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President Trump Blasted Obama for Colluding With Hillary

President Trump Blasted Obama for Colluding

President Trump blasted Obama for colluding with the Clinton campaign to interfere in the 2016 election.

Since the news broke that Obama knew all about Russia trying to hack our election it has not sat well with our President. He wasn’t about to settle for the lame excuse offered up by an Obama official. “We sort of choked.” On Twitter, before the entire world, President Trump blasted Obama for colluding with the Clinton campaign.

Trump’s first Tweet last Thursday:

He must have been stewing about it. He Tweeted again on Friday:

Happy Monday! This morning President Trump dealt some knockout punches with this string of Tweets:

Is our President awesome or what!

Obama knew full well while he was in office that Russia was trying to hack our election.  Apparently the Russians always do. But BHO did nothing to stop it, in spite of it being his responsibility as sitting President. Instead, he took the Russian hacking  noose and hung it squarely on Donald Trump’s neck.

If the Dems were smart (LOL) they would sacrifice their Obamagod and throw him and their delirious sore loser Hillary under the bus right now.

President Trump is actually giving the Dems an easy way out by laying out the argument that that not wanting to rock the boat  was all there was to it.

Most of us believe it was all far more sinister:
  • Claims of Russian hacking provided an excuse to spy on Trump and members of  his campaign. Obama was “concerned” enough to spy, but not enough to stop it.
  • The “hacking” could have been an inside job. Vault 7 revealed that the CIA knows how to hide cyber fingerprints so that hacks appear to come from anywhere-even Russia.
  • Russian hacking and/or the Russia-Trump collusion conspiracy provided a way to divert attention away from the content of the Wikileaks emails, and instead, focus on how  they emerged.
  • When it surfaced that Seth Rich was the leaker, DNC thugs killed him.
  • Jack Burkman found a way to explain away Rich’s murder and continue the Russia hoax. He  dangled the theory that the Russians found out that Rich knew they were hacking,  so they killed him.
  • The hacking scare continued as a way to discredit and overthrow our fairly elected President.

It has been revealed that the DNC refused to allow the DHS or the FBI access to their computers even though they were “hacked” by a foreign entity trying to interfere with our national election-our very democracy.

The DHS and FBI did not insist upon taking proper measures to protect our country.  Instead, they meekly took marching orders from the DNC and  relied on a sketchy outside party that now refuses to cooperate with the Senate investigation.

Yeah, most of us believe it was about much more than not rocking the boat.

See “Deal Breaker? DHS Was Not Allowed to Help DNC After “Hacking””

Another scary thought…

If it were as simple as not rocking the boat  and waiting for Hillary to grab the WH keys, that means she would have handled the “Russian hacking” issue.

She might have buried it so that it wouldn’t appear that her “election” was not legitimate. Or worse-she could have used it as an excuse to start a nuclear war with Russia. She and Obama were itching to start a nuclear war with Russia, since Putin stands in the way of Globalism.

Hillary stated, “As president, I will make it clear that the United States will treat cyberattacks just like any other attack.” She vowed that would include military response.

Even post-election, the Globalist Dems were pushing the Trump administration to call the “Russian hacks” an act of war.

Thanks to God, how many bullets and bombs have we dodged?

President Trump took a shot at Hillary too.

It’s time to call it a day, Dems.

Obama’s “legacy” has been shot to Hell.  Pull the plug.

Thanks to her own disgraceful and embarrassing  “Excuses Tour,” Hillary’s “legacy” and/or any hope for a future in politics has also been shot to Hell.

Anyone even remotely attached to those two are tainted. Just ask Jon Ossoff.

The Russia/Trump Conspiracy Hoax is crashing and burning.  Now’s the time to feign outrage and lay it all at Obama’s bony pedicured feet.

It’s the only way to save the Party. Toss’em all away as though they were “shockingly” bad apples.

In fact get the county bus gassed up and take Obama’s whole damn administration to the nearest lock-up. Let ’em all bend over, get de-loused and do hard time for abuse of power, treason and sedition.

That would certainly create the illusion of distance and a fresh start.

Thank God they’re not that smart. Because that would actually be nothing more than a mere illusion. The Democratic Party is the American Globalist Party now.

The whole Party has got to be removed from our two Party system and seen for what it is.  Not a part of our democracy, but a threat to our democracy.

Do you think the case is being laid out for Hillary to be held accountable for stealing the election from Sellout Sanders?  Or for Obama colluding to interfere in the election? Comment below!


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The Hill (cyberattacks)

See “BS Alert! MSM LOVES “Profiling Project” Report About Seth Rich.”




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  1. Filled with dem like hate, sarcasm. Obama & others had Americans divided, in fervor, civil unrest. America, come together, be great again, not attacking, blinding one another. Find one commonality, freedom to choose is just one suggestion. Americans enjoy so many good things. Build a bridge, build our nation, again. That is what we said we wanted. I did.

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