Real Great American Beranton Whisenant was no stranger to Broward County voter fraud. It may be what led to his murder. 

In light of the rampant voter fraud taking place in Broward County, now seems like a good time to remember Beranton Whisenant. 

He was a prosecutor investigating voter fraud in Broward County-Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s district. Was he murdered? Or “suicided?” 

The following is from an IMOwired post reporting on his murder in May 2017:

The body of a  young prosecutor investigating voter fraud was found  washed up on a beach last Wednesday in Hollywood, Florida.

Beranton J. Whisenant Jr was only 37 years old. Whisenant was a Federal Prosecutor who was greatly admired by his colleagues. His wife Ebony must be devastated, as are their three children.

He was investigating visa and voter fraud in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s district.

The MSM will keep chalking up body after body after body as conspiracy theory. But at some point, a pattern is a pattern is a pattern.

The Miami Herald reported,

“A federal prosecutor who worked at the U.S. attorney’s office in Miami has been identified as the man found dead along Hollywood beach this week in a case being investigated as a crime.

Hollywood police confirmed that the deceased man is Beranton J. Whisenant Jr., 37, of Miramar. A police spokeswoman said he may have suffered a head wound caused by a possible gunshot or other type of trauma.

“The investigation is still very preliminary,” Hollywood Police Department spokeswoman Miranda Grossman said, adding that detectives and the Broward medical examiner are “still looking at it.”


It’s kinda strange that police  and medical examiners are having such a hard time figuring out if  he suffered a gunshot wound or some other head trauma. That seems pretty straightforward. Maybe they  need to comb through a couple of CSI Miami reruns for tips.  Or maybe grab a burner to call the DNC and find out which conclusion to reach.

The Miami Herald wrapped up the story.

“The FBI’s Miami office said it was aware of Whisenant’s death but referred questions to Hollywood police. Normally, if the death of a federal prosecutor or agent were retaliatory in nature or related to a criminal case, both the FBI and U.S. attorney’s office would be sounding the alarm and pursuing an aggressive investigation.”


So does this mean that the FBI and local police have already decided it’s not retaliatory or related to a criminal case?  eems like that’s a lot harder to figure out than whether a death blow is due to a gunshot or blunt force trauma.

Seems like the mainstream media has concluded that it’s all no biggie. They’re focusing on his obituary and moving readers along.  Nothing to see here folks.

The Buzz.

It’s no surprise that MSM is trying to sweep this story under the rug.  But the buzz in alternative media makes points that cannot be ignored:

  • Suspicious circumstances. Head trauma, fully clothed, washed up on the beach.
  • Whisenant worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami in its major crimes unit.
  • Court records show he had been handling several visa and passport fraud cases.
  • At least one source says he was on the DNC Absentee Ballot Fraud investigation. in which “volunteers” were caught shredding republican absentee ballots.
  • His  body was found in Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s district.

(The rest of the article makes the connection between Whisenant investigating visa fraud in Wasserman-Shultz’s district with her having the Awan family-the Pakistani spy ring- on her payroll. Click here to read the full article…..)

Do you believe Beranton Whisenant’s death was a suicide?

Will Broward County gangsters be allowed to steal the Florida election? Will other states also steal the midterms? 

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