The Globalist Left wants us to pledge allegiance to the UN.

The UN wants to institute a single world government with them at the helm.

This is what Dems don’t understand. There is no such thing as Democrats or Republicans. It’s Globalists VS the Rest of US.

They don’t understand that the reason for all the division and chaos we’re experiencing today is due to the fight for a single global government.

For the most part this evil force operates masked and in the shadows.

George Soros’s seditious operations are all masked as a “good cause.” Implosion is masked as a “refugee crisis, ” or “welcoming, open borders.” Treason is masked as “Liberalism.”

But of course if globalism were such a great idea there’ d be no need for secrecy and games. But citizens will not give up their countries that easily.

To establish their singular global government, they must overthrow free nations.

So they implode countries with an unsustainable amount of migrants. The “refugee” crisis was all orchestrated. The “refugees” not only destroy a country’s culture and economy simply through their numbers, but also represent a Trojan horse for terrorists.

The EU forces migrants on countries by citing the rules of the Geneva Rule Convention. But that’s a lie. Even the EU fessed up that these are not true “refugees, ” but economic migrants.

Globalists weaponize other forces within countries to destroy them. This explains the birth of the Radicalized Left- the feminazis, the fascist Antifa, the revival of racism for purposes of division, embracing Sharia Law and so on.

The endgame is the New World Order.

This terminology has been ridiculed as a “conspiracy theory.” And yet Globalists have thrown the balloon out to the public on many occasions to see how it flies. Or maybe to condition people to the idea. Check out this interesting compilation.

The UN, the “Powers That Be,” failed at rigging our last election.

When Hillary blew it, Globalists pushed back hard. They’ve fought tooth and nail to topple our government by undermining our fairly elected President. Their efforts are not working. President Trump is still our President.

Now the UN Monster is baring its teeth by mandating Obamacare!

They’re losing patience. Frustrated and more aggressive they’re unmasking themselves. The UN just had the audacity to try to force Obamacare down our throats!

The UN warned that repealing Obamacare could violate international law!

Another weapon in their arsenal is to financially destroy individuals through mandated health insurance. Raise premiums willy-nilly, and fine the people who can least afford to pay premiums. They say Obamacare is so that the poor can afford healthcare, but we already have low-income medical plans like those from the IEHP (more info here). We don’t need Obamacare UN!

Fox News reported on a letter sent from the UN. It was supposed to be shared with the majority and minority leaders in both houses of Congress. That didn’t happen. It ended up at the Department of Health and Human Services, where an unnamed employee supposedly leaked it.

Fox News reports,

The United Nations warned the Trump administration earlier this year that repealing ObamaCare without providing an adequate replacement would be a violation of multiple international laws, according to a new report.

..[The] Office of the U.N. High Commission on Human Rights in Geneva sent an “urgent appeal” on Feb 2….[The] confidential, five-page memo cautioned that the repeal of the Affordable Care Act would put the U.S. “at odds with its international obligations.”

The warning was sent to the State Department and reportedly said the U.N. expressed “serious concern” about the prospective loss of health coverage for 30 million people, that in turn could violate “the right to social security of the people in the United States.”

A spokesman for the U.N.’s human rights office in Geneva confirmed the authenticity of the letter, which was sent by Dainius Puras, a Lithuanian doctor who serves the U.N. as “Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.”

Though the report calls out the Trump administration, there’s very little the U.N. can actually do.

Funny. We went without it before Obama and there was never a concern. They must have just cooked this one up. They had plenty of time to howl about this. It was a major cornerstone of President Trump’s campaign.

The Globalist War is raging.

This week we’ve suffered another attack from the enemy within. A partisan, unelected rogue judge, William Orrick lll, blocked President Trump from defunding sanctuary cities and states that refuse to enforce our immigration laws.

This was on the heels of another rogue judge’s traitorous actions. Judge Derrick Watson, blocked President Trump’s travel ban.

Both of these corrupt judges have strong ties to Obama.

To anyone paying attention this war is all too real.

This UN overreach should remove all doubt from skeptics that Globalism is real. The Shadow Government is real. The Deep State is real. A Seditious conspiracy to take down our President is real. The agenda to destroy America is real.

And the ties to George Soros and Obama could not be more evident.

Prayers that the US and other sovereign nations will be victorious in fighting our common enemies.

What are your thoughts about our wannabe bosses at the UN? Comment below!

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