Larry Nichols, a former green beret and Clinton hit-man has spent his life repenting for his association with the Clintons by exposing them. He said that over the period of many years Hillary went regularly to Los Angeles to attend a witch’s church and worship Satan.

• Hillary would often be accompanied on trips to the coven by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, the producer of Designing Women. Linda B-T was a close friend of the family. Unlike other visitors to the “Fat Cat Hotel” who paid large sums of money to stay at the White House, she wasn’t charged a penny. Linda B-T stayed there on the first night that Bill was president and for a total of 101 times.

Cheryl Mills

Wikileaks revealed a troubling email chain from then-Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills to Hillary Clinton.

Regarding a project, Mills said “fingers crossed, the rabbit foot out of the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch.” 

Moloch is the Satanic deity that demands human sacrifice. The neighborhood chickens may have been safe, but the use of Satanic “insider” dialogue is disturbing.

Sally Quinn

Sally Quinn is a powerful DC Gatekeeper. In her memoir, “Finding Magic,” she claims that she killed people with hexes.

Quinn was married to Ben Bradlee, Executive Editor and Vice President  of the Washington Post. She openly confessed to being a lifelong practitioner of the Dark Arts. She believes her sorcery was so powerful that she killed people with hexes.

Marina Abromovic

During the 2016 election cycle Wikileaks revealed some deeply disturbing information about her long time associate and Campaign Chairman, John Podesta.

The most infamous emails involved code words used by pedophiles, which ignited the Pizzagate  scandal. John Podsta and his brother Tony have extensive art collections that are pedo-oriented and Satanic.

One of the emails involved “Spirit Cooking.” “Artist” Marina Abromovic is famous in elite DC and Hollywood circles for her “performance art” involving Satanic rituals. Her “art” is often infused with overtones of pedophilia, child sacrifice and cannibalism.

One email revealed that Tony would attend a spirit cooking dinner.  Abromovic invited John too. It was a private dinner. Abromovic has stated that if done publicly it was “performance art.” If privately-it was the real deal.

It’s not just a matter of guilt by Podesta association. Another Wikileaks email indicated  that Hillary and Huma were also friendly with Abromovic.

Is seeing really believing?

It seems that being a Democrat “leader” takes a toll on a person’s appearance.  Why is that? Could it be that inner demons are anxious to stop hiding and are busting through the surface?

(photo gallery lost during transfer. Working on update)

Is it time to confront the “nature” spin?

Witchcraft has long gained popularity in our culture along with dabbling in the occult through Tarot Cards, crystals and other New Age spiritual journeys. Movies, Fashion and the Harry Potter series glamorizes witchcraft and sorcery. 

Witches downplay their alliance with evil and dark forces by portraying Wicca and Paganism as a harmless way to revere nature. However, this benign pitch is a deceptive gateway into darker practices. 

While denying the connection, The Catland Books website makes it perfectly clear that today’s witches are being lured into or are involved in the Dark Arts. What other purpose would a workshop entitled “Demonology 101” serve? 

Speaking from both sides of the mouth…

When Vicky Adams, owner of Hollywood occult shop Panpipes Magikal Marketplace,  was interviewed regarding President Trump hexes, she insisted, “The Donald Trump spell is not a hex or a curse – it’s binding Trump and any of his abetters to prevent them from causing harm and destruction to people, animals, the environment, everything.”

However, many spells are in fact, not designed to bond with nature, or to prevent people from causing harm. They are, in fact, designed to cause harm and wreak vengeance on others. 

Vicky Adams let the black cat out of the bag when she proceeded to describe the other supplies and instructions that she offers her clientele:

• Her customers are interested in darker objectives-cursing, hexing and exacting revenge on their enemies. “Hexes and curses are real.”

• “A curse can make somebody ill or bring absolute devastation and destruction to someone on their family or their ancestors. It can make you lose all your worldly possessions…It can make you lose your health – it can cause death – it can cause a loss of everyone you love. “I’m not one to curse someone it’s not really my style but I’m not going to condemn someone for doing it either.”

• “…I have candles shaped like men and women’s genitals – the black ones are for hexes to make a scorned lover impotent…The black female candle can lower someone’s sex drive or give them a skin disease or something.”

She inadvertently blows the covers off the benign nature loving Paganism spin. “Paganism is all-embracing – it accepts all and there’s no judgement.”

However, if you’re enabling and co-conspiring with others to commit atrocities, how is that harmless? 

Is it time we stopped joking about witches and dabbling in astrology, psychic readings and tarot cards?

According to the Torah-the foundation of all 3 monotheistic religions-practices of idolatry, Paganism, consulting seers, communicating with the dead and belief in omens is strictly forbidden. Then again, so is murder. Yet the Left, with the complicity of the media and pop culture have normalized all the above. 

Witchcraft is pervasive and appeals to all walks of life. Vicky Adams described her clientele. “…lawyers, doctors, policemen, nurses, housewives, students – everyone comes in here. I also have Christo-witches who are practicing Christians and witches. I have Satanists and people who work with demonology – I do not discriminate against anybody….I get well-known celebrities and actors coming in-and not so well-known ones.”

Should we allow the Left to p*ss on our legs and tell us it’s raining?

In spite of ample video evidence exposing their orchestrated violence, the Left indignantly rejects our referring to them as a “mob.” 

In spite of ample video evidence of our “leaders” pitching the New World Order, they insist that it’s a “conspiracy theory.”

Should we force them to deny they’re evil as well?

Do we dare? If we criticize their sorcery and “magik” will we be outed as racists? Misogynists? Wiccaphobes? Daemonophobes? How can we bear such aspersions?

As stated in Isaiah 5:20, “Woe to those who say of the evil that it is good and of the good that it is evil; who present darkness as light and light as darkness, who present bitter as sweet and sweet as bitter.”

As with so many other upside-down issues in this upside-down world, will today’s witches burn us at the stake for outing them? 

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