President Trump pulled the plug on the Presidential Advisory HIV/AIDS Council. 

The entire remaining 16 members of the HIV/AIDS Council were none too happy when they received the two dreaded Trump words via Fedex. 

USA Today reported,

“President Trump has fired the entire council that advises his administration about the HIV/AIDS epidemic….

…the council, which was set up in 1995, makes national HIV/AIDS strategy recommendations — a five-year plan which sets out how health officials should respond to the epidemic.”

Twitter tears flow

As expected, there was backlash although this action was not unusual at all. The Left’s Obamagod booted out all of George W’s appointees before hiring his own. 

That fact be damned, Lawyer Scott Shouettes had his own spin. Schoettes had resigned from the committee in June. He tweeted,

“Remaining HIV/AIDS  Council members booted by @realDonaldTrump. No respect for their service. Dangerous that Trump and Co (Pence esp) are eliminating few remaining people willing to push back against harmful policies, like abstinence-only sex ed.”

“harmful policies, like abstinence-only”

Only in Liberal Land would abstinence be considered “harmful.”  Inconvenient or tough, sure. But harmful? 

“Harmful.” How ’bout the trend of HIV/AIDS under the oversight of the council?

Harmful-The politicized LGBTQI agenda being force-fed to children as young as elementary school is harmful. By encouraging and normalizing homosexuality they are fostering a lifestyle that will put students at greater risk for contacting HIV/AIDS. The weaponized movement claims that their sex ed policies are inplace because they care so much about LGBTQI kids. They  care about bullying and discrimination.  Yet on the other hand, they foster policies and promote a lifestyle that is incredibly harmful. They are essentially taking children’s hands and leading them to choices that can cause chronic illness and death.

Harmful-The soaring rate of HIV infections in our youth is harmful.  According to Rutgers, young men from the ages of 13 to 24 accounted for 92% of new HIV diagnoses. 92%. It can only be concluded that the aggressive promoting of the homosexual lifestyle to kids when they are often vulnerable and confused is extremely harmful. These young kids will be saddled with a chronic life altering disease and dependent upon medication that is not only prohibitive in cost but could result in damaging side effects.  

Harmful-The Left wing public school system touts the LGBTQI agenda to students while glossing over some harsh realities. The gay lifestyle is more prone to other health issues such as depression, and drug and alchohol addiction. Other harmful physical ailments accompany the practice of anal sex, which our “educators” now promote to heterosexual students as well. This practice can result in a host of ailments such as Hepatitis A from ingesting fecal matter, vaginal infections from cross contamination, infested fissures, Hepatitis  B and C, higher risk for anal and penile cancer, nerve and muscle damage leading to incontinence, and more.

Harmful-The increase in HIV infections in the black community is harmful. As this lifestyle is being promoted, another aspect of the agenda is to “de-stigmatize” being gay in minority communities. The rate in HIV  infections has risen as a result. One out of two black gay males has HIV. De-stigmatizing and normalizing has resulted in a rise of HIV. In Liberal Land black lives don’t matter if it’s aborted black babies, or gunshot victims in Democrat-run cities.  So of course black lives don’t matter if young black males are pushed into the down low  club and infected with a potentially lethal disease. The politicized LGBTQI agenda must remain intact. 

Harmful-It doesn’t get much more harmful than decriminalizing knowingly infecting others with the HIV virus. Democrat Senator Scott Weiner from San Francisco successfully passed Bill SB239 that reduced criminal charges for purposely infecting someone with HIV. Charges are reduced from a felony (that could result in up to 7 years in prison) to a misdemeanor.

Harmful-Not only does Bill SB 239 decriminalize knowingly infecting a sexual partner with the life-altering disease, it also decriminalizes donating organs, blood, sperm and breast milk with full knowledge of being infected with HIV or AIDS.

Harmful-In case you haven’t heard, “bugchasers” is a sexual fetish where a person actively seeks out a sex partner who will infect them with HIV. The disturbed individual ask the infected individual to “poz” them.  They refer to the infector as a “gift-giver.” As explained on the Utah State University college newspaper, The Eagle, the bugchaser  confines “their searches to the Internet. On bulletin boards and in chat rooms, couples can hook up. Gift givers and bug-chasers organize Russian-roulette parties to share the virus; if you come home infected, you win.” Reasons for asking to be infected range from desiring inclusiveness in sympathetic circles, warped guilt for not having the disease, life defendant on government benefits, or for a sexual thrill. 

Harmful-not meaning to proselytize here, but there is the additional harm that choosing the gay lifestyle presents. The Left would scoff, but there is spiritual, mental and emotional  harm in choosing any lifestyle that encourages promiscuity and other high risk behaviors. The gay lifestyle is notorious for that. 

Oh yeah, they’ve done a great job.

This diseased part of the swamp deserves to be shown the drain.  

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