“Liberal” psychobabble is out of control.

There’s some seriously sick crap out there being normalized.

The radical left has been manipulated by Mainstream Media and Pop Culture. Their addled minds are bombarded with mixed messages and skewed information. Their egos are baited and emotions aroused. They’re subject to elite predators who prey on their good intentions and twist our vocabulary.

In other words, by confusing the Hell out of them.

Sadly, it’s our younger generation who always pays the price.

Many children as we speak are waking up confused about their own gender. Even though it’s anatomically obvious. No need for a question mark.

Confused “liberal” parents are absolutely Munchhausen-esque.

Instead of going with the flow of normal childhood development, these insane parents jump on the slightest “clue” that their child might not be in fact, the child they gave birth to. But is in fact, some other poor child “trapped” in the body of the opposite gender.

It’s not enough to just let a girl play with a truck and move on. Or for a boy to put on his sister’s earrings without becoming hysterical. Instead, in a narcissistic, attention-starved drama they plaster their kids images all over social media, aspiring to get a featured article posted on Yahoo’s home page.  One can only dream of the ultimate exploitation-landing a cover on National Geographic.

While it’s acceptable to call anorexia a dysmorphic body image disorder, we’re all told to keep our mouths shut when abusive parents push their kids into gender dysmorphia.

The new  leftist gospel  is to normalize psychosis in all its forms.

There have been conflicting studies regarding the outcome of gender reassignment surgery. While some report that it is beneficial, others point to a higher rate of suicide. There are also cases of remorse. Remorse is bad enough when you remember the previous night spent in a drunken stupor. Or that sunken feeling after signing all the mortgage paperwork.  Sometimes there’s just no do-over.

Most people who were on the planet long enough remember when kids were allowed to be “tomboys” or “bookworms.” Sometimes we look back and aren’t surprised at who finally came out of the closet.

But for most kids, it was just part of being a kid.

When my Mom was little she used to scare the other girls by chasing them with a dead rat. She ended up with 3 kids and 6 grand-kids. She passed, but has 4 great grand-kids too.

My Mom allowed my brother to play with baby dolls and didn’t make a big deal out of it. He later served our country during the Vietnam War and has 2 kids and 4 grand-kids.

As a little girl I loved my baby dolls and Barbie. But I also loved army tanks and cement mixers. I am blessed with my wonderful son.

None of these kids or grand-kids would be alive today if today’s radical “liberal” parents had been running the show.

These parents rush to push their kids into the abyss of self loathing and confusion, hijacking both their youth and their futures.

Obama tore the lid off the Pandora’s Box.

Obama is the Master of Distraction. He created outrage during the last election cycle by inventing the ” transgender bathroom issue.” Obama  aggressively pushed incentives to cater to transgenders who comprise just .3%  of the population while ignoring the safety and concern of the remaining 97.7%.

Many question the motive of his aggressive promotion of same sex marriage and transgender-ism.  Many believe (or like to say) that it’s because Obama’s wife Michelle is actually a man. More likely is the theory that this is part of the globalist push for the depopulation of the human race. Sounds crazy but tin foil hat aside, if a person were to read the UN’s Agenda 2030 it’s not all that far fetched.

Whatever the reason for the Transgender Agenda, it has inspired a tsunami in the push to normalize some seriously sick beliefs and behavior.

Some examples include:

A trend toward normalizing pedophilia. Governor Gerry Brown just decriminalized prostitution for minors. Rutgers Professor Margo Kaplan just wrote a  New York Times OP Ed explaining why pedophilia is not actually a crime.

“Eco Sexuals”The Sun reports that “Eco Sexuals” actually believe that performing sexual activity on poor Mother Nature will save the earth. Some have even had wedding ceremonies with the earth.

Bestiality. While it’s actually never been technically illegal in some parts of the US, the issue was dormant. But Canada just officially legalized it! Is it a marketing strategy to attract disgruntled US celebrities?

Miscellaneous whacked-outedness. A 52 year old man (now named Stefonknee Wolscht) lives as a 6 year old girl. Yes.You read that correctly. The Daily Mail UKreports that his behavior is normalized through his doting “adoptive family consists of an older couple and their children and young grandchildren.”

These disorders are not only “debunked” by many within the LGBT or radical “liberal” community as being normal choices, but glorified as well.

This is not a homophobic rant. This is not a bible thumping rant. This is a pro-children rant.

This is about our choice as a society to foster healthy choices, especially for our children, so that people can reach their potential. It’s hard enough to do that with so many challenges to face growing up.  But imagine adding the additional roadblock where a young person is encouraged to be so consumed with self loathing and confusion that they can’t even start the day without obsessing on something so basic as Am I a boy or a girl? And this becomes the obsessive and primary focus of their lives.

The radical “liberal” left seems to be quite devoid of concern regarding children. Not only do they not care what our kids are exposed to, they seem completely clueless as to the appropriate age for when kids should be exposed to overt sexuality or excessive information about sexuality.

Radical leftists lack concern about what kids see on TV, what flies under the radar in popular cartoons, or what their celebrity idols are promoting.

Leftie parades hijack other parades with no concern for kids that may be in the crowd. They selfishly erect nude and explicit statues of  Presidential candidates in Times Square with no concern for all the kids that are passing by.

Children are being force fed very age-inappropriate information in public schools regarding sexuality and alternative sexual practices. This is being taught at increasingly younger ages with an increase in “alternative options.” Some of us might actually consider that to be “grooming.” Or contributing to the delinquency of a minor. But because this indoctrination is offered up in “schools” by “teachers,” parents  blindly accept it and allow their kids to be sexually abused in that manner.

Everyone  deserves compassion, acceptance, respect and courtesy.

But at what point should we draw the line and refuse to  validate someone’s psychosis?  Anyone who’s ever watched some “plastic surgery disasters” videos would agree that the “doctors” who performed these life altering procedures should be yanked off the streets and thrown in prison.

These greedy plastic surgeons validate an unhealthy degree of narcissism and/or self loathing, or some insane idea that their patient is actually a cat. The results are disastrous and often impossible to remedy. Some patients suffer horrific infections due to complications. Some die.

Why should we validate body dysmorphia of any kind by normalizing it or taking a knife to it rather than treat it at its source?

Maybe there are some truly “trapped ” individuals. Perhaps they were born hermaphroditic or have an untreatable and severe hormonal imbalance. In that case then perhaps this type of surgery is an answer.

But gender reassignment surgery is being prescribed at the same reckless rate of other prescribed “medicines” such as Valium, Xanex and Prozac.

The widespread acceptance that mutilating and restructuring a person’s genitalia  to resolve a psychological disorder is barbaric and reminiscent of Dr. Mengele. To cheer and promote it to young children is unconscionable.