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Cutting Through the BULL About Mass Migration-Big LIE Exposed!

  • Cut through BULL about mass immigration

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Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz  inadvertently exposed the big LIE about forced mass immigration!

Breitbart covered an interview with “Red Bull boss and Austria’s richest man Dietrich Mateschitz.”

He griped about familiar issues and blew the covers off others:

  • The hypocrisy of proponents of mass immigration. None of them open their doors or pitch tents on their lawn for migrants.
  • The EU push for mass immigration is a lie. The Geneva Convention was meant for actual refugees. Most of these migrants are economic refugees.
  • Political correctness.“It seems that no one dares to tell the truth, even if everyone knows what the truth is.The elites want citizens to be frightened, and easily manipulated.”
  • Calls out mass immigration for what it is-the destabilization of Europe. It threatens the “uniqueness of [the continent’s] diversity and individuality with its different cultures and languages”.
  • EU Commission VP Frans Timmerman said, countries that  “aren’t multicultural should be wiped off the map. ..Any society, anywhere in the world, will be diverse in the future — that’s the future of the world.”  Wow. Well that wasn’t very subtle. In fact it sounds like a declaration of war.
  • He pushed back against the demonization of Russia by the Powers That Be and MSM.  “I do not need anyone to tell me who my enemies are.”

A big LIE was inadvertently exposed.

He spoke about the guilt-tripping push for multiculturalism.

But there’s one more dot  to  connect that reveals the truth…

Mass immigration for “diversity” and “multiculturalism” is a LIE. 

Countries are being bullied into suicide for the sake of diversity and multiculturalism.  But here’s the deal- every country that permits mass immigration by Islamic culture will be destroyed.

There will be only one culture. The Islamic culture.

Destruction of unique cultures will be partly due to the presence of the Muslim population. Terrorist acts and civil war will kill off countless generous hosts.

But at the very least the host countries will be bred out of existence.

Time to cut through the BULL!

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