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“Villain” Vladimir Putin to Refugees: Syria is Liberated. Go Home Now.

Putin ends crisis in Syria

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No wonder Globalists hate President Putin as much as President Trump. They keep screwing their plans up.

Globalists must be weeping and gnashing their teeth. President Vladmir Putin just announced that Russia has completely liberated Syria. What a “villain!” 

With the help of our very own Obama, Hillary and McCain, Globalists destabilized the Middle East to set the “refugee” crisis in motion, providing a means to destroy sovereign nations-including the US and Russia. All that hard work-shot to Hell. 

President Putin told the “refugees” that it’s safe to go home now. Adios. Goodbye. So long. Farewell, Don’t let the door hit you in the ass (paraphrased obviously) 

If that weren’t bad enough he has vowed to *gasp*protect ALL religions.  Way to ruin the ever popular Nazi bigot card there Putin : (

SPEISA reports,

“Russian President Vladimir Putin says that Syria has been liberated from terrorists and that Syrian refugees now should return to help restore the country.

Moscow will help restore holy sites not only of Syria’s Christians, but also Muslims and Jews, the Russian leader stated.

“We will help also the members of other faiths, including Muslims, who, as we are well aware of, have also suffered greatly at the hands of bandits, terrorists and radicals,” Putin said. “We will also help Jews, a number of organizations have already reached us with a call for help in restoration of Judaic holy sites….

Over the past few years the Russian state alongside with the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as other religious organizations has provided humanitarian aid to Syria. It’s very important that the peaceful life is established as soon as possible, that the people can return to their homes, begin to rebuild the temples and churches,” Putin stressed.”

Naw we’re good. 

The article continued with the forgone conclusion that  “Syrian migrants who have received both money and housing in the West, are not likely just going to pack up and leave the honeypot, and so far no country has suggested forced returns either. ”

So they may not feel all that homesick or patriotic.  They’ve probably become pretty comfy collecting food stamps and housing subsidies in host countries that they hate with a passion. 

Putin may have put an end to their halal gravy train here in the US too.  President Trump just pulled us out of a UN-driven suicide pact to accept Middle East migrants. So now he has no reason to bother taking any more in at all. His travel ban was upheld in the Supreme Court. He’s ignored all the “bigot” rhetoric and done whatever it takes to keep us safe.

It should be fun to see how he handles the issue of deadbeat guests who’ve worn out their welcome.  Looks like all that hotel experience might come in handy.

This delivers a crushing blow to the New World Order.

Not only does it destroy their well laid plans to crush sovereign nations with an invading army of “refugees,” it could destroy the carefully crafted character assassination of Russia’s leader. 

As with President Trump, MSM does  not report favorable  news about President Putin. He is after all, the enemy of their Editors-in-Chief-the NWO Globalists. 

Putin has addressed US election fraud, “fake news,” and discussed the West’s attack on families, gender identities and national identities.  Putin voiced his concern about our tanking values and the war on religion. 

He also called attention to sex trafficking and the alarming plaque of pedophilia spreading in the West. He referred to those who control the West as Satanic pedophiles. He blows the covers off the NWO scum in this short video clip…

No wonder the NWO scrambles to keep Putin and Trump separated. 

Yeah, it ‘d be a shame if Russia and the US  joined forces to defeat ISIS and the Luciferian elite with their unquenchable thirst for violence against children.

Oh to be a fly on the wall to see the reactions of Soros, Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes, John McCain and their Masters at the top of the food chain!

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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