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What Do Avicii, Chester Bennington& Chris Cornell Have in Common?

Did Aviii see too much? Image AP

Avicii, a 28 year old Swedish musician and superstar was found dead in his hotel room last Friday.

Born Ted Bergling, Avicii was a musician, musical producer, mixer and DJ. He was known as the “Pioneer of the Electronic Dance Movement.” He had been battling alcoholism, acute pancreatitis and other health issues. These health problems were bad enough that he was forced to cancel his tours.

There has been no official report on the cause of death. Anyway, with a health record like that, why would anyone find his death questionable?

Perhaps because some might find it odd that three young, high powered men who strove to sound the alarm on human trafficking and pedo rings all wound up dead.

Chris Cornell

52 year old Chris Cornell of Soundgarden was found hung on a door in his hotel room in May 2017. His death was ruled a suicide.

Chris Cornell and his wife Vicky had set up a charity in 2012 called IfOnly to protect vulnerable children.

It is said that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were working collaboratively to expose a pedophile ring operating within the music industry.

Chester Bennington

Chrester Bennington was the lead singer for Linkinpark.  In July 2017 Bennington was found dead.  The official cause of death was suicide due to hanging on a door in his newly purchased family home.

It was claimed that the highly successful father of six was terribly depressed. He allegedly took his own life on the birthday his best friend-Chris Cornell of Soundgarden.

Shortly before Bennington’s death he told fans that his next album would be very dark and would “polarize people.” Chester Bennington had suffered horrific sexual abuse as a child by someone he referred to as an older man. His statement to his fans may have implied that he was about to go public with his history.

Many people point to unsettling signs that indicate that John Podesta was Chester Bennington’s father-and older man abuser. For starters, Bennington, who was adopted, bore an uncanny resemblance to John Podesta. There’s a gut-wrenching video on the web of a man torturing a young boy in a shower. The man speaks and sounds just like John Podesta The Podesta brother’s taste in Satanic, pedo-oriented “art”  lends further suspicion to the proclivities of Hillary’s longtime friend and campaign chair.

Some suspect that Podesta helped to secure funding for Linkinpark’s organization called Sustainable Recycling Solutions (SRS) in Haiti-the stomping ground of human traffickers and the Clintons. Without applying for any grant they were surprised to receive a $250,000 donation from the Clinton Foundation. If that wasn’t exciting enough, Mike Shinoda of LinkinPark got a rare and unsolicited visit from none other than Bill Clinton himself.

Those who question Bennington’s death also point out that the name of the band-Linkinpark-is eerily similar to Lincoln Park in Alberta, CA.

It was discovered that Lincoln Park was a military base engaging in cooperative efforts through Canada and the US CIA to experiment on abducted children using MKULTRA mind control.The purpose was to develop “super spies and assassins.” Many children in Lincoln Park were  sexually abused. Many were put to death due to unsustainable injuries.

MKULTRA was a  CIA program that ran from 1953 to 1973. This is a fact.


Avicci explored a new creative journey in directing videos.

“For a Better Day,”appears on Avicii’s album “Stories.” The disturbing video tells the story of children who were sold to sex traffickers. Two children escaped by jumping off a cliff into the ocean. It was later revealed that they had survived, and once they became adults, wreaked revenge on all who were involved in the  sex trafficking ring. The pedo ring went all the way up to a government leader who they also killed and branded.

Granted, this video was produced in 2015. But given the subject matter, some people might wonder-had Avicii stumbled upon too much information? Was he planning on producing another piece that may hit too close to home?

Other “coincidences”

Do you think that people who question these deaths are obnoxious conspiracy theorists? Why is it that so many people who seek to expose pedo rings-especially those that are linked to the Clintons and Haiti- end up dead?

Klaus Eberwein

Klaus Eberwein , a former Haitian government official, was found dead due to a gunshot wound to the head. The  Miami-Dade medical examiner’s office ruled it a suicide. But it has “Arkancide” written all over it.

He was expected to testify against the Clintons regarding their having ripped off the earthquake victims in Haiti through the Clinton Foundation.

Monica Peterson

Monica Peterson worked for the Human Trafficking Center. She traveled to Haiti to investigate the connection between the Clinton Foundation and a pedophile ring operating there. Within a few days she was found murdered.

Laura Silsby

Friendly connections to the Clintons are not so fatal.  Laura Silsby is a convicted child kidnapper. She was busted for attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti.

Who posted her bail? Hillary Clinton. Who else intervened? Bill Clinton. He brokered a deal to get Silsby and her cohorts off the hook in Haiti.

Silsby has since changed her name to Laura Galyer and enjoys a job with Alert Sense,a company that  provides software technology to-of all places- Amber Alert.

Jorge Puello

Puello is not only Silsby’s lawyer, he and his wife were convicted for operating an international human trafficking ring that involves children. One of the countries they operated in was Haiti.

Coincidence or pattern? 

Investigating or exposing ties between the Clintons, sex trafficking and Haiti has led to the demise of several people. Do you believe it’s all just a coincidence?

Comment below-not just in the Facebook feed. Thousands of people search for articles on this topic and would value your input. Thx:) 


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