Hillary’s book”What Happened” is yet another self indulgent Swampwallow in bitterness and blame.

Democrats are groaning at Hillary’s upcoming book tour. Even CNN is mocking her. Most Americans are making fun of Fainty McNasty’s book, What Happened. 

But there’s plenty of reason’s why Hillary’s book is awesome!
  • It’s fun to watch her make a fool of herself and remind us how blessed we are that she suffered a crushing defeat in spite of rigging the primary, benefiting from  bogus ballots and enlisting felons, illegals, and corpses to vote for her.
  • It’s fun to see her prove that the deplorables  were right. If she can’t figure out what happened by now, that proves that she lacks the cognitive ability to be our nation’s leader.
  • It’s fun to watch her blame James Comey for her loss, considering he broke laws and committed perjury in an effort to help her seal the election deal instead of convicting her of multiple felonies and espionage. He could wind up doing time on her behalf but instead of gratitude he’s being thrown under the bus. Lucky for him it’s hard to find extra tall body bags.
  • It’s fun to watch her blame misogyny when we all know she’d be a complete unknown had she not based her entire career riding the coattails of her misogynistic serial rapist husband, Bill.
  • It’s fun to watch her still blaming Russia even though it’s been revealed that Russia never hacked the DNC. It was an inside job, probably from the Awans or Seth Rich or both. As for other attempts at election interference, her buddy Barrack knew about it and did nothing.
  • It’s fun that in spite of all the above, she’ll never get her finger on the red button. She was itching to start a nuclear war with Russia, based on the misinformation that she still clings to.
  • It’s fun to see Bernie added to her Wheel of Blame. She blamed her loss on Bernie “impugning” her character, thus paving the way for Donald Trump to dub her “Crooked Hillary.” The irony is delicious, given that she stole the primary from Mr. Grouchypuss and shows zero remorse. Apparently no one would have discovered her rich criminal history if not for the  fugitive-from-a-hair-comb spilling the beans.
  • It’s fun to know that she’ll be starting her tour in Wisconsin and Michigan-states that she couldn’t be bothered campaigning in. Looking forward to seeing crowd size and the invoice to pay for those who do show up. Is she so cognitively challenged that she’s got her floating eye on a 2020 run?
  • It’s fun to watch her continue to have utter disregard for truth or technology. In an attempt to re-enrage Hillbot vaginaheads, she declared Trump loves to intimidate women but won’t intimidate her. She then describes being totally intimidated, stating that Trump “made her skin crawl” during the debates.  She “had just heard” that he used the P*word 11 years ago, so she wanted to tell the creep to back off.  Yet she has no problem being married to a serial rapist and hanging out with an abundance of pedophiles, including John Podesta, Anthony Wiener and Jeffery Epstein. Oops! She also forgot to check the video showing that it was her crossing into Trump’s space.
  • It’s fun to see how stupid feminazis are. They still idolize their so-called “strong woman.” Hillary is an embarrassing, bitter old woman-a common criminal and a sore loser. Feminazis and Hillbots still rally around her even though she’s still whimpering and howling and sulking after more than 9 months now.
  • It’s fun to know she’s mortified and deeply hurt. Obama’s DOJ and FBI let her off the hook for purposely mishandling classified information and for pay-to-play activities selling out our country. So the chronic pain and humiliation over her crushing defeat offers a wee bit of entertaining justice.
  • It’s fun to watch the Democrats cringe. They’re dying for her to shut up about the loss since they have their eyes on 2018 and 2020. BTW-who will dare break the news to Hills that she won’t be the chosen one in 2020? Will they all be so afraid of being suicided that they’ll essentially hand 2020 to President Trump? She’d  have to share the debate stage with President Trump again. Cankle’s  fear of Trump groping her when he’s married to Melania is another sign of Democratic dementia taking its toll.
  • It’s fun to watch CNN turn on her. The New York Times bent over backwards to tip the scales in her favor. Their reputation has tanked. Rather than gratitude,  she blamed the NYT for covering Emailgate. CNN stated,  “And she wonders aloud why, after terms as first lady, US senator, secretary of state and two-time presidential candidate, the public still just doesn’t seem to like her.” Recently CNN’s “Inside Politics”  mocked her for starting her book tour in Wisconsin and Michigan.
  • She’s fun to make fun of, and her book title makes it almost too easy. Deplorables are having a blast. Some of the best takes on it include “What the F*ck Happened,” “My Deleted Emails Happened” “I Lost” and of course President Trump’s fave-the one he retweeted with him on the cover “I Happened.”

Chances are, Sugar Daddy Soros, Middle East Johns and the Capo dei Capi EU are also still asking, Heeyy, whahappened?  Their top Madame pocketed bundles of cash and didn’t deliver the goods. Maybe she’s hoping the book full of lame excuses will hold’em off on breaking her wobbly knees.

What are your thoughts on  projected book sales and the size of crowds in Wisconsin and Michigan?  Comment below!


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