Imowired brings you today’s top 10 feel-good stories.

There’s no shortage of problems in the world, especially as we deal with the aftermath of  the Berkeley riots and Hurricane Harvey. So it’s nice to have the good stuff bundled into one bullet list of today’s top 10 feel-good stories. Nothing like a strong dose of happiness to counteract the orchestrated chaos.

So here ya go-today’s top 10 feel-good stories:

1)Toxic Lefties criticized President Trump for his response to Hurricane Harvey. But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s opinion is what really counts. The Governor praised President Trump for his response to Harvey, giving him an A+ for his efforts. So it’s good news from the Governor and a good news bonus that Leftist critics had to be grinding their teeth.

2)Someone in Congress actually has a pair. Republican Senator Ron DeSantis is proposing an amendment that would stop the Stalin-esque Mueller probe once and for all. His amendment calls for a  180 day deadline-to close shop. Also, the probe should not include any investigation into Donald Trump before he ran for office.  It still has to pass, and 180 days is a long time. But at least there may be an end in sight. Of course as the probe uncovers Russian collusion from Podesta and other  Democrats we might be happy to grant an extension.

3)President Trump has been blessed with many talents. One of them is trolling. During a press conference yesterday the media intended to hammer him for pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio. When the question came up they were forced to cover facts they’d rather bury. President Trump anticipated the question and was armed with a list of criminals and terrorists that Obama and Bill Clinton had pardoned. Sheriff Joe  on the other hand, was a patriot doing his job as a law enforcement officer. President Trump also mentioned that Sheriff Joe was arrested before an election that “he would have won.” The country under Obama and Hillary normalized taking out political opponents. No more.

4)Speaking of Sheriff Joe -he seems to have put tyrant Obama on notice. He denounced the “Liberal” Judge and his critics who claim Arpaio got a get-out-of-jail-free card because he’s a Trump supporter.  Sheriff Joe called his conviction “a political witch hunt by holdovers in the Obama Justice Department.” What would be really great news is uncovering the truth-that IMO Sheriff Joe was targeted by Obama himself because he exposed his fraudulent birth certificate last December. Follow the timing.

5)We all know that our laws were disregarded during the Obama Administration-especially those that involve illegals. And even more so when it involved flooding our country with Radical Islamic immigrants.  During Obama’s reign of don’t call it terror, a very important step in vetting immigrants was never utilized-personal interviews. DHS will be reviving in-person interviews as part of the “extreme vetting” of immigrants from nations who  commonly produce terrorists.

6)Another terrorist-enabling aspect of Obama’s “legacy” will also be scrapped. Under Obama anywhere from 600,000-800,000 illegal immigrants were allowed to roam the streets-virtually unchecked, He had all their files marked “administratively closed.”  Not only will President Trump stop the practice of marking cases “administratively closed,” he’ll be re-opening the closed cases. Party’s over you guys. You’re heading home.

7)Thirteen lowlife Antifa members will pay the price for their self indulgent rampage at Berkeley. They were arrested for charges that included assault with a deadly weapon, felony assault, and violations of the city’s municipal code. As more get locked up for their psychotic crimes against innocent Americans Antifa losers may start to earn their lunch money from someone other than Sugar Daddy Soros.

8)President Trump just came out and said it. “I  hope we do have good relations with Russia. I say it loud and clear.” If President Trump could create a harmonious working relationship with Russia, both he and Putin would deserve to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Their shared goals to combat  Globalism and human sex trafficking is the NWO’s ultimate nightmare. It’s obvious why they wanted to keep them separated. With Queen Hillary we’d probably be burnt to a crisp from a nuclear war with Russia. Anything to hide her crimes and cash in on Globalism.

9)Hurricane Harvey’s silver linings. The Left’s attempts to start a race war has been thwarted by God Himself.  Pictures of rescue attempts are popping up all over the internet showing Texans helping one another regardless of race.  Americans are clearly unified, not divided as the lying MSM would have us believe.

10)The sweet sound of Trump success is paying off for singer Kaya Jones. She put her aspiring career on the line by bucking hateful Libs in the entertainment biz by supporting Trump. Looks like her decision paid off. Sales on Amazon of her new release “What the Heart Don’t Know” surpassed those of superstars bad-man-boy Justin Beiber, eye-licking Miley Cyrus and Satanic skank Katy Perry.

There’ll be more good news on the way.

President Trump and Melania head to Houston today to  survey the damage of Hurricane Harvey. Of course, none of those stories will be reported as  good news on Mainstream Media. It’s great to have alternatives right?

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