Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Matt Gaetz drafted a resolution to affirm Israel’s ties to Jerusalem.

The resolution to affirm Israel’s ties to Jerusalem is in response to UNESCO’s blatant Antisemitism. It  has gotten so severe that they have virtually rewritten history and denied all historical claims of both Jews and Christians to Jerusalem. In addition they have renamed all the holy sites by their Muslim names.

President Trump had enough of their anti-Israel bias. In a bold move he withdrew the US from the organization and saved America over a half a million in back dues in the process. Our role will be strictly observational.  Israel followed suit.

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Now we’ll take it a step further.

Under the leadership of Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL)  we will have a resolution that affirms Israel’s ties to Jerusalem while condemning UNESCO.

United With Israel reported their statements.

Ted Cruz  stated,

“The Trump Administration has demonstrated strong moral clarity in deciding to withdraw and continuing to withhold US taxpayer dollars from UNESCO as a result of its relentless hostility towards our close ally Israel.[..the resolution] formally rejects UNESCO’s shameful and absurd attempts to deliberately erase the history of Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital.”

Matt Gaetz stated,

While the people of Israel “have a deep and ancient connection” to Jerusalem, UNESCO “is actively trying to rewrite history. UNESCO has not been silent in their condemnations of Israel. Each year brings new horrors. Their cruelty, their attempts to erase history, and their anti-Semitism cannot be tolerated any longer.”

Ted Cruz has been  a champion of Israel.

He has called out the hypocrisy of Nazi Democrats who continue to wage war on the small country. He pointed out that there are about 50 Muslim countries but for Obama and Kerry, one Jewish country is one too many.

Deaf dumb and blind

Yet with all this, the Left will continue to paint President Trump and his supporters as neo-Nazis. They ignore the fact that he is the most Pro-Israel president in our nation’s history. As they screech and point fingers, the fact  remains that it’s the Democrats who are the most antisemitic force in our country. The anti-Zionist trend has given them a self righteous cloak to call for Israel’s demise.

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Even Democrat Chuck Schumer who is Jewish turned his back on Israel when he put politics over the lives of Jewish people.  President Trump wanted to renegotiate the Iran deal. But Schumer sided with the rest of the Globalist Left Nazis.

Alt-Left conspiracy theorists blame the Jews for everything.

Anti-Zionism is the new Antisemitism. Yet their favorite insults are Nazi or racist.

The radicalized Left, including radical Muslims and Liberal Jews, decry racism-unless it pertains to Jews, Christians, white people and conservatives of any color.

The idiot army is making a huge mistake by feeding the seductive and divisive snake that will eventually crush them in the acid pit of its belly.

“And I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse, and all the families of the earth shall be blessed in you.” ~Genesis 12:3

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Special thanks to Deborah Sandness for the Genesis 12:3 reminder : )