The New York Post Headline reads “Trump Likely to Sign Bill Allowing ISPs to Sell Your Browsing Data.”

The article features an image of a guy freaking out in what would be the aftermath of President Trump giving the nod to ISPs to sell our browsing data. The featured pic shows the guy on his bed so that might provide a window into  his anxiety.

Dem. Rep Dana Ashoo of CA was quoted,

“The consequences of passing this resolution are clear: Broadband providers like AT&T, Comcast and others will be able to sell your personal information to the highest bidder without your permission and no one will be able to protect you, not even the Federal Trade Commission.”

The war on privacy is aggressive and Orwellian.

We’ve already got Smartphones, Google, Facebook, Amazon Echos and other equipment tracking us for advertising and/or nefarious purposes.

But here’s the deal…

We’ve been exposed to this invasion of privacy for some time.  As for data sharing for advertising purposes it’s a not so sweet mechanism called “tracking cookies.”

That’s why you might accidentally click on an article about an Antifa guy being caught wearing red lace panties and suddenly find yourself inundated with ads from Victoria’s Secret. Or maybe you’re still getting pop-ups from Depends  because you wanted to know if Hillary was  really researching “durable adult diapers.”

What are Tracking Cookies? 

Whatarecookies.com explains,(emphasis added)

“Some commercial websites include embedded advertising material which is served from a third-party site, and it is possible for such adverts to store a cookie for that third-party site, containing information fed to it from the containing site – such information might include the name of the site, particular products being viewed, pages visited, etc. When the user later visits another site containing a similar embedded advert from the same third-party site, the advertiser will be able to read the cookie and use it to determine some information about the user’s browsing history. This enables publishers to serve adverts targeted at a user’s interests, so in theory having a greater chance of being relevant to the user. However, many people see such ‘tracking cookies’ as an invasion of privacy since they allow an advertiser to build up profiles of users without their consent or knowledge.”

The new bill offers protection we didn’t have before.

“Opt in” or “Opt out”

The White House statement favors the bill for this reason,

“The rule requires ISPs to obtain affirmative ‘opt-in’ consent from consumers to use and share certain information, including app usage and web browsing history. It also allows ISPs to use and share other information, including email addresses and service tier information, unless a customer ‘opts-out.’

Fair enough, unless I’m “missing something.”  But it appears that this new bill provides opt in /opt out protection that we don’t get from  government spies and big business.

Five reasons that Democrat outrage is pure BS

  1. It’s odd that Democrats are suddenly up in arms about who controls internet privacy when their Obama-god handed over complete control of our US-created  internet to foreign sources last October.
  2. It was under their watch that companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft were allowed to burgeon into the privacy-invading and/or censorship giants they’ve become.
  3. If they find this so upsetting, you’d think they’d be less divided about Edward Snowden’s hero vs.traitor status. Snowden revealed that the NSA was spying on all of us through the above mentioned industry giants.
  4. There was less outcry when it was revealed that the Dem’s Shadow Government/spying agency/CIA, was using  everyday devices like Smartphones and high tech TVs to spy on us.
  5. Their Party  has been busted for illegally invading the privacy of Trump campaign officials. They have the gall to bury the Obamagate scandal yet cry about their own data being shared. Unlike the Trump campaign, they at least have knowledge  of it and control of their privacy.

The REAL reason for Dem and RINO outrage?

Frikkin’ genius reader Jason Belich pointed out,

“That’s one way to end the Google monopoly.” 

He added,

“Google’s primary monopoly power is near-total data it has on all of us (even if you think otherwise). Why does Google get to sell access to you and me, but our ISPs cannot? It’s a double order of a sh*t sandwich, but IMO Google’s multiple monopolies is the #1 threat.”

None of us want to have our personal data sold.

And for sure, this bill or any bill that does that is not desirable.

Dems and RINOs will likely use this as their latest outrage- another chaos-bomb to distract us from pursuing their crimes or stopping the Globalist coup. They need to be stopped in their tracks.

Ever since 1991 data selling and internet sharing has been allowed to shred our privacy to bits. Where was the outcry during the  Obama years?

Dems and RINOs need to shut up about this bill and applaud the extra opt in or opt out  features that we don’t have elsewhere.

They should work together to establish some sweeping reform that would keep big business interests-and their CIA-out of our personal business.

Like that’s gonna happen.

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