Time ran out for baby Charlie Gard.

Thanks to the UK Death Panel time ran out for baby Charlie Gard.  Little Charlie was suffering from the terminal illness of mitochondrial depletion syndrome.

Charlie’s parents have been forced to give up the legal battle to send him to the US or the Vatican for treatment. They will spend their “last precious moments” with their baby boy.

Charlie had some positive things in his favor to keep him alive:

  • The love of his parents
  • The offer of medical assistance from President Trump and the Pope
  • Public pressure
  • Hope
  • Time

The UK death panel was powerless to take away love, concern and hope. But they could, and did, take way the one precious gift that could have saved Charlie’s life.


Five months worth of time. The Daily Caller reported that “Gard has suffered irreversible damage to his muscle tissue and is now untreatable, thanks to the protracted battle with the U.K. legal system that prevented Gard from receiving potentially life-saving treatment early on.”

Charlie’s parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard,  were willing and able to pay for Charlie to receive experimental treatment in the US or the Vatican. But  the EU would not allow it. Instead, they ruled that Charlie’s parents must allow  their baby  to “die with dignity.”

Due to public pressure the UK High Court was forced to consider the generous offer from President Trump and the Pope to allow Charlie to be treated elsewhere.

But they stalled until time ran out.

The UK officials also took precious quality time away from both baby Charlie and his parents. His parents had requested months ago that they be allowed to bring their baby home to die in the comfort of his loving home.

But the soulless officials said no.

At one point the Great Ormond Street Hospital wouldn’t even allow Reverand Patrick Mahoney to pray at Charlie’s bedside with his parents. It was only due to public pressure they caved.

Baby Charlie is a window into life under the New World Order.

The all-powerful  government would not allow baby Charlie’s parents to give him experimental medical treatment outside the UK. Even though they would pay for all of  it themselves.

Yet undoubtedly if a child had cancer and the parents only wanted to treat the child’s illness with carrot juice, medical treatment would have been forced on them.

One of the driving forces behind a One World Government is eugenics. 

It’s possible that the death panel wasn’t even factoring in that Charlie’s parents would pay for his initial treatment.  It is more likely that behind closed doors, they were calculating his life long burden on the system. 

The UK government played God with Charlie’s life.

They fought to keep God out of his life.

Just as a One World Government will do to us all. Only the hopelessly naive would believe that we’d be under the rule of compassionate leaders.

Hopefully Charlie’s parents will sue for damages. But all the money in the world won’t bring back Charlie. His parents will always wonder if that one last chance that was denied to them could have saved their baby.

The Independent UK quoted his mother Connie Yates.

“We are struggling to find any comfort or peace with all this, but one thing that does give us the slightest bit of comfort, is that we truly believe that Charlie may have been too special for this cruel world.”

She’s right. It is a cruel world.  And will only become worse if those without God in their hearts are running the show.

Prayers for Charlie and his parents.

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