During his trip to France President Trump complimented Macron’s wife. He said “You’re in great shape…beautiful.”

Hoo boy. Here we go. 

The backlash was swift and severe! The feminazis, the Hatestream media and even Reebok were  all outraged because President Trump complimented Macron’s wife!

It ran the gamut from our President’s compliment being “bad for America” to cries of “sexual harassment.” The “i” word is sure to follow.

IMO I kinda wish he hadn’t said it.

It was one of those things that someone who is NOT a savvy career politician might do. Of course if he hadn’t complimented her we’d be hearing plenty about that too. Misogynist President flaunts Melania in front of PM’s geriatric wife. Refuses to compliment her!

It was pretty cool the way it worked out for Brigitte. Now all  fiery eyes and wagging tongues are on our President. It sure takes the heat off Brigitte Macron who, as a teacher and pedophile, robbed her student of a future with a wife his own age.

When President Trump turned to PM Macron and said “beautiful” regarding Brigitte it was pretty darn gracious. Not that Brigitte doesn’t look good for her age, but it was kind of Pres Trump to imply that PM Macron made a good choice.

It also was nice of him to say, considering Brigitte had to stand next to the show-stopper Melania who dominates every pic she’s in.

President Trump took a PR bullet for PM and Brigitte Macron. Granted, it probably wasn’t intentional. But things have a nice way of working out.

The Reebok and feminazi outrage about Bill.

The compliment, made in public, to both Brigitte and her husband drew the wrath of the Left. Yet Bill Clinton’s track record continues to  get a pass from feminazis, the Leftstream media and the sweat shop shoe manufacturer, Reebok.

Bill is a well documented  philanderer and cigar-wielding perv who occupied  the White House.  And lest we forget-a serial rapist.

Musta been a silent protest.

And remember that time when Reebok and the feminazis and MSM cried foul when Bill ogled Melania at what “should have been” his bitter wife’s inauguration?

Yeah, me neither.  Here it is-a true classic.

The Reebok and feminazi outrage about Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

Oh that’s right. There wasn’t any.

They’re still considering him for a run in 2020 in spite of Joe Biden’s rep for being a serial groper with a disturbing fondleness for children.

There’s ample video to back up that rep. I love this one where AG Jeff Sessions swats Biden’s lechy hands away from the little girl (possibly his granddaughter) Another classic-enjoy!

The Reebok and feminazi outrage about…

John Podesta, Linda Sarsour advocating FGM, the Dems voting to block criminality for FGM, John Podesta’s possible pedo-perversions, the list goes on and on and on.

Mind you, the   Liberal “feminists” who loathe the objectification of women are the same ones who revere women like this.

Reebok has decided to commit Starbucks suicide.

Apparently companies are no longer beholden to their stockholders.

Reebok just blew off half their customer base to side with the feminazis and other “Liberal” morons. According to them, a compliment is a disgusting and misogynist act. It should be reserved for Barbie dolls and action figures only.

They took to Twitter:

Women who previously enjoyed getting compliments from men are not thrilled. Many of them took to Twitter and voiced their disapproval.

But at least we can admire Reebok for taking a stand. They would NEVER objectify a woman.

Comedian Jim Norton jumped on it:

Reebok tried to race ahead of the hypocrisy call-outs by deleting this ad. Woops! Not fast enough!

Looks like it’s boycott time again. If only I had ever bought their crappy product  I could have the satisfaction of joining in.

What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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Reebok verified Twitter account