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Lawyers Claim Weiner’s 15 Year Old Victim Wanted to Affect the Election

Weiner's 15 Year Old Victim wanted to affect the election

The headline “Lawyers Claim Weiner’s 15 Year Old Victim Wanted to Affect the Election” would be way too long if it were more truthful.

Something like… “Lawyers Claim Weiner’s 15 Year Old Victim Wanted to Affect the Election and Weiner is Allowing Them to Throw Her Under the Bus.”

So Weiner is trying to squirm his way out of having cheated on his wife Huma (again) by sexting (again) this time with a 15 year old. But it’s all the kid’s fault.

Supposedly the little vixen was planning to affect the election. She must be a Russian.  Hillary needs to add her to the ever-expanding Wheel of Blame.

Poor Anthony Blah Blah Blah.

Lawyers presented a laundry list of reasons why Weiner should be given carte blanche for his willful indiscretions, such as playing the “untreated addiction” card.

Nonetheless Weiner will be explaining his plight to a scowling cell mate just the same. He could face a  harsh sentence, but  part of Weiner’s plea deal states that he won’t appeal a 21-27 month sentence.

It’s true that Weiner’s sexting and the subsequent discovery of  Hillary’s emails on the household  laptop caused Comey to reopen Hillary’s email investigation and announce it just days before the election.

However, Comey’s FBI had a surge of magical adrenaline. They were able to comb through 650,000 emails in about a week’s time to declare the emails of no value.

Thus, Hillary was allowed to continue her candidacy. However, that’s hardly the fault of the 15 year old. The blame falls squarely on Weiner, Huma, and their home laptop that was storing government emails-some that were possibly classified.

BTW-Whatever happened to that “Life Insurance” file?

Crushing wheels ‘o’ the bus goin’ round and round and round

The Chicago Tribune reports that the case against the 15 year old is based on this:

  • Weiner had caught the eye of “a curious high school student, looking to generate material for a book the government has disclosed she is now shopping to publishers.”
  • They said the high school student documented their interactions from the outset, selectively photographing her phone to preserve messages otherwise designed to vanish, before selling her story to a British tabloid for $30,000.
  • The lawyers said the investigation of Weiner was “quite improperly injected into the U.S. presidential election, quite possibly affecting its outcome”
  • “After the election was over, the high school student told government investigators that this had been one of her goals from the outset.”
Uno Problemo for Carlos Danger.

Last November the 15 year old penned an open letter on Buzzfeed harshly denouncing Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation.

She was outraged that her complaints were made public and that she was being bullied and blamed for possibly affecting the outcome of the election.

According to her letter she was a Hillary supporter and although he later regretted the decision, her Dad voted for Hillary. The minor also railed against Weiner for having given the media her address so they could find her and harass her.

Hmmm. That doesn’t quite fit these new charges.

Weiner’s baby missed the bus.

The New York Post reported, that the 15 year old said that “(Weiner’s) son was in the bathtub at the time [of a sexually charged call] just downstairs,…“So he would yell at his son to check on him, and then he asked me to take my clothes off, and just started saying these really sexual things.”

The young girl said that the reason she came forward was because she saw the photo of Weiner aroused in his tightie whitie pic while sexting another woman. His son, a toddler, lie next to him in bed. She knew then that she had to do something.

The NY Post reported her account of a SKYPE rendezvous. “The girl said she came forward after seeing reports in The Post that showed Weiner using his own toddler son as a prop for relationships with women…After seeing what he did with his son having him in the picture that was released, I think that he’s very disgusting and he needs help,” she said.”

So using the lawyer’s logic, why not blame Weiner’s son for affecting the election?

If not for his  little chick-magnet, the 15 year old opportunist would’ve kept her yap shut.  Oh well, the little guy can still find a place on Hillary’s Wheel of Blame.

Smart Cookie.

If this is true, this young girl is a diabolical  genius. Advice: it’s tempting to applaud her but it may be best not to call attention to yourself.  She sounds dangerous.

Hopefully she’ll be recognized by the government so her sinister talents can be challenged into something for the greater good, like intel gathering or going undercover to bust underage prostitution rings.

At any rate, did Anthony learn nothing from Bill Clinton’s blue dress debacle? Anyone can set up a public figure at any time for personal profit.

Not sure if she wanted to affect the election, but she wanted to affect his erection. His sexts to her were vulgar and graphic. Obviously he has only himself to blame.

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