The Seth Rich presser was’t just a Geraldo-level disappointment. It was a sham. 

Seth Rich sham press conference Part One:

3 red flags

Due to the cast of characters, things seemed off from the get-go. 

Jack Burkman

This DC Attorney/Lobbyist is the guy who became the darling of the media when he became obsessed with solving the Seth Rich case. Since MSM demonizes anyone else who brings it up, it was pretty obvious that something smelled funny when they praised his take on the matter. But it became evident when his favorite suspects were Russians.

Burkman said he chose yesterday’s date for the press conference and candlelight vigil a while back for this press conference. Why would he sit on this information for even 2 seconds? Especially since his “witness” supposedly fears for his life? 

Brad Bauman

The presence of Brad Bauman on the scene totally negates the claim that this is an apolitical publicity stunt.

After Seth Rich was killed Bauman swept in, kicked Detective Rod Wheeler to the curb and  shut down the public’s access to the Rich family.

Bauman is the DNC’s crisis consultant who becomes furious when asked who is paying him to represent the Rich family. 

He emphasized, “There is no politicization here There are no ulterior motives here. There is no conspiracy theory here.” 

The Rich family

When Seth was first killed, the family was grateful for all the help they could get to find his killers, which is why Rod Wheeler was on the case. Immediately after Bauman swept in they became hostile and closed off to the public and the media.

Somehow, unlike anyone and everyone else in the US, the media and law enforcement stopped focusing on the story out of respect for the family.

But there they were-all warm and fuzzy with the public again. What do you suppose contributed to that turn around? 


Seth’s Mom made the mistake of mentioning that Seth’s former boss, Donna Brazile came to help out.

That wasn’t too bright. It might remind people that Donna dropped a bombshell in her book.

“…Brazile says she had a “spook,” with connections to the intelligence community, who told her after the killing that she needed protection for herself, including cameras, alarms and backup power at her house, and that she heeded his advice.”

In other words, a professional from one of our intelligence services who knew it was not a “botched robbery,” but  a political assassination. And Donna could be next. 

Seth Rich sham press conference Part Two:

The “witness” is presented.” By phone. 

As a group of reporters-including one from the Washinton Post-gathered ’round the phone to listen to “Luke” finger Seth’s killers. 

As Burkman led the conversation “Luke’s” narrative became increasingly more convoluted, meandering, disjointed and nonsensical. When the call was opened up to questions in the room “Luke” was often dodgy, particularly regarding questions about his own credibility and evidence of his accusations.

There was a lot of blah-de-blah that the killers felt free to brag about killing Seth and that Rod Rosenstein had their backs. 

Isn’t it odd that “Luke” presented himself as an intelligence expert but continually referred to one of the killers as a “computer expert?” I dunno, but that sounds like a term that a granny might use. 

Supposedly “Luke”  took a polygraph test before he testified before the House Intelligence Committee. If he did that, and they believed him, why doesn’t he already have security?

A gotcha moment came from one of the reporters present who asked “Luke” why the thugs were frustrated about waiting for Seth by his home since he had stated before that they’d been following him for 2 weeks. The reporter pointed out that since Seth was a nightly drinker they would have already known that. “Luke” was cornered and obviously had no answer except OK. As he was pressed on it, he became clearly flustered as he kept making lame excuses for all that.

Another question might have been-why wait 2 weeks? They’re professional killers who could have taken him out the first night. If Seth had such an incriminating thumb drive on him, wouldn’t every second count? And since one of the killers was also a “computer expert” wouldn’t he assume that Seth had a copy stashed elsewhere? Why did they assume he didn’t and that he always carried it with him? 

“Luke” also interacted with someone during the call and stated he was at work. If he wants to be so anonymous why call from work of all places? The WaPo reporter asked a good question-if he was so close to the thugs that they felt comfortable bragging about it, why didn’t he use a voice scrambler?

By the end of the call, it seemed evident that none of the reporters felt he was credible. 

If you have time to waste, here’s the conference call….

Seth Rich sham press conference Part Three:

Here’s where it gets ridiculous…

“Luke” says the killers went after Seth because they knew he carried a thumb drive with him at all times. His claim is that it wasn’t Hillary or the DNC who orchestrated the murder-it was Republicans! Republicans and/or their Russian pals-had hackedall of Hillary’s emails for years as well as the DNC’s emails! They altered and changed them and removed classified markings! 

The Republican killers needed that thumb drive because those files that Seth downloaded could show that someone altered the thousands of emails! 

Will the reporters cover the real story? That this was a childish attempt to cover up Hillary’s and the DNC’s crimes? 

Presenting this fairy tale as a bipartisan effort is a joke to begin with. Anyone who’s a Trump supporter knows full well that there’s no such thing as Democrat or Republican anymore-it’s just Globalists vs US. 

Will the side who once demonized this conspiracy theory persist in using Seth Rich to concoct one of their own? Problem is, the Left can’t meme and they suck at conspiracy theories. 

The Trump/ Russia Collusion Hoax is unraveling. Seth Rich still holds the key to demolishing the last threads of the Democrat Party. Is this little stunt a way to “accuse the other of that which you are guilty? Have they caught wind that Jeff Sessions is not actually snoozing?  Is it a way to discredit all the evidence that will be used to prosecute all those involved in committing crimes against the US?

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