Before leaving office Obama flipped off the U.S. and Israel. Again.

He ordered the transfer of 221 million dollars to the Palestinians. He also scraped the bottom of the coffers for other “causes.” Fox News reports,

In addition to the $221 million for the Palestinians, the Obama administration also told Congress on Friday it was going ahead with the release of another $6 million in foreign affairs spending, including $4 million for climate change programs and $1.25 million for U.N. organizations, the congressional aides said.


But that’s not the most disgusting part of all!

Obama says the money can be used to care for martyrs and their families! That’s right. The US is rewarding suicide bombers who take the lives of Israelis!

Breitbart  reports,

Republicans have increasingly called for blocking or canceling funding to the Palestinian Authority, not only because of unilateral diplomatic moves toward statehood, but also because of increasing evidence that funds are used to incite violence and provide financial rewards to terrorists.

The Palestinian Authority reportedly provides compensation to the families of terrorist prisoners incarcerated in Israeli prisons, as well as to those who have killed themselves in attacks on Israeli civilians. The total amount allocated by the Palestinian Authority budget for “the Care for the Families of the Martyrs” was reportedly about $175 million in 2016, and an additional $140 million was reportedly allocated for payments to prisoners and former prisoners.

 Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was also among the first world leaders that President Obama called after taking office in January 2009

This reminds us all who he was really working for-the globalists and his radical Muslim brethren .

How the left can idolize such a traitor is baffling. Shame on them all for not only enabling him but for their continued idol worship as well.

What do you think of this final eff-you  to America and Israel? And what about his accomplice Kerry? Comment below!