He defends the indefensible by doubling down on why the US handed Israel a death sentence.

The UN resolution essentially removes from Israel the right to defend itself from their enemies. Naturally the Palestinians are jubilant, expressing their delight that they are now “free to kill Jews!”  Wow.

He continues to insist on a “Two state solution” that hasn’t worked and never will.

“…because the two-state solution is the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians. It is the only way to ensure Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state, living in peace and security with its neighbors. It is the only way to ensure a future of freedom and dignity for the Palestinian people. And it is an important way of advancing United States interests in the region.”

Buttinski leaders like Obama and Kerry forget that Palestinians don’t actually have a history. They’re not entitled to Israel’s land. Back in the 60’s the PLO was classified as a terrorist group, not our BFFs.

He repeatedly mentioned US interests in the region.

US citizens do share an interest in the region. To preserve and protect the Holy Land. But shady elitists have different interests. Like gold and oil. Now that Israel has discovered a wealth of natural gas reserves, they’re no doubt very, very  interested in the region.

He declared’ Israel can be Jewish or Democratic. It cannot be both.”

Kerry, in perfect step with our administration, tries to remove G-d from Israel. As they have with us.

Aside from the colossal chutzpah to tell Israel what it can or cannot be, why hasn’t he made similar remarks to Muslim countries? Why can they be Muslim but Israel cannot be Jewish?

At any rate, it’s a bald faced lie. Israel’s Knesset has members that are secular Jews as well as Arabs. Probably too democratic for its own good.

“Despite our best efforts over the years, the two state solution is now in serious jeopardy. … They can choose to live together in one state, or they can separate into two states.”

“Despite our best efforts over the years.” is a cagey way to perpetuate the big bad Israel lie. That Israel is the uncooperative aggressor. The Palestinians rejected major concessions from Israel three times.

As for the “two state solution”

Yeah, Because coexistence with Islamic terrorists works out so well. We can see that in every country they squat in. Let’s ask the citizens of Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, how that’s working out for them.

“Both sides continue to push a narrative that plays to people’s fears and reinforces the worst stereotypes rather than working to change perceptions and build up belief in the possibility of peace.”

Gee that sounds like the same crap they try to pull on us. Israelis are just being phobic and racist. Palestinians are all wonderful peaceful people!

“And the most recent wave of Palestinian violence has included hundreds of terrorist attacks in the past year, including stabbings, shootings, vehicular attacks and bombings, many by individuals who have been radicalized by social media.” 

Wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to blame “fake news” or social media for all your problems while you’re over there. Maybe they can shut down free speech everywhere.

“They are restricted in their daily movements by a web of checkpoints and unable to travel into or out of the West Bank without a permit from the Israelis.”

The Dems sure hate walls and border security.  Why wouldn’t Israelis allow suicide bombers free reign? They’re such buzzkills. But they do, in fact let them cross.

“And that raises one final question: Is ours the generation that gives up on the dream of a Jewish democratic state of Israel living in peace and security with its neighbors?”

Uh. Wouldn’t that be Israels dream? Has it not always been their dream?

“We have repeatedly and emphatically stressed to the Palestinians that all incitement to violence must stop. We have consistently condemned all violence and terrorism, and we have strongly opposed unilateral efforts to delegitimize Israel in international fora.”

So basically you just admitted that all the hogwash you’re preaching doesn’t work with them. At all. Thanks for clarifying that.

“The U.S. did in fact vote in accordance with our values.”

Yes, we all see that. The “US,” in other words, the Obama administration, has “values” that are completely repugnant to the rest of us. Obama’s US values involve the Islamification and destruction of all nations, including our own. And Israel.

“Friends need to tell each other the hard truths.”

Because the left is  soooo  good at listening to hard truths about themselves,. Here’s some hard truth for ya. Our  President is a closet Muslim who sides with terrorists and has been promoting the Islamification of our country. Is this someone who should be crafting “peace agreements” with terrorist brethren and their common enemy, the Jews? And if you believe in being so up front and straightforward, why did you pull this off as a cowardly ambush instead of sitting down and having “the talk” with your “friends?”

If we don’t negotiate with terrorists (unless you’re Obama funding the enemy without congressional approval) why do we insist that Israel should?

If we’re just going to turn our backs on Israel to fend for themselves because we don’t agree with their approach to their problems, why not turn our back on the Palestinians instead? Just curious.

Maybe the biggest question is-why should we trust Kerry?

While Obama hides behind his race, and Hillary her gender, Kerry hides behind his blandness. But let’s take a look at who this guy is.

This is the guy…who served up anti-Israel propaganda at a soup kitchen with his psycho “liberal” wife.

The Jewish Press reported,

“The Heinz Foundation, headed by the wife of Heinz heiress Mrs. John Kerry, AKA Teresa Heinz Kerry, has been caught having donated $50,000 to the “Conflict Kitchen,’ a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania soup kitchen that serves up food on a platter of anti-Zionism.

The soup kitchen recently came up with the gimmick of serving “Palestinian food,” whatever that means, in leaflets with quotes that support both terrorism and the idea that Israel should not exists.

….. Conflict Kitchen also is big on Iran, and food wrappers told recipients of food, “Iran should equally have the right to develop nuclear weapons…. In general, Iranian people have no issues with the Jews. What Iranians resent is the creation of the state of Israel because of the disaster that it created for millions of Palestinians.”

This is the guy...who was caught funneling  millions of taxpayer dollars into his daughter’s “charitable foundation.”

This is the guy…who, with his dubious purple hearts to bolster his own career, cashed in on the nation’s turmoil about the War in Vietnam by leading protests. He accused his “brethren” in Vietnam of all manner of atrocities.

This is the guy...who had a petition circulating to charge him for treason.

The Patriot Post reported,

“By his own account, violated the UCMJ, the Geneva Conventions and the U.S. Code while serving as a Navy officer, and he further stands in violation of Article three, Section three of the U.S. Constitution.”

This is the guy...who unlike most of us, reaped major benefits from Obamacare. Through insider trading no less.

This is the guy…who took his life in his hands when he betrayed Hilary in her run against Obama! He actually made it to Hillary Clinton’s top traitor list!  OK that one wasn’t so bad.

 “Only the last note matters.”as they say in the music biz.

BHO is hitting notes from Hell, along with his creepy chorus, Samantha Powers and John Kerry.

There’s widespread outrage and backlash from both parties. This last little stunt could cost him his “legacy.”

He’s spiraling out of control, wielding his death-pen  with a burning desire to exact revenge on Israel. He has completely destabilized peace in the region, in a move that could embolden Palestinians and other enemies at the UN to the brink of war.

But one war isn’t enough of a “gift” for our incoming President.Now he’s talking about “punishing” Russia for their alleged hacking. Way to spend your last 22 days.

He’s spitefully doing anything in his power to sabotage the peaceful transition of power. At the expense of all Americans. All Israelis. All Russians.

He’s making a total fool of himself on the world stage. Except to his buddies at the UN and his terrorist brethren.

The guy is psychotic. He  needs to be hauled out of the White House in a straight jacket.