Trump just keeps making our job market great again! And again and again!

And he’s not even in office yet!

Obama must be gnashing his perfectly flossed teeth! Our President-Elect shames him yet again!

The Conservative Tribune reports,

Techno-giant Apple has filed a proposal for more manufacturing in Arizona, increasing the possibility of a larger portion of its business — and therefore jobs — being relocated to the United States, The Daily Caller reported.

This would not be the first company to move business to the United States under President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming administration, and it would be hailed as another victory for Trump.

In a meeting with The New York Times, Trump said that he had held a positive meeting with the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, back in November.

…Cutting needless bureaucratic regulation helps corporations to flourish, and Trump knows it.

Under Obama’s watch 94 million people were out of work.

The unemployed and their families suffered greatly under the strain while Obama helped himself to $85  million dollars of taxpayer’s blood money for his family vacations. Instead of helping job seekers he chose to coddle illegal immigrants and our enemies. And let’s not forget that many of those adversely affected were minorities.

Shame on him.

But of course that was part of the plan. To implode our economy. In that respect he almost succeeded. His successor, Hillary,  was Hell bent on driving the final nails into our coffin, but their agenda-aka orders from the powers that be were derailed with Trump’s victory.

And they’re PISSED! All their plans to overturn the election have failed and backfired. They’re determined to delegitimize Trump’s election and sabotage his ability to govern.

Obama has vowed to break tradition by allowing a peaceful transition of power and instead, heckle the new administration.

But that just shows his arrogance and his long standing belief that he’s above the law. What makes him think he’ll have the time to do all that? We now have an administration that is committed to law and order. Hopefully he’ll  be heckling Trump while immersed in a deluge of criminal charges.

 Please share this good news! Maybe if lefties see enough good news it will weaken their hate and open their eyes!