This will make your blood boil. Rosie O’Donnell is funding Reality Winner.

Looks like the corpulent Queen of Hate was jealous of all the attention that psycho D-lister Kathy Griffin was getting. So she wedged her fatass back into the spotlight. Rosie O’Donnell is funding Reality Winner.

The rage filled blimp buster donated 1,000 bucks of her hamburger money  to traitor and whacko, Reality Winner.

Rosie describes her as a “brave young patriot.”  

That description is on par with describing  Rosie O’Donnell a kind, beautiful woman.

Reality Winner, and NSA contractor stole classified documents, printed them out and mailed them to a media outlet called The Intercept.

Who knew that Rosie is such a patriot? Surely her traitor-coddling  generosity is not motivated by the ongoing feud between her and our President.


We’ve found out more about the radicalized young traitor, Reality Leigh Winner, since her arrest.
What we knew:
  • Her birth name was Sarah Winners but she had it legally changed.
  • Worked for federal  contractor Pluribus International Corporation.
  • Major CNN fan.
  • Rumors are swirling that she sports Satanic tattoos.
  • Member of #Resistance and #NotMyPresident.
  • Member of BLM.
  • Radical environmentalist.
  • Bernie supporter.
  • Belonged to an assortment of other radicalized left wing groups.
  • Also speaks Pashto, Farsi & Dari.
  • Left the Air force  in Dec 2016 at rank of senior airman.
  • Worked as Cryptologic Language Analyst. Commendation Medal.
  • Her Social Media account was filled with anti-Trump rhetoric.
  • Participated in Syrian-Jihadi protest at White House
What we’ve learned:
  • In spite of admitting all wrongdoing in the FBI raid, she entered a plea of not guilty at her detention hearing. She was denied bond.
  • She was planning to travel to Afghanistan to pledge allegiance to the Taliban
  • Reality Winner wanted to “burn the White House down.”
  • Her mom was instructed by Winner on how to play the case to the media.
  • In a phone call to  her sister she was confident  that she could play the court. She said “I’m pretty, white and cute.” Her master plan was to braid her hair and cry in court.
  • The sporadically intelligent traitor instructed family members to transfer $30,000 out of her bank account and into her mother’s so she could get a court appointed attorney.
  • While in the Air Force she put a removable thumb drive into a top-secret computer. No one knows where that thumb drive is. For sure most of us don’t know how the Hell after doing that, she’d be granted top secret clearance in the Obama administration.

For the updates mentioned visit http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/prosecutors-alleged-nsa-leaker-wanted-to-burn-the-white-house-down/531327849

Rosie hitched her overstuffed wagon to a real stellar character.

Rosie O’Donnell is funding Reality Winner with a measly thousand bucks of her Tuesday night TV snack money. The GoFund Me account for the girl who committed treason against our government raised $17,000 by Thursday.

By funding traitors who leak classified information and support ISIS, O’Donnell should be joining Winner in prison. Although it would  cost taxpayers a lot of money. Aside from the cost of incarceration, it would take 3 bolts of orange cloth to make her jumpsuit. Still most Americans would gladly contribute.

Rosie and Kathy Griffin have many things in common. They’re hateful, homely-as- Hell D-list “comedians” who are not, and never were, one bit funny. The two grown women also think that taunting, humiliating and cyber-bullying Barron, an innocent child, is funny stuff.  But they’ve got something else in common too. They lack the most important element of all in comedy. Timing.

In comedy the saying is “Timing isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.”  

Griffin’s career-crushing (OK that part was funny) stunt was the epitome of bad timing. Her ISIS pose depicting the bloody severed head of President Trump showed how misinformed and out of touch she is with Americans and the world.

Rosie’s pathetic grab for attention highlighted her lack of timing as well. She should have waited to see what Comey was going to say first.

Like all arrogant Lefties chomping at the bit for impeachment, they just assumed Comey’s testimony would be the final blow to our fairly elected President.

They were as wrong as they were last November.

In a delightful backfire, Comey’s testimony vindicated President Trump and in the process made them all look tragically stupid, hateful and misinformed.

The timing of Rosie’s funding stunt, like her, is a total flop.

Note~Julian Assange needs more sunlight.

What didn’t help  is that Julian Assange rushed to defend Reality Winner and “declared war on The Intercept” for leaking their source.

Problem is, Reality Winner was just  a wannabe whistle-blower. Unlike Snowden and Assange, she did not expose a hoax, but instead, sought to perpetuate one.

Would you be happy to fork over a couple of bucks a year to pay for Rosie to entertain inmates? Comment below!

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