In response to the radicalized Left lunatic who opened fire at a GOP baseball game, some Vets are organizing a “Veterans Run Against Violence.”

Our Vets didn’t fight for our country to have it dissolve in an orchestrated Civil War. The “Veterans Run Against Violence” will be a nonpartisan march for solidarity.

Two Veterans groups will be organizing the run. One is Got Your 6  and the others is Team Red, White & Blue.

Their goal is to inspire Americans to work together and call for an end to the epidemic of politically motivated violence sweeping the country.

Yesterday’s incident cannot be for nothing.

Yesterday a Bernie supporter and campaign volunteer directed his programmed rage at a group of Congressmen who were practicing for the annual Congressional baseball game for charity. He targeted them because they’re Republicans. And because they are part of the Trump administration.

The shooter, 66 year old James Hodgkinson shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalese, who is in critical condition.Two Capitol Police officers, a congressional staffer and a lobbyist were also wounded.

The would-be assassin was shot by Scalese’s security detail and died later at the hospital from his injuries.

Senator Rand Paul said, “Had they not been there, it would have been a massacre.”

See “Breaking News! Fox: Republicans Targeted and Shot at GOP Baseball Game.”

The incident shines a light on the increased violence from the Left. The shooter was radicalized from the Russia/Trump collusion hoax, the media’s 24/7 anti-Trump slander and the #resistance movement. Guilty parties include politicians, celebrities and the media for perpetuating lies and encouraging violence.

The Vets organizing the run want the country they fought for back.

The Daily Caller reported,

“No matter our personal politics, we can all agree that people playing baseball, with their colleagues, staff, and in some cases their children, don’t deserve to be attacked,” the two organizations said in a statement. “And neither does our city we love — Alexandria, Virginia.” …

The #RunWithAlexandria event will be held Wednesday evening at 6:3o p.m. beginning at George Washington Middle School with members of Congress and their staffs, along with Capitol Police and Alexandria City Police, who were at the scene of the shooting and quickly neutralized Hodgkinson.”

The current political climate is tearing our country to shreds.

The Veterans have had enough.

They fought for our freedom. Many have lost life and limb. Others have sacrificed their emotional and financial health for our country.

Let’s not forget the families of Vets who have gone through Hell too. Their lives are forever altered due to their family members’ chronic injuries. Others live with the heartache of the ultimate sacrifice.  A folded flag is no replacement for a loved one.

This country is supposed to represent freedom. The freedom to express different political points of view and the freedom to hold fair elections.

Our veterans fought for freedom. Not the fascist anarchy that is  the #resisitance.

Actually Hillary Clinton said it best.

“Those who refuse to accept the results of an election are a danger to democracy.”

The Veterans Run Against Violence is a great idea. Do you think it would be possible to hold more bipartisan events to put an end to all this political violence? Or would they all be crashed by paid anarchists?  Comment below!