Kanye rocked the world and laid his entire career on the line by coming out in support of President Trump. Again.

The cornered rat Left is going for the jugular. “Liberal” Democrats are pulling out the red hot branding iron. Perez Hilton tweeted “You are not that special, Kanye.”

Another “Liberal” posted a pic of a KKK robe with “You might as well start selling these because black folks revoked your black card. You just alienated your base, you belong to them now.” How pathetic that she doesn’t realize the KKK were Democrats and still are the racist Nazi Party.

It’s not the first time that Kanye has tried to sound the alarm.

In a concert last year in Sacramento Kanye enraged his audience by dissolving into an anti-Establishment rant.

At one point he called out Jay Z as being aligned with Globalist gangstas. Kanye said “I know you got killers. Please don’t send them at my head.”  He called out the fake media, the fake music business, Google and Mark Zuckerberg.

But what really drew the wrath of his fans was when he came out in support of President Trump.

That didn’t end well. Fans booe’d him. He was labeled a kook. He was admitted to the hospital a short time after to recover. He was pretty quiet after that.

But he’s going for it again.

Kanye grew a pair after being inspired by the beautiful and demure-also free thinking and courageous-Candace Owens.

Pussyhat Feminazis must be seething with jealousy. Nothing gets the so called feminists’ claws out like a beautiful, powerful and Conservative woman.

In full-on attack mode, the Washington Post made the following statements:

 “Kanye West fell for the worst black Republican sales pitch there is…”

 “His drive to be regarded as an outside-the-box thinker led him to be taken in by the absurd argument that black voters are slaves on the Democratic Party plantation.”

 “Kanye West…Alt-Right Darling.” 

Hoo boy. The Left’s worst nightmare-the Black and Latino community waking up to having been exploited by the Democrats.

Time for a damage control meeting!

Hey here’s an idea-let’s brand Kanye a silly mindless idiot who fell for- let’s call it a “sales pitch.” Then- let’s brand Candace Owens and all Trump supporters as “Alt-Right” so they’ll be thought of as a bunch of RACIST skinheads. That way, the programmed Left can continue to brand free-thinking minorities who understand history as “coons” and “Uncle Toms.” Oh, and let’s forget about even trying to pretend we’re objective. Let’s hurl the word “absurd” at the concept of the Democratic Plantation. They’ll never make the connection that #resisting school choice,draining resources in favor of illegals and ignoring the massacre of Black people in Chicago is staring them in the face. Print!

The WaPo’s hit piece glossed over Kanye’s remark that he is neither Democrat nor Republican. He is an Independent.

The Democrats and their MSM just don’t get it. Many Trump supporters are Independents. We’re wise to the Globalist games in the DC Swamp. We know there are anti-American traitors in the Republican Party as well.

They ignore the popular term RINO-why? You’d think they’d jump all over it with headlines like Republicans losing support or whatever. Obviously they don’t want to call attention to their RINO plants.

The MAGA movement is an Independent movement.

And as much as the lying Left would like to brand it as being a white national racist movement, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a melting pot bound by Patriotism and a common enemy-the Globalists who seek to annihilate America.

Remember that time the  Washington Post received a $600 million dollar contract from the CIA?

It’s veeeery interesting that normally, people cannot access online Washington Post articles without paying. However, the public can read their piece trashing silly,brainless Kanye for falling for a  “Republican sales pitch” for FREE.  Hmmmm.

It’s the Democrats worst nightmare-the day that Black and Latino voters wake up.

They’ve seen it coming. 

In spite of fake polls and posturing, Democrats had to see the increasing groundswell of support from Black and Latino voters.

Hence: rampant voter fraud, the push for open borders, registering illegals to vote, registering felons to vote,  #resisting school choice and lowering the voting age to appeal to indoctrinated children. Anything to remain in power, no matter how much it hurts Americans of all ethnicities and ages.

Pure evil.

What do you make of WaPo offering their hit piece for free? Do you think the Candace/Kanye combo represents a major turning point for the minority community? What reactions, disasters, false flags, back alley bimbos filing bogus charges against Trump, etc etc  do you see coming? Please comment within the post-not just on Facebook. We need to build communities outside of those that censor us. Thx:)


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