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Trump/Putin Meeting: Will the Left’s Howls of “Treason” Backfire?

This week World Peace=Treason

As we ride out the post-Trump/Putin meeting online nuclear holocaust, could the Left’s call of “treason “backfire? 

7 ways this could blow up in their face:

1)Voter ID

Starting with the funniest first, the Right is shooting back that the best way to ensure that Russia never tampers in our election again is to require Voter ID and paper ballots. Hilarious or what? 

2) Fuel for 2018

The Left is defining a meeting with a foreign leader to makes strides towards world peace as treason. 

This opens the door to provide examples of what real treason looks like.  In fighting back, Americans will be reminded about the long list of collusion and back door deals between Obama, Hillary, the Podestas and Russia.

Will they campaign with reminders that Obama squashed 2 FBI stings targeting a Russian racketeering organization and Russian spies? That after being informed that Russia was meddling in our election, Susan Rice told Obama’s cybersecurity coordinator to “stand down?” That Obama was caught on a hot mic  telling outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he’ll “have more flexibility after the election?” Will they campaign with reminders of the long list of treasonous collusion between Russia and Hillary, Obama, the Podestas, McCabe and Rosenstein? 

Fight back by sharing this long list of examples of collusion…..

3)”Accuse the other” 

Isn’t it funny that just as the noose is tightening around the treasonous necks of Obama, Hillary, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, and corrupted FBI and CIA officials, the call of treason is reaching a fevered pitch?

How long will this stunt drown out Lisa Page’s bombshell testimony that her lover Peter Strzok’s texts mean exactly what they say? Do they believe that this hysteria will stop the cyber-tidal wave of images of demonically possessed Peter Strzock’s testimony?

4) Deep State Cleaning.

Part of the hysteria involves President Trump implying that he doesn’t trust our intel agencies. The same people who foster the idea that all cops are crooked defend the FBI and the CIA. like pitbulls.

But why should he-or any of us-trust them? How can we trust them after the countless times that they’ve obstructed justice, rigged investigations, squashed FBI stings and lied under oath?

Democrats ride the coattails of JFK who desired to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.” Do they now disavow JFK? Rollover Bernie Sanders once said that the CIA is “a dangerous institution that has got to go” and that it “was only accountable to “right-wing lunatics who use it to prop up fascist dictatorships.” Will they disavow one of their 2020 hopefuls? 

As Democrats take this treason-ball and run with it to secure wins in 2018, it exposes them as warmongers who would rather see WWlll than President Trump carve out world peace. They would rather risk WWlll than miss another opportunity to overthrow the election. 

Wannabe hippie “Liberals” once again miss the 60’s fantasy boat. Unlike hippies who fought against the Establishment and longed for world peace, today’s “Liberal” idiot army fights FOR the Establishment and is grief stricken every time President Trump negotiates world peace. 

6) “Do you know which team you play for?

Hillary Clinton may have been the first FTOTUS in the White House, judging by her pair of colossal huevos. In response to President Trump’s meeting with Putin, the woman who sold our country out to Russia had the nerve to tweet “Do you know which team you play for?”

This may have been the greatest gift to Conservatives since the “deplorables” remark. It  begs the question-what team do the Democrats play for? Special interests? Illegal aliens? Drug smugglers? MS-13? Child sex traffickers? Terrorists? Corrupted FBI officials? Globalists? 

7) Fake News blows up again.

Once again Mainstream Media proves that it’s nothing more than the PR arm of the Globalist Democrat Party.

This morning President Trump tweeted, “Trump recognized Russian Meddling MANY TIMES.” Thank you to @foxandfriends and @FoxNews for actually showing the clips. The Fake News wants no part of that narrative! Too bad they don’t want to focus on all of the ECONOMIC and JOBS records being set.”

With CNN’s ratings tanking and at least two thirds of the country having lost all faith in the Media, will this be the death blow of the MSM misinformation stream? Will this remind people that Obama legalized propaganda to be used against the American people in 2012? 

“Those who cannot accept the results of an election are a  threat to our Democracy”~Sore loser Hillary Clinton

Are there other ways the Trump/Putin Meeting for Peace=Treason Hoax could backfire? Please comment below, not just on facebook.

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