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#WalkAway Ban Was Lifted-But Fascistbook Plays Another Dirty Trick.


Good news! Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway ban was lifted!

Public outcry pushed Globalist Zuckerberg up against the wall. And just like that…the #WalkAway ban was lifted!

As you have no doubt heard, Brandon Straka is the Founder of the #WalkAway movement and is planning the #WalkAway March on Washington. Dems are so afraid of this openly gay, identity-politics-crushing superhero that their Mainstream Media claimed that #WalkAways are Russian Bots.

The #WalkAway March was born in response to that blatant lie.

Disgruntled Dems will show up in Washington DC on the weekend of October 26th to 28th. The powerful visual image will prove that those who are fed up with the Anti-American Democrat Party are not Russian bots. They are real people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and sexual persuasions. 

Real people who are real fed up with the violence, censorship, division and hatred on the Left side of the aisle. 

The #WalkAway March will be an epic event. To learn more visit: Brandon Straka launches #WalkAway March on Washington! Be There!

In order to put a stop to this show of force, Globalist Mark Zuckerberg banned the #WalkAway page! The excuse was that because Brandon mentioned Alex Jones, that was enough to give him the boot. Brandon had merely tried to inform his followers that they should check out his interview on Infowars.

Biased much?

Bad News! More slander!

When Facebook lifted the #WalkAway ban it seems that Mark Z tried to get ahead of the bad press. So clever little Mark didn’t tell Brandon that the #WalkAway ban was lifted.

Instead, he contacted a “Liberal” “journalist” who did a hit piece on Brandon. He smeared Conservatives like Brandon and Diamond& Silk, claiming that when they complain about being censored and squashed, they’re lying! 

The “journalist” never reached out to Brandon to ask him about the ban being lifted before publishing his “work.”

Very good news…

On the plus side, the Facistbook Fiasco only brought more publicity and energy to the #WalkAway movement and the #WalkAway March on Washington. 

It will make it a lot harder for Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter and Google to wriggle out of President Trump’s growing scrutiny of these high-tech propagandist giants.  

It reminds people how ridiculous it is for Google, Twitter and Facebook to deny censoring conservative voices, when they’ve already banned Alex Jones from Facebook and Twitter for life! Now just mentioning his name can get a person shut down. 

The ban and the dirty tricks that followed only proves that Democrats no longer possess one ounce of moral fiber or flicker of a soul. They think nothing of destroying an innocent man who is standing in the way of their agenda.

Ironically, Mark Zuckerberg just drove home why Democrats need to #WalkAway and march on the Right side of history.

Hopefully I can get a “get out of soft Facebook jail card” soon:( Immediately after writing this I was able to post to 2 groups but I opened my big mouth and wondered if my ban was related to my promoting the March. This morning I tried some more and I’m blocked until Monday:(

Meanwhile. please share this to let people know the #WalkAway page is up and running again. Together we can support the #WalkAway movement and fight the communist social media giants!

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Sources and Links

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