Sooooo much winning!

Today the Dow passed the 20 mark-for the first time ever!

In your face Mark Cuban!!!

BBC reports,

The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded above 20,000 for the first time at the start of trading on Wednesday.

US share prices have been boosted by hopes that the economic policies of the new US President Donald Trump will boost his country’s economy.

The index of leading US shares rallied after Mr Trump’s election win and was close to breaking 20,000 on 6 January.

It fell back a bit but rose again after Mr Trump’s signing of several executive orders since his inauguration.

Shortly after opening, the Dow was up 93.38 points at 20,006.09.

The other two main US share indexes also showed gains. The S&P 500 was 10.09 points higher at 2,290.16, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq was up 36.74 points at 5,637.70.

Since that report came from the BBC, hopefully our good friends in the UK will push Parliament to stop stalling BREXIT already!

Come on lefties! It’s time to celebrate! You’re already better off-BIGLY!

With the stock market on the up and up, it may be prudent to investigate online stock trading to profit from this situation yourselves. Aside from the rise in the stock market Trump already created more full time jobs than Obama did in 8 years! Plus on his first day he kept you safer when mad Dog took out an ISIS leader and put terrorists on full notice that their bloody party is over!

No worries-we won’t rub your noses in it. Just Come on over to the right side of history and feel the love!

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