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Update: Chester Bennington 911 Call. Something is Off.

chris bennington 911 call

The Chester Bennington 911 call raises more questions that must be answered. Something is off.

This post regarding the Chester Bennington 911 call offers some follow up to the previous 2 articles regarding the alleged suicides of Soundgarten’s Chris Cornell and Linkinpark’s Chester Bennington. There are links between their suicides, John Podesta, the Clintons and a possible pedo ring operating in the music industry.

See-“Possible Link:Cornell & Bennington Suicides, Podesta and a Pedo Ring

SeeClinton Ties to the Cornell & Bennington Suicides, Podesta and a Pedo Ring

The eerie similarities cannot be ignored.

The similarities went beyond the two close friends being found hung on a door-one with an exercise band-the other with a belt. They were working collaboratively to bust an elite pedophile ring within the music industry wide open.

Chester Bennington was adopted and was sexually abused as a child by an “older” man-a friend of the family. He suffered tremendously because of it.

Bennington’s resemblance to John Podesta is nothing short of stunning.

The Chester Bennington 911 call has been released.

Warning-the call may be hard to listen to. The driver is calling 911 and his housekeeper who found him is heard crying in the background.

But something is off with this 911 call …

  • Why did the housekeeper wait to call 911 until someone happened to show up?
  • Why would Chester have called for a ride if he knew he was going to kill himself?
  • Wouldn’t most people bolt out of their car to see if there was something they could do to help-maybe revive him-call 911 from there? Maybe the driver was creeped out or didn’t want to contaminate the scene. But did the police ask?  Was the guy a regular driver for him? If so, his reaction doesn’t seem in line with the incident. Not only would his steady job have ended, it’s likely they would have had some type of relationship.
Something is off with those who cry “You disgusting people!”

The comments sections of articles raising suspicions about his death are off.

Many self-professed fans are outraged at the possibility that Bennington was murdered, rather than having committed suicide. They’re ripping up anyone questioning the quick wrap-up of “suicide” with bared  fangs and claws.

What is it that has them triggered?

  • That they aren’t allowed  to naively trust their MSM sources and go back to playing with their i-phones in their safe spaces?
  • Why are they so quick to shield pedophiles over children? They resist the possibility that Bennington’s death could have been related to blowing the covers off a pedo-ring.
  • Maybe they’re afraid. If this “conspiracy” is proven true then it’s possible that all the conspiracies about their precious queen Hillary and/or Pizzagate may be true as well.
Something is off with the media and music mags

“Fake News Story About…””Hoax…” “People Are Spreading Malicious Lies…”

The media’s knee jerk reaction is to demonize fans and other concerned citizens who care enough to want a proper investigation. It’s not very nice to attack people who are grieving and upset with this terrible news.

If nothing else, the media could at least say,  Gee. Seems like anyone connected to the Clintons and/or the DNC and/or investigate voter fraud and/or investigate elite pedophile rings ends up dead! What are the odds?

The media had no problem coining the phrase “The Kennedy Curse” which is a bit more groundless and silly than any so-called “conspiracy theory.”

Once upon a time detectives were “conspiracy theorists.”

Detectives closed cases only after a thorough investigation.

Suicides cannot be assumed, but must be proven. Sometimes detectives launched an investigation based on a hunch, a gut feeling. They would examine motives and question all friends and acquaintances. When dots began to connect they’d dig deeper. The same used to be true with journalists. Once upon a time.

Now the “fact checkers” and mainstream media attack and ridicule “conspiracy theorists” for jumping to conclusions with no proof. But when they immediately debunk cases like this or Seth Rich, they debunk and stamp it FAKE! With no proof.

It’s no surprise that the most virulent comments are from  music publications and those who claim to be ‘fans.” After all, it was the music industry pedophiles that  Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were about to expose.

 Was there anything else about this call that you felt was off? Please comment within the blog post so that it won’t get lost in the facebook feed. Thank you! Headsup-Naysayers and “conspiracy” bashing posts won’t be approved. 


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Clinton Ties to the Cornell & Bennington Suicides, Podesta and a Pedo Ring

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  1. Eric tobias

    This 911 call was staged.the caller is Mike shinoda…compare his voice to any interview he has done and it will be revealed,that is undoubtedly Mike’s voice.chesters personal driver??..the caller says he is working and is a uber who starts off a 911 distress call like that?more concerned to control the narrative about what he is doing first before reporting a would anyone who discovers a dead person automatically know that they killed themselves?did they see him kill himself?the driver claims to still be in the car this whole time and hasn’t seen the dead person but knows that he is in his mid 40s but doesn’t know the cross street.where Chester’s house is there is no cross street at all,the driver should have easily known that but he doesnt.thats because he isn’t there.this call is staged.i doubt there was a housekeeper,what’s her name??no one has sought her out??if you do a Google search’ woman moaning crying’ a soundbite pops up sounding exactly like this so called housekeeper.the caller says she is talking to his wife,but his wife isn’t there.she was in another state and she is moaning,not talking.operator verifies that he killed himself and he says that’s what the housekeeper told him,he still in the car and the operator says is that the housekeeper I hear behind you and he reluctantly says yes…but he is supposed to be in thecar.where is she?in the backseat? Then the operator tells him to have everybody get out of the room for EMS to arrive.many things wrong with this call…Mike shinoda when he speaks tends to pitch up at the end of a thought and he does it a lot in interviews just like the caller…also when he says “is he cold,is he warm” he puts emphasis when listing and you find him doing that in interviews exactly like the caller,plus the” uhm,uhm”are exactly the same also when he starts a phrase when speaking he tends to stutter,,I..I asked…..alot in interviews,the tone is no one can not hear this is beyond me.when you look at who has benefitted the most out of Chester’s death……Mike shinoda….days between Chester’s death date and the release of Mike’s lame album….330 days…

  2. Badlands Babe

    I’m disgusted & appalled to know I live in a society that does NOTHING to protect our CHILDREN & condones, embraces, stands up for & defends ALL the fucked up pedophiles…
    And… Mike Shinoda your nothing but a puke bucket of FILTH. SHAME ON YOU & THIS lame bitch if that’s in fact the case. How FUCKING DARE YOU! To bad Chester saw SOMETHING in you that NOBODY else did. May everyone of the lowlife murdering magets ROT IN FUCKING HELL & that’s to GOOD for all you twisted, fucked up, jealous, greedy, child raping, psychopaths. Karma doesn’t need your address mother fuckers.

    RIP… Chester & Chris.

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