Mainstream Media and our nation’s “Leaders,” whether registered Democrat or RINO, never cease to amaze.

And not in a good way.

As the Left bombards us with chaos in hopes that we’ll forget aaall about the Russia/Trump Hoax and the myriad of crimes committed by Hillary and the Obama Administration it’s hard not to feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

So it’s nice to have all the carpet bombing rounded up into a tidy bulleted list.

The week’s top 10 SICK remarks from MSM and our “leaders”

Grab your puke buckets and see if you agree that #10 is the “winner”…

1-MSNBC’s hair-sprayed race-baiter Joy Reid called  Sebastian Gorka a Nazi

Gonna have to update this- “100+ Facts That Prove Democrats are racist Nazis” 

Reid tweeted “When you get fired on vacation and Kelly yanks your temporary security clearance before you can get back. #Gorked #DidNaziThatComing”

•2England is every bit as whacked as the US-but with a cool British accent.  A nutcase showed up at Buckingham Palace brandishing a sword yelling Allah Akbar! He was carrying Koranic books. MSM: “We cannot speculate.”

3-Gary Cohen, a registered Democrat who President Trump kindly appointed as his Chief Economic Adviser said that the violent Antifa terrorist group  in Charlottesville was  just “standing up for equality and freedom.”  He also took the opportunity to criticize the President on behalf of his Globalist cronies.

4-GOP Sean Duffy of Wisconsin supports Confederate statues being taken down. He said “I don’t honor what they were fighting for.” In his defense, he didn’t think they should be removed “by mob rule.” Most importantly-he said he “doesn’t believe in paying homage to those who fought to maintain slavery.”

Now if he were talking about the Democrats we might think-well he’s right about that. But it seems the Senator is a bit misinformed, as he referred only to people in the South who wanted to maintain slavery. It was simply the Democrats (pro-slavery) VS Republicans (anti-Slavery)

5-Democrat Terry  McAuliffe, Senator of Virginia says that Confederate statues are a “symbol of hatred”  and should be removed. Oops-he forgot to mention the same point that was lost on Sean Duffy. Confederate statues are a symbol of Democrats’ hatred  who wanted  to keep their slaves and deny them Civil Rights- even after the war. The statues are a symbol of nobility for our nation as Republicans fought to free the slaves from the Democrats.

6-Democrats are rushing to exploit their intended purpose of the Charlottesville Setup before they’re totally busted for staging it.  Aside from pushing for a Civil War/ Race War, they may actually try to connect the car-ramming homicide to a need for tighter gun control.

A College “Professor” suggested the move, proving once again that today’s College Degrees are a ticket to debt and the therapists’ couch rather than success. If the Dems buy into that “clever” idea, they’ll actually sink lower into the stupidity abyss.

7-Brian J. Karem, Liberal White House reporter and editor for Sentinal Newspapers, tweeted  that pardoning Sheriff Joe proves  “we have a racist in the White House.” Oops! He forgot to mention Obama’s close to 2,000 pardons of hardened criminals, drug dealers, murderers and terrorists. He’ll probably make a correction later.

8-You can count on Maxine Waters appearing on any list that involves race-baiting, baseless calls for President Trump’s impeachment, or sheer stupidity. What did the  hateful ol’ windbag say this time? That President Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe because he is a White Nationalist and a member of the KKK.

9-Cryin’ Chuck Schumer is exploiting Charlottesville in his own “clever” way. If you thought that calling for gun control because of a car-ramming homicide was proof that the Left has utter disregard for  pattern recognition, Chuck Schumer takes it a step further. Chuck sez that the Charlottesville attack means that President Trump’s voter fraud investigation should be shut down in Virginia. Nice try Chuck.

10-And we have a “winner!” That would be Ultra-Lib GQ Contributor Keith Olbermann. The Gateway Pundit reported,

“Betsy DeVos sent out a kind tweet saying she is praying for everyone in the path of Hurricane Harvey and that plans are in place to assist schools impacted. Leave it to a vile man like Keith Olbermann to attack a woman who prays for people’s safety. Olbermann shot back at her, “The hurricane is going to do less damage to schools than you are, Motherf*cker””

Wow. Seriously vicious, Keith.

But not surprising. Democrats are fighting school choice tooth and nail. Their power structure is totally dependent on their constituents being stupid enough to fall for their lies and manipulation. Their life literally depends on controlling the school and college swamps.

Which one did you think was the winner? Comment below!

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