There’s a new and deadly catch-phrase in town.  Migration is a ‘Human Right.”

No one’s buying words like “refugee” and “Caravan” anymore. Will migration is a human right guilt-trip us into our own demise? 

The UN is banking on it. 

In December, members of the UN will sign a non binding agreement stating that migration is a human right. 

Plan B

Merkel and Macron’s popularity has plummeted in the wake of devastating mass immigration mandated by the unelected officials in the EU.

Europeans are pushing back against the deadly tide of “refugees.” Sane Americans know the difference between a “Caravan” and an invasion. 

In response, the UN is buckling down with a new means to overtake sovereign nations with weaponized migrants. 

The Gatestone Institute reports

The United Nations, in a non-binding agreement that almost all UN member states will sign at a ceremony in Morocco in early December, is making migration a human right.

….It cannot be stressed enough that this agreement is not about refugees fleeing persecution, or their rights to protection under international law. Instead, the agreement propagates the radical idea that migration — for any reason — is something that needs to be promoted, enabled and protected. Almost all UN member states, except for the United States, Austria, Australia, Croatia, Hungary and possibly also the Czech Republic and Poland, are expected to sign it.

The UN has denied that migration is being made into a human right. “The question of whether this is an invidious way to start promoting a ‘human right to migrate’ is not correct. It’s not in the text; there’s no sinister project to advance that,” Louise Arbour, the UN special representative for international migration, recently said.

So it’s all just a Global Right Wing conspiracy theory? 

If “mass migration is a human right,” what about the human rights of those it affects?

The “leaders” of sovereign nations in Europe have enabled the destruction of their once beautiful countries with an influx of Middle Eastern”refugees.”

They’ve created mayhem and misery. Migrants who refuse to assimilate, terrorize and traumatize women and children through rape and gang rape. They’ve taken a toll on the environment, the culture, and the economies of affected countries. Deaths due to acts of terrorism have become accepted as a part of life.

There are not only “no-go zones” in Sweden and other countries, we already have 22 right here in the US. Essentially they’ve been allowed to overtake portions of host countries.

In addition,”refugees” that openly cry out for the death of their host countries will out-breed and overtake their population. So much for ‘diversity.” 

Some refugees are victims too.

Not all refugees are terrorists or willing participants in the New World Order agenda. Many of them have been unwittingly ensnared in the lies. 

They have suffered through their countries being dismantled. They’ve endured the hardship of their economy being purposely destroyed. Rather than being encouraged to fight and build where they are, they’re pushed into an arduous journey of seeking refuge elsewhere.

What about their human rights? Is this not essentially human trafficking? 

The UN’s new catch-phrase may be the ultimate deception.

The UN offers a twisted, one-sided argument for dismantling sovereign nations-ironically by trampling on the human rights of their citizens. 

What about the human right to defend our homes? Our family? Our country? Our laws? 

Why is it that only death, rape and parasite cultures have “human rights?”

How is it that citizens who are essentially stockholders in their own countries (taxes) can be defrauded and have their investments ripped away? 

President Trump doesn’t buy into semantics

He’s regarding the “Caravan” as an invasion and taking proper steps to protect us.

In December 2017 he pulled us out of the UN Global Compact on Migration.

This is why he’s not popular with Globalists. 

But why do so many Americans fight for our demise? Is it just the propaganda machine fueling blind Trump-hate? 

Orchestrated invasion. Orchestrated poverty. 

Aside from propaganda, is orchestrated poverty at play?

Why is resource-rich Venezuela so poor that citizens are eating starving zoo animals to survive?

Why was Barrack Obama looting our coffers to illegally fund Iran while imploding our economy, our job market and our industry? 

Orchestrated poverty is essential to the end-game.

Financial struggle creates the circumstances necessary for people to embrace government tyranny through the bait of socialism. 

By allowing our infrastructure to corrode, by encouraging rampant homelessness to overtake our neighborhoods and legalizing public defecation, have the Powers That Be been conditioning us to accept living under Third World conditions?

Will the UN successfully guilt-trip Europeans into accepting the end of their culture, their history and their future?

Will the American Globalist Party (Democrats) ramp up their war on our President who opposes their New World Order agenda? Will programmed Trump-haters ever wake up to the Orwellian future they’re fighting for? 

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