Israeli tunnel detection will reinforce our border wall.

Israeli technology has given the world many gifts. Now their tunnel detection technology will be shared with the US in a joint venture.

Mindless wall-scoffers who don’t care that our country could be overrun with illegal immigrants, gangs. cartels or terrorists ridicule the border wall.

The clever Hillbots ridicule the “ineffectiveness” of the border wall. They claim that the wall can be jumped or that illegals will tunnel their way through.

Even if those two points were 100% valid, the wall is still an additional deterrent. Just taking a tougher stance on illegal immigration has cut down on border crossings by 60% according to Jeff Sessions. That enormous success is simply due to President Trump’s policies to enforce our immigration laws and enable law enforcement to do the job we pay them to do.  A wall can only make things better.

OK it’s true that trespassers love tunnels.  They must have been cute little gophers in a former life. And they’re really good at it. Credit where credit is due. In the last 5 years close to 70 tunnels have been discovered on the US-Mexico border.

In Israel 30 tunnels were detected  and destroyed during the 2014 war against Hamas. By utilizing the technology that we will soon share, they discovered a monster 1.5 mile long tunnel leading from Gaza.

Tunnel detection blows away one of the wall-scoffers arguments.

Breitbart reports,

The U.S. is cosponsoring an Israeli-invented tunnel detection system that could prevent drug smugglers and illegal migrants from cross-border passage with Mexico.

The technology, which is being heralded as the underground Iron Dome anti-missile defense system, was behind the IDF’s recent discovery of a 1.5 mile-long Hamas terror tunnel from Gaza and into Israeli territory.

The U.S. has earmarked $120 million over the next three years to help develop the system, the Financial Times reported.

That’s not the only technology that the Israelis have that could be shared. Other innovations mentioned in the Breitbart article include a counter-tunnel barrier that “will also feature a state-of-the-art fence, complete with sensors, observation balloons, see-shoot systems, and intelligence gathering measures, as well as an underground wall.”

As for the argument that the wall could be climbed or jumped, there’s another tech trick up the Israeli’s sleeve. Ground surveillance radars can detect intruders before undesirables reach the border.

Israel has no problem recognizing their enemy.

Ironically the entire world agrees with their assessment. And yet the rest of the world is continually told to deny those very same enemies.

Globalists demand that we remain vulnerable, suicidal fools-or else! Because being called a racist or Islamophobe  is a fate worse than certain death. Yet the irony is that the Globalist Left cares less about protecting  vulnerable populations, including moderate Muslims ,than their own ISIS allies. Isn’t that kind of discriminatory?

It’s vital that we understand that this is not about our neighbors to the south looking for a “dream.”  Of course illegals are not all bad people. But their sheer number is an orchestrated force to implode our economy and destroy our country.

But believing that the wall is addressing only that problem is a huge mistake. Even Brietbart stated that the tunnel detection system would “prevent drug smugglers and illegal migrants from cross-border passage with Mexico.”

Our problem is a lot bigger than some wannabe strawberry pickers* cutting in front of the line of unemployed American workers.

The bigger problem is terrorists using Latinos as human shields.

We need to come to grips with the fact that we are at war. It’s been an under-the-radar war for a while now, which is how it’s gotten this far. Because people continue to listen to their slimy Globalist politicians  instead of the Radical Islamists.

There’s actually nothing stealthy about our war with Radical Islam. They couldn’t possibly be more clear. Radical Islamists have declared war and continue to do so in every overly generous host country they squat in.

So we cannot allow our borders to be vulnerable. It’s an entry point for people who are vocal about their desire to wipe us all from the face of the earth.

Easily manipulated “Liberals” are unwitting accomplices to their agenda.

Do you agree that this technology is worth it’s weight in gold? Comment below!

*That’s a joke aimed at the Democrats and “Liberals.” It’s a jab at their dangerously subliminal racist stereotypes of all people from South of the border. 

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