A group from Salem MA will erect a monument in a Minnesota Veteran’s park to honor Satan.

This is a victory for the Democratic Party.  Democrats have been  criticized for lack of leadership. But The Globalist Left does has strong leadership and it’s really, really unfair to suggest they don’t. The head honcho is Big Daddy Satan. Or Lucifer as the hip DC insiders like to call him.

Satan’s ugly little brother George Soros is second in command.

The Dems have become the Party aligned with depravity, violence and baby sacrifices. They’ve waged war on all religions aside from Radical Islam. So there’s no question about who’s at the helm.

Drain the Swamp and call an exorcist!

Now the Lord of Leftist Darkness is seeping into our Veterans Memorials.

In a small town in  Minnesota residents were up in arms. “Joe” is a statue that depicts  a soldier kneeling before a cross. City officials were afraid of a lawsuit violating separation of church and state, so they removed the cross.

The community was outraged so officials caved and brought it back. With that, they designated an area in the park devoted to free speech. Monuments would be allowed, just as long as they honored vets..

The Star Tribune reports,

The people of Belle Plaine, Minn., only wanted to honor fallen veterans of war.

Now, they will have to accommodate Satanists, too.

That’s the unintended consequence of a small-town saga over free speech, and it all began when someone complained about having a religious symbol on public property.

The symbol in this case was a modest but poignant 2-foot steel war memorial called “Joe,” which features a cross in its tribute to soldiers in Belle Plaine’s Veterans Memorial Park.

City leaders, fearing a lawsuit rooted in the constitutional separation of church and state, in January ordered the removal of the cross.

But more than 100 residents rallied to restore the full memorial. To defuse the turmoil, the city then decided to designate a small area in the park as a “free speech zone,” open to 10 or fewer temporary memorials, as long as they honor veterans.

The cross was reinstalled on the monument this month. And it’s about to have company: The Satanic Temple in Salem, Mass., is planning to erect its own memorial: A black cube, inscribed with inverted pentagrams and crowned by an upturned helmet.

Veterans Park to erect monument to satan

Image Liz Sawyer-Star Tribune

The Luciferian Globalist Left has a habit of using our constitution against us.

There was a major Satanist in a top position in our military.

The infamous member was U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino who specialized in psychological warfare. As an official of the Church of Satan he founded the “Temple of Set” and was responsible for getting Satanism accepted in the military as a valid religious option.

It’s incredible that our army’s top brass had no problem with this guy. I missed out on a job opportunity once because the sourpuss hag interviewing me didn’t like my shoes. Is the army’s bar so low they’ll recruit from the Ninth Circle of Hell?

Image-The Pizzagate Wiki

Fast forward to highly suspicious but unproven.

Aquino was suspected of operating child pedo rings in and around military bases. Aquino  was never charged, in spite of many accusations. One army base was closed down after it was discovered that 60 children were sexually abused there.

Schools have also had to bow to Satan.

Many Christians were thrilled when it seemed that our new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos would allow prayer to return to our schools.

But that might not be such a good idea. It would leave the door open for equal time. Schools would then have to accommodate Radical Islam and Satanism.

The schools already laid out welcome mats for the “After School Satan’s Club.” This organization  exploited our constitution to create a presence in our public school system. While it claims to be a tongue-in-cheek vehicle to promote “rational thought,”  it carries obvious messages to ridicule and subvert religious beliefs.

At any rate, it’s a plus that our education reform will be based on school choice that will include private schools, religious schools and home schooling.

Pedophilia and Satanism seem to go hand in hand.

It’s no surprise that the Left is Hell-bent on normalizing  pedophilia.

Of course not all who partake in this vile partnership are on the Left. There’s plenty of so-called Republicans who lack a soul as well. There’s only two sides in this war. Globalists vs. the rest of us.

We may need to reconsider pushing for nativities and crosses in schools and on government property. Since Radical Islam and Satanists can crawl into our public spaces it may be time to back off and honor separation of church and state.

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