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#WalkAway Roadshow in the Works!

Great news! Brandon Straka is taking his political movement on the road with a #WalkAway Roadshow!

The #WalkAway Roadshow will pick up where the #WalkAway March on Washington left off. 

The March featured an impressive lineup of speakers. About 5500 people showed up to literally walk away from the Democrat Party in spite of the following attempts to sabotage it:

• When Demstream Media did give the  #WalkAway movement any coverage it was to declare war on it by insisting-without proof-that the movement was nothing more than “Russian bots,” inspiring Brandon to launch the March on DC.  Easily programmed “Liberals” were trained to scoff at the movement before learning anything about it. 

 Zero funding from George Soros.

 Facebook temporarily shut the #WalkAway page down just weeks before the March.

• Someone posed as #WalkAway, setting up a phony GoFundMe account. GoFundMe refused to respond to Straka’s complaints. Will we ever find out who the impostors were who funneled his #WalkAway funds and publicity? 

 No corporate funding.

 Rainy, bone chilling weather.

Many people were unable to attend the March, due to monetary, work, health or family related issues. So Brandon is planning to bring the message to them by turning the March into a “roadshow.” 

Why didn’t Fox cover the March? Why did Breitbart downplay it?

It’s becoming all too obvious that Fox is morphing into Demstream media. But why did Breitbart downplay the March by saying that only “hundreds” attended when the number was at least 5,500? Jealousy perhaps?

After Brandon’s initiatives were suppressed, his successes were downplayed

There was a blatant media blackout on the March.

Sure, there was the Synagogue shooting to cover, but they chose to run many other stories that day. Why did they focus on Feminazi March but not the “WalkAway March of “Liberals” who are #WalkingAway from insanity and violence? A March of like-minded people who were not vulgar, but civil and actually cleaned up after themselves? Why are they afraid to focus on the contrast? 

Surprisingly the New York Times questioned the media blackout. 

Even after 7 full city blocks of #WalkAways showed up to march, his movement is still being suppressed, ensuring Democrats remain unaware of their options.

Western Journalism reported,

“Someone from The New York Times who did come contacted me and he said, ‘I don’t understand why all these publications are saying that hundreds of people were at your event,’” Straka said.

“He said, ‘I think you had at least 2,000-4,000,’ and that’s The New York Times, and I was like, ‘Yeah, tell me about it.’

Weigh in!

If the #WalkAway Roadshow comes to your town will you join in? What do you make of the media blackout? 

Keep checking back for updates in the comments section about the #WalkAway Roadshow-planned times/dates and other info.

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  1. Comments were lost during transfer. On 11/8/18 “Pil Grim” commented, “Hi Brandon–Great job! The #Walkaway YouTube videos will continue I think. There are more challenges and changes to come. Keep the faith. Thank you for all you have done. God is working in people! Bless you:)”

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