“Trans Dad Reporter Shames News Correspondent Daughter.” A headline brought to you by the year 2017.

To clarify the headline, the players in the Rainbow’d Family Feud are Trans-Dad Reporter Robert Albert Tur, who now goes by the name Hanna Zoey Tur.  The NBC News Correspondent daughter is Katy Tur.

Parents can be soooooo embarrassing.

The trans Dad  reporter has a lot of nerve to shame anyone else, let alone his daughter.  It wasn’t enough that the self obsessed man who suffers with gender dysphoria tore apart the poor kid’s life by transitioning to a “woman.”  Now he is publicly humiliating her by not being happy about it.

His/her  daughter,  NBC News correspondent Katy Tur, has a nice little career going as an NBC News Correspondent. Now Transdad is putting her career in jeopardy by cyber-bullying her. He’s accusing her of being transphobic. 

With or without lipstick, the guy’s an asshole. 

He cyber-bullied his daughter through a Facebook post.

“When I came out in May of 2013 I told TMZ’s Harvey Levin and National Public Radio I was done running, hiding and I would be open and honest. No one would put me back in the closet. I broke that pledge and I’ve out of integrity. I apologize. 

My daughter Katy said she’s “terrified” to meet me. She told me the day My x GF Carrie Fisher died that she was going to “set things right” and come see me. That was 171 days ago. Her promise was a whole lot a nuthin. It’s been 1,500 days since she last saw me and told me I was a terrible father after having just come out. I was crushed. 

On June 8th a turned 57 and no call-not even an email. On Pride Sunday the NYTimes published a story about Katy that left me humiliated. The timing and optics couldn’t be worse. 

Truth is my daughter does not support the LGBT community. She’s Transphobic and fearful that it will hurt her career as a broadcaster in these alt-right times putting career before family. In the words of Paddy Chayefsky: She’s pure television. 

I apologize to you all and will continue to fight for my community. 

Happy Pride 2017 and Resist!

Uccccchhhhh. Puhleeeaze!

Fortunately there’s no need to comment here because the people who read his post said it all. Here’s some  ( I left their names off) that’ll make you wanna say AMEN!

  • Poor girl.. I mean Kathy
  • No one, not even your daughter, is obliged to approve what you have done. You made your own choice. Live with the consequences, man
  • Your daughter is the victim. You shouldn’t act like one.
  • Shame in you for belittling your daughter on facebook! This is a private matter that should be handled privately!! If you were serious about reconciling with her, you would not demean her this way!! She is one of the best reporters around!!
  • America is great because you can do what you want. America is great also because we don’t have to like it. The word phobic implies fear, the truth is most people just don’t like it, because it’s not natural. You are not the center of the planet, get over it
  • Good fathers don’t try to shame their daughters. Why is she expected to cater to you? Grow the hell up and quit using your daughter for your agenda.
  • This was the most self-centered & manipulative thing I’ve ever read. Fully embracing victim-hood I see. Sad that you’re using FB to bash/shame your daughter publicly. Grow up already. You sound like a pre-teen!
  • This article is only so everyone will look at him. It doesn’t matter if it hurts his daughter or anyone else. If you don’t think you are a man, don’t have children and then expect them to celebrate you becoming a woman. Stop making up all these new words to describe yourselves and everyone else. I believe that if a place was created for all the “Trans” people to live and no one else lived there they would be terribly unhappy because they couldn’t attract any attention or complain about how they are treated.
This one’s my personal fave…
  • How does laying out your families dirty laundry help your community? It just further stigmatizes what people think of the LGBT community. Maybe the dysfunction in your relationship with your daughter has nothing to do with the fact that your trans. Just because your trans doesn’t necessarily mean that you were a good father. Because publicly shaming  your daughter leads me to believe you we’re not a good dad. Because no matter what my kid did wrong, there is no way I would ever hurt them publicly like this.

If you want to visit the post and see more gems click this link….


The politicized/radicalized  LGBTQI agenda will backfire.

The LGBTQI agenda is but one of the weaponized issues that the Dems have revived, such as  feminism and racism.

Like every other political fire that George Soros douses with gasoline and throws a match to, the issue had pretty much progressed to being a non issue.

Then “Progressive” puppet Barrack came along and changed all that. Divisiveness and identity politics are keys to the Globalists’ kingdom.

The LGBT issue has morphed into something sinister. It’s no longer a “live and let live” issue. It’s affecting our kids, so the gloves are off.

The game is to bully us into accepting it or call us “transphobic.”

The daughter of this trans Dad should never have to accept this mental disorder that robbed her of her father. Instead of being allowed to grieve her loss and process it privately, the selfish child abusing (yes she’s still his child) parent is bullying and humiliating her to promote the “heroic” transgender agenda.

Gay people who are not classless exhibitionists, but believe in dignity and respect for others need to come out again.
As conservatives.

That would make coming out as gay look like a piece of cake.

But they need to fight the politicized radicalized LGBTQIs.

The radicalized antics that are affecting our children will backfire on all of them and set their strides back decades.

Why any gay person would choose the “liberal” agenda underscores how mentally deranged they are. Not only are they destroying themselves emotionally, they can no longer think rationally. The Party they embrace that claims to love them the most is the same Party that embraces the cult that hates them the most. Morons.

What do you think of the direction the LGBTQI has taken? Comment below!