Today a small pro-life healthcare clinic will be under siege. Google and Facebook joined Pro-Abortion protesters.

Today in Atlanta, “progressives” will attend events featuring Elizabeth Warren and Al Gore. They will proceed to attack a small pro-life clinic.  Facebook and Google joined forces with pro-Choice protesters-not only because the clinic chooses to protect the unborn, but also because they are “too successful” and they pray.

Finally. The whole B.S. “Pro-Choice” slogan can be dumped.

“Feminists” aren’t  just suggesting abortion anymore. They’re demanding it. So not only are the unborn babies not allowed a choice, neither are pregnant women.

The two totalitarian giants agree. Facebook and Google joined forces with Pro choice protesters in Atlanta by sponsoring the activist group Netroots Nation. According to the Netroots Nation website, they won’t stop there.

Human Coalition President Brian Fisher, spoke about the protest.

“Human Coalition is facing unprecedented and collaborated attacks from several pro-abortion organizations. A planned protest is scheduled for…Saturday the 12th at the Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic, one of our smallest, yet most effective pro-life clinics….

The protest, spearheaded by “Sister Song, ” “Netroots Nation,” and “Reproaction, ” aims to impede women from receiving care at our women’s care clinic in Atlanta….
…Just hours after the protest was announced online, two separate parties entered our Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic, loudly protesting and telling clients in the lobby that they were being lied to by Human Coalition.”

The Human Coalition President explained that this disruption will cost them a great deal of money because now they’ll need to invest in security measures and increased media engagement. (Just follow the link below if you wish to donate)

The duplicitous Left turns everything upside down.

Planned Parenthood may lose federal funding, partly because they made fake claims about the services they provide. They do not provide prenatal care-just abortions.

Pro-abortionists  turn it all upside down by accusing the pro-life clinics of being “fake” because they don’t provide abortions.

The Daily Caller reported,

“Pro-abortion group Reproaction will lead Saturday’s protest against Human Coalition. Reproaction claims Human Coalition’s health center is a “fake clinic” because — unlike, say, Planned Parenthood — they don’t perform abortions. The protest is titled, “Get Fake Clinics Out Of Atlanta!”With this protest they’ve done us a big favor.

They’re removed all doubt that pro-abortionists and the giant Globalist corporations that fund them actually are from the other side.

The attack is launched on babies, pregnant women and God.

Their beef isn’t just with the pesky unborn or women who don’t want to butcher their own babies, their beef is with God.

That’s no “religious zealot” exaggeration-they openly admit it.

The Daily Caller reports,

“The organizers appear particularly disturbed by Human Coalition’s use of prayer: their description of Saturday’s protest includes two direct references to the advocacy group’s promotion of prayers for women considering abortions.”


If pro-abortionists really cared about women’s “health” they would do everything in their power to prevent pregnancy rather than promote a dangerous medical procedure that has cost many women their lives.

They could choose to use their resources protesting for birth control.

But they prefer  murder.

Pro-abortionists are bearing their fangs and claws.

The feminazi movement is lashing out. The Human Coalition represents an existential threat to baby-butchering “feminists” and social engineering globalists.

The undercover PP videos turned over the rock they were hiding under and aimed the burning light of the camera lens straight at the soulless maggots from Hell.

Our planet is in the grip of some powerful negative forces.

The driving force for Hell on Earth are the elite Globalist scum. They are truly the Hitlers of modern times, specializing in propaganda, censorship, eugenics, genocide, social engineering and bizarre medical experiments.

The Left turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to the fact that Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who sought to wipe out the black community through abortion.

The woman that Hillary Clinton greatly admires said, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

The modern Democratic Party is deeply aligned with these Globalist Hitlarian forces in all regards. It has now reached the point where the Party will probably morph into being “Pro-Choice “only.

Fox News reports,

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has “no interest” in working with Democrats for Life of America, a pro-life Democratic organization.”

People who revere life  need not apply.

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