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The Odds: What’s a Greater Threat Than Gun Violence in Schools?

Power drunk pencil neck David Hogg rails against tweets and clear backpacks. Image Daily Caller

Do guns pose the highest risk to kids in public schools? When the odds of other dangers are examined-not by a long shot.

What,exactly are the odds that your neighborhood school will be next? How about one in 614 million? What do you suppose the odds are of other types of dangers that your kids face each and every day in the School Swamps?

How much do Democrats really care about our kids’ safety in schools?

The horrific shooting in Houston’s Santa Fe High School left 10 people dead and 13 others injured. It’s no surprise that the Dems immediately spawned another gun-grab in lieu of demanding greater security in our schools. New measures were put in place, for example the turnstiles at Daosafe were installed in many schools to create a system of ID checks, which stopped unauthorised people being able to enter the buildings. Of course, this isn’t the only thing that some schools are doing to prevent a high number of casualties in a school shooting. Some have already purchased bulletproof shield partitions to try and keep children safe in the classroom. Measures like these could, potentially, save lives.

Once again the shooter had a disturbing history. Once again the shooter was the object of bullying. Once again the Left refuses to drop their anti-NRA tirade and hold accountable those who actually were accountable.

As it has been pointed out repeatedly, we have security measures in place for airports, banks and office buildings. So why not schools?

If the Left truly cared about safety vs. disarming innocent Americans, they would have jumped in to chastise their poster boy David Hogg. Parkland students were given clear backpacks to prevent smuggling guns into their school again. But instead of a thank you, the power drunk pencil necked Hogg threw a hissy fit about students’ constitutional rights being violated.

We care about kids’s lives! blah blah blah. It’s all Trump’s fault! blah blah blah,

NeverTrumpers pounced on the opportunity to bash President Trump for the mass shootings at Parkland and Santa Fe High.

But the Left has literally had decades to address the issue of school shootings, starting from as far back as 1927.

Check out the list of school shootings from Coolidge through Obama at the bottom of this post. It’s not a full list, but it’s enough to drive home an important question. Why, during all these years, have elected officials failed to protect students? Why is the Left choosing to place the entire school shooting mess in Trump’s lap? Will they praise him when he succeeds in solving yet another chronic problem that was enabled under their watch?

Party Priorities

What other conclusion can we draw but that the Left’s priority is to attack our 2nd Amendment rights?

Andrew Park, the grieving father of slain Parkland student Meadow Pollack, is adamant that we must make changes to the schools rather than politicize the tragedies in order to grab guns. He states that changing gun laws is “not achievable” and that instead of politicizing the tragedy we should work together and focus on strengthening our schools.

Why doesn’t MSM blare as many headlines about his suggestions as they do anyone and everyone who calls for a gun-grab? Why wasn’t his son and Meadow’s brother Hunter Pollack given the opportunity to let his voice be heard in the “March for Our Lives” event in DC? *

Why, instead, does MSM choose to aggrandize pubescent anti-gun teenyboppers like the noodle-armed David Hogg and his butch counterpart Emma Gonzalez?

WaPo calls out the fear-mongering while pushing for gun control

Even the Washington Post-home of the $600 Million dollar CIA contract and employer of John Podesta- busted the fear mongering of guns in public schools.

They stated that the odds of a child being shot in school are one in 614 Million.

Want some really scary odds?

•Odds of children being gunned down in public schools. One in 614 Million.

•Odds of your kid being bullied at school. About one in five. 28-35%.

•Odds of students being molested by a teacher at school. Roughly 1 out of 10.

•Odds of students being indoctrinated by the “Liberal” Globalist agenda. 100%.

•Odds of children and minors being pyscho-sexually abused by age-inappropriate graphic sex “education.” 100%

•Odds of children as young as Kindergarten being force-fed the politicized LGBTQI+agenda. 100%.

Which odds frighten you the most?

Is it the guaranteed, irreversible damage caused by sending kids to school swamps? Why do you suppose that more parents don’t exercise other options such as home school, private schools and charter schools? Why are parents so surprised and outraged when kids come home with tests asking them to pledge allegiance to Allah or write an essay about their white privilege or answer a test question about how bad President Trump is? What do they expect? Why do you suppose the Globalist Dem/RINO Party fights school choice tooth and nail? Why do you suppose the Left who used to “care” so much about bullying are silent about this issue as it relates to school shootings?

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*March organizers deny his assertion.

The (incomplete) list of school shootings from Coolidge through Obama….

Calvin Coolidge

Bath School Massacre-44 dead-including 38 children. 58 injured.

Dwight Eisenhower

Poe Elementary School. 5 Dead. 19 injured. (It was a bomb blast, not a gun, but plenty of years to secure schools, no?)

Lyndon Baines Johnson

University of Texas Tower Shooting. 17 dead. 31 injured. Mesa School Massacre-Rose-Mar Beauty College. 5 dead. 2 injured.

Gerald Ford

Olean High School. 3 dead. 9 injured.

Ronald Regan

Stockton Schoolyard Shooting. 5 dead. 32 Injured.

Bill Clinton:

Columbine High School Massacre. 15 dead. 24 injured.

Westside Middle School Massacre. 5 Dead. 10 injured.

Thurston High School Shooting. 4 dead. 25 injured.

Pearl High School. 3 dead. 7 injured.

Heath High School. 3 dead. 5 injured.

George W. Bush:

Virginia Tech-32 dead 17 injured

West Nickel Mines (Amish) School Shooting. 5 dead. 5 injured.

University of Iowa. 5 dead. 1 injured.

Lindhurst High School Shooting. 4 dead. 10 injured.

Appalachian School of Law Shooting. 3 dead. 3 injured.

Barrack Obama:

Sandy Hook. 27 dead-including 20 children. 2 injured.

Umpqua Community College Shooting. 9 dead. 9 injured.

Oikos Universtity Shooting. 7 dead. 3 injured.

Isla Vista (UCSB Campus) Killings. 6 dead. 14 Injured.

Northern Illinois University Shooting. 5 dead. 17 injured.

Santa Monica School Shooting. 5 dead. 2 injured.

Chardon High School. 3 dead. 3 injured.


Washington Post-odds of kid getting shot at school

Breitbart-Hunter Pollack

CBS News-News-Andrew Pollack says gun laws “not achievable” stats

American SPCC-bullying stats

Fox News-Sheriff Israel booted Fe shooter bullied

The Blaze-Hogg complains about clear backpacks

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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/20/18 RedGrapes wrote,”I agree with greenpumpkin, but also how about addressing problem of emotional / psychological problems.. the kid in Texas took out his frustration because a girl rejected him..look at home or school .. bullying, lack of morals ,lack of parenting involvement. Guns aren’t the issue. When I grew up we had guns in our trucks we would go hunting / target shooting before / after school .. and no one got shot or school shootings!…guess it’s easier to blame an inanimate object”
    Note-GreenPumpkin’s comment has disappeared:(

  2. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/20/18 GreenWrench wrote,”The confiscation of guns has nothing to do with student safety. I like the father from Florida’s remarks.
    1. Controlled school access
    2. Metal detectors
    3. Armed security

    That controls access not just bad guys but good guys. Make it hard for someone to get a weapon into the school, and have armed security on site, not having to call someone. Supposedly the area of the shooting in Texas did not have phone access to the outside. That is crazy.

    Stop the media coverage, Stop talking about the kids getting shot. Don’t just tell the kids they are safe, but do physical things that they can see that they are safe.. Every school should publicize the probability of a school shooting, plus I read that any mass shooting, like at a mall is 675 to 1 chance.

    Stop demonizing guns to children, guns are not scarry, the only reason adults and kids think guns are scarry as that is the propaganda that has been spread. Guns are not scarry, not evil, not horrible, quit saying they are

    More children die in car accidents in a year than several years of gun deaths. There are more suicides by guns than all the other causes put together. More children are killed in car crashes caused by texting than gun deaths. Gun deaths do not even make the top 10 causes of death as put out by the CDC.

    Stop hyping the gun, start treating school safety as a priority and not gun laws that every school shooter has broken a number of laws to effect the shooting as it is.”

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