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Traitor John McCain Badmouths Rex Tillerson and Pres.Trump

John McCain badmouths rex tillerson

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John McCain badmouthed Tex Tillerson. And of course, President Trump. He trashed Americans while he was at it.

Why the people of Arizona keep voting for this dirtbag in is anyone’s guess.

According to many Veterans, John McCain’s “war hero” status is pure BS.

  • He is known by many as “Songbird McCain.” Rather than endure torture he sung for the Vietnamese. The “war hero” made a series of propaganda tapes for them.
  • Vets have accused him of collaborating with the enemy.
  • He was responsible for the Forrestal Incident, the most serious disaster on an American ship. His show-off buffoonery resulted in  firing off a rocket. As a result 134 Sailors died and 161 others suffered serious bodily harm. Due to his family connections the incident was covered up.
  • McCain’s voting record indicates that he has a deep hatred and scorn for our Veterans. He even voted against initiatives that could help to locate MIAs and POWs.  Some might call them witnesses.
What is most troubling-all his records are sealed.

If he had such an illustrious naval career, why seal the records?

That begs another question-just how long has the Shadow Government been pulling the strings in the US?

McCain’s records may have been a problem with Americans back then. But now the Globalist Left gets away with anything and everything. They’re like the schoolyard bullies that snicker Yeah? What’re ya gonna do about it? 

McCain operates in plain sight with impunity. His chumminess with ISIS has been deeply troubling to many actual Americans.

The audio of the Propaganda tapes that Songbird  made for the Vietnamese resurfaced in 2016. The claim was that they were “misfiled” all this time. Most people figured that would be the end of John McCain. But the Leftstream media is till giving him a mouthpiece as though he’s some paragon of virtue.

A NWO hero in the Globalist War.

Obama’s Press Secretary Josh Ernest spoke the truth by accident. He said that Obama’s War on  ISIS ISIL was just “a war of narratives.”

That sums up the war that we are currently embroiled in. When President Trump takes on the Press it’s not just because he’s annoyed. It’s not just because they’re liars. And it’s not just because they were and still are, interfering in our election.

It’s because the media truly is the opposition. It’s the enemy of the American people. We must never forget that Obama repealed our propaganda laws in 2013. Now why would he do a thing like that?

John McCain is a mainstream media darling. His celebrity status is that he’s the go-to-guy when the press needs  a “Republican” to dish on President Trump and his administration. He never disappoints. McCain always has something rotten to say.

Face The Nation  recently cast  McCain in his familiar role. McCain tore down the progress being made to defeat ISIS, restore Syria, stabilize the region and end the “refugee” crisis.

His latest Globalist gig makes him a traitor to the max.

Our President and Rex Tillerson are about to change the world with their statesmanship and diplomacy. Together we can work with Russia to defeat ISIS and put the nightmare that is Syria behind us.

The progress that President Trump has already made should, in a perfect world, win him the Nobel Peace Prize.

But rather than celebrating and allowing Americans to feel hope and pride, the fakestream media finds a way to tear it all down and feed into the chronic disease of programmed Trump-hate. It simultaneously feeds Anti-American sentiment.

“Face the Nation”  orchestrated an interview to do just that. 

In a Face the Nation  interview  McCain answered the question he was fed.

“Sometimes I do” regret voting for Rex Tillerson.”

He said he was still torn by the fact that “the American people (as he  made a joky-twisty face to imply they’re nuts/whacked/stupid) chose this President..and he oughtta be able to have his team.”

How gracious. We also think he “oughtta be able to have his team.”

We stupid Americans would also like our the President to have his team respected. Especially by other “Republicans.”

But we know John McCain is not a Republican.  He’s a Globalist operative. A RINO.

He chooses to tear down Rex Tillerson and President Trump’s efforts to forge an alliance with Russia to end the crisis in Syria.

Because traitor McCain wants Syria to be a mess. His pals Hillary and Obama orchestrated the destabilization of the region.  He and his Globalist masters want “refugees” to invade and destroy Europe and America. McCain wants his ISIS buddies to prevail. He wants to create problems with Russian and keep the election meddling hoax alive.

Once a traitor always a traitor.

Warning! The video below contains disturbing content.

No, the orchestrated “interview” is not graphic. It is not for adults only.

But it’s so frikkin’ obnoxious that you might feel compelled to punch a hole through your monitor screen! You were warned…

Traitor. RINO. Hypocrite.

This hamster-cheeked slimeball was one of the first RINOs to turn his back on President Trump last year. McCain’s  feigned outrage over the P*Word tapes was disgusting. This is a guy who cheated on his first wife Carol who had loyally waited for him while he was deployed. But since she had been disfigured from a car accident and gained some weight during her recovery, he grabbed plenty of P* elsewhere. He dumped her for plenty of new models.

He finally settled on his current wife Cindy. McCain divorced his ailing wife Carol for Cindy, who  “won” his affection.  She sure lucked out with her prize. He berated her and called her a trollup and the C-word in public. Real nice.

Presstitutes and Pimps.

Yet this rat-toothed guy is the go-to Republican that the MSM reveres for his moral imput on matters. For his insight into military operations. For his “American war hero” strategic world view.

Globalists pimps turn out the press and politicians to violate the American public.

Hopefully Arizona will come to its senses and find a moral and honest Republican to speak for their state and all Americans in the 2018 elections. A representative who represents American interests instead of Globalist interests.

What do you think of John McCain’s remarks? Comment below!


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  1. Glenn Martin

    Sing your Song to someone else you TRAITOR McCain. You have NO room to talk! You sold out My American Military to Communist Vietnam. You Should NOT be Arizona’s Senator, You Should Have Been Hung For Treason!

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