Aside from Fox News, MSM is stunningly silent regarding the arrest of Right wing activist Tommy Robinson.

His crime? Tommy was reporting outside the courthouse on a Muslim child grooming gang.

It gets worse-no one in England can report on Tommy’s arrest, or they too will be arrested.


Ostensibly Tommy was not allowed to go near the court or report on the child rapists due to an order that the pedo grooming gang not be exposed to publicity because it could interfere with a fair trial. However, some reports are stating that the trial was over-that the gang was in the Court House for sentencing.

Tommy was arrested on charges of “breach of peace.” For that he was sentenced to 13 months. As his lawyer pointed out, his sentence is equivalent to a death sentence due to his anti-Muslim activism. He will no doubt be targeted by Muslim prison gangs. The judge didn’t care.

His lawyer claims that Tommy was set up. When she initially returned the call to represent him police gave her false information. She was railroaded and Tommy was only able to be represented by an incompetent public defender.

His producer stated that they were very careful in the language they used while filming and only reported on facts that were already public knowledge.

Headlines back when: “England has fallen!” Headlines today: 

England is now a police state ensuring that the once magnificent country will fall to forced of unsustainable, hostile immigration. The higher-ups are Hell-bent on protecting the terrorist stronghold within the country.

London-run by Mayor Sadiq Khan-has suffered so many terrorist attacks that Khan has resorted to banning knives! Yet trucks are still on the loose, even after the June 2017 incident where a truck driven by a terrorist mowed down a group of pedestrians on London Bridge. Seven were killed.


One reason that headlines in the UK don’t carry the story is that they were slapped with a gag order. But there’s no excuse for US outlets to be mute.

Anyone who speaks up against the ongoing destruction of England will be imprisoned-like Tommy Robinson, or banned altogether.  Some who have been banned from entering the UK for speaking up against the Muslim invasion or Liberal indoctrination include reporters Michael Savage and Brittany Pettibone and Pamela Geller.

There were even calls to ban the President of the United States because President Trump dared to keep our country safe by implementing a travel ban. His scheduled trip there in July will probably be met with protests. But of course, it could be met with fans as well. Another headline we never saw here was a group of Brits chanting “Donald Trump! We love you!”

Headlines back when: “England Revolts! Civil War Begins!” Headlines today:

The Establishment hates social media because it gives us access to the truth. Even though Facebook and Twitter frantically try to scrub their platform of Conservative voices, some stuff just slips through the cracks.

In response to Tommy Robinson’s arrest, some Brits have actually revolted and are protesting. Could his arrest light the fire under their collective arses and put a stop to the destruction of their country?

Wake up call for the Left? 

Not likely. Aside from Fox, all other MSM is crickets on this story. As of this moment that still includes Reuters and AP-the wellsprings from which all news flows. Nothing on CNN. MSNBC, CBS, etc.

So since the Left has been taught to scorn Fox, they’ll never know-unless we force-feed it to them. But would they even care, considering they’re proponents of gagging our freedom of speech?

Wake up call for the Right? 

We are watching England, Sweden, Germany and other sovereign nations dropping off the map. At one time everyone would have been glued to the TV for the latest updates regarding the fall of Europe at the hands of the unelected EU with America in its crosshairs.

Even though those of us who are fully aware of the ongoing attack on sovereign nations in Europe, due to the lack of coverage here, are we falling short of the proper level of outrage? Or could it be that we are preoccupied with our own takeover in the form of a Coup and soft Civil War?

Wake up call for England?

Some Brits mustered the courage to protest Tommy Robinson’s arrest. Will his arrest be the tipping point for our friends in the UK?

Did Theresa May miss a  great opportunity to prove she’s not a Globalist?

Has England officially fallen to Muslim forces?

Will the Royal family speak up in defense of the country they rule (as figureheads) or busy themselves with another cutsie photo op?

Will millions of people across the globe stop fawning over the Royals and instead ditch the idol worship for God and humanity?

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