Yet another campaign promise filled.  In between his insanely busy schedule and media-triggering tweets President Trump sent the Feds in to clean up Chicago.

Rahm Emmanuel should hang his head in shame.  But allowing Chicago to rot in Hell is all part of the game plan. He works for the Globalists, not Americans. He was warned shortly after the inauguration. Do something about the “horrible carnage” or else. He didn’t. So Trump did. President Trump sent the feds in to clean up Chicago.  This will be awesome!

Trump fired this warning shot back in January.

Fox News reports,

Months after taking to Twitter to say he would send in “the Feds” to help reduce the Chicago’s murder rate, President Trump’s administration has sent in agents to combat the ongoing violence, according to a local report.

Authorities confirmed Thursday to The Chicago Sun-Times about 20 additional agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have been sent to the city….

The new set of agents will work with counterparts from the Chicago Police Department and Illinois State Police on a strike force to solve shootings and arrest gun traffickers, according to the Sun-Times.

The goal is to round up the criminals and get them pushed speedily through the legal system so they can do some hard time. The Obama’s lawlessness Party is over. There will be repercussions.

Democrats run our nation’s cities into the ground.

But Rahm Emmanuel is more than a typically dirty Democrat who creates urban blight and despair with taxpayer money.

He’s a globalist. An Obama-buddy who chooses to implode our economy by design.

Emmanuel is also one cold hearted bastard who doesn’t think black lives matter at all. The murder rate in Chicago has been staggering.

Current figures on the Chicago murder ticker show that 1748 Chicagoans have been shot in 2017. The murder total is up to 333. In Chicago a person is shot every 2 minutes 28 seconds. A person is murdered every 12 minutes 54 seconds.

He betrayed Chicagoans in favor of illegals.

Aside from ignoring the plight of the black community Obama-buddy Mayor Emmanuel declared Chicago a sanctuary city. This further strips the city of the resources it needs to not only fix the city’s many problems.

But Rahm Emmanuel has no desire to help the black community in Chicago.

When President Trump threatened to hold back federal funding if cities didn’t comply with federal immigration law, Emmanual doubled down on keeping Chicago’s sanctuary city status even if it meant losing federal funding.

Who’s worse-Emmanuel or the Black Democrat “Leadership?”

What is equally disgusting is that President Trump cares more about the black community than the black Democrats do. He invited the Congressional Black Caucus back to the White House to have a seat at the table. He invited them to have a voice and an active, ongoing role in working on solutions to problems that would benefit and rebuild the black community.

The Congressional Black Caucus showed  their true colors-blue.

As Democratic obstructionists, they smacked President Trump in the face by refusing to meet with him again.

President Trump’s assistant, Omorosa Manigault was furious. She  said “they had no intention of ever sitting with the President.”

But of course the only ones who are really being smacked in the face are the members of the black community.

Thank God President Trump isn’t waiting for any Democrat to do the right thing. He’s going in there himself to keep residents safe, clean up the filthy mess, and give Chicagoans a chance for a decent life.

It would be wonderful if he could Make Chicago Great Again!

And the Democrats wonder why they keep losing.

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Hey Jackass (Chicago crime rate ticker)